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We purchased an ebay account and was asked to pay 50% upfront by bank transfer as they don't accept other forms payments as I am not surprised as they scam the innocent. We paid £750 and have been waiting for 2 months for our account I have called, texted everything and get no response I have reported daniel butler / topratedaccounts. com to action fraud and trading standards. Do not pay by bank transfer as there is absolutely no way of getting your money back, the ltd company is not even registered in his name and its someone else's. Do not purchase from this nonce!

Mar 1, 2017
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  • Us
      21st of Mar, 2018
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    I have been buying and selling on eBay for over 10 years!

    I own 12 different eBay accounts all running under a LTD company!

    My 2nd account wasn't a good experience so I decided to buy my eBay accounts from a company called TRANSFER-AGENTS.CO.UK

    They sell all types of eBay accounts! Yes they are not the cheapest but at lease you get what you paid for. Call
    020 8133 6400 - WhatsApp: 07497325237

  • Tm
      23rd of Jul, 2018
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  • Ta
      30th of Jul, 2018
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    This is another sad attempt by none other than (surprise surprise) james taylor, also known as james kevin marnley from torquay, devon, is the man behind almost every one of these posts (and many others) and from the uk is an internet crook and all round [censored]-clown who runs transfer-agents amongst others including and

    Do not buy from him or his partner emanuela di tillio as they are both scammers and up to no good trying to bleed money from investor with ebay accounts and fake ico's designed to skim money into their own scummy pockets.

    Both of them deserve to be hung, drawn and quartered.

    Save your money and ignore the lies james taylor (marnley) will tell you to try and get your money.

    Also works with lisa matthews and a lad calling himself alex mcdermott, those previously alex reid - so many name changes going on - it all smacks of investment fraud and theft.

    He leaves fake bad reviews on legit companies in order to try get money, but james is getting skint and probably scared to come back to the uk now as he has lots of people after him for various things.

    If he was really a big hitter in business would he have scarpered abroad to hide, would he be telling anyone his methods of making money and increasing competition with himself?

    Of course not, he is a fraudster and coward and in hiding over in italy for exactly that reason - he isn't enjoying the sun and being successful at all, he is sat behind his laptop sweating it out every day desperately trying to chase down ghosts and ruin his competitors in order to pay his rent - no talent and no income means that time is running out james taylor and you will soon have to come back to england, north, south, doesn't matter - we will all look forward to seeing to soon.

    Plenty of evidence on him is freely available and we have masses to release including phone conversations, pics and previous customer statements and we have spoken to lots of previous investors, business partners, even one of his own family, previous customers and all have said the same thing - we have done our research on you thoroughly and have plenty to share.

    Everybody should be aware. this crook is getting stopped by us at every turn and we will continue to expose him all over the net everywhere we possibly can until he is held accountable ojc :) x

  • Ke
      30th of Jul, 2018
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    07497325237 Just googled it and it’s bad so not a chance I’m sending any money to this james taylor guy or his dodgy business.

  • Ke
      30th of Jul, 2018
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    Oh and just found same bloke owns !?!

  • Th
      20th of Aug, 2018
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    Yes agreed and james marnley who is now james taylor is an out-and-out scammer and this evil individual won't think twice about taking your money and then ignoring your phone calls when you try to get it back.

    He got caught in the UK posting fake reviews on businesses there and then left the country.

    Do all due diligence possible on this person before even considering doing any business and if you can't afford a solicitor to do it than simply do a Google search on the name James Marnley which is his birth name and you'll see that he as closed down 8 businesses in 8 years and some calling himself james taylor and lord taylor. He has lost a whole load of court cases since 2008 which are all public record.

    He is not a bitcoin investor and knows nothing about it and is definitely not a businessman and knows even less about that so you'll be far better just giving you money to charity than investing anything with this complete waste of an organ set.

    It is also documented on a YouTube video by his own wife for the actually beat her in the comments.

    He will always write fake reviews to counteract any bad press on him but the fact is that there's no smoke without fire and this fire's been raging for 10 years now so it simply common sense that you shouldn't do business with this person.

    Anything he may claim to be able to teach you you can simply find yourself for free on the internet with no cost whatsoever and you will learn a lot more besides.

  • Tr
      13th of Sep, 2018
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    Guys & girls!!!

    Tell your friends and pass this information on. I dont want anyone else scammed because of this scumbag!!

    Be aware... james is now scamming people into crypto-currency.

    "our goal is to become the most reliable store of value cryptocurrency backed by gold."

    Haha what a crock of [censored]e...
    He claims he has 5 years exp in blockchain which is a lie!


    Profit was formed in 2005 by a team of professionals who brought their expertise and vision to the industry with the director and ceo james taylor, the master of web project developments with five years experience in the blockchain. he is a pr professional with over 8 year’s international experience and a long track record in affiliate marketing, trader and crypto enthusiast. he has been working with profit since 2016. james hobbies are trying to make his new born baby giggle.

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