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This is the litter that our Winston came from and touted the European Bloodlines. She will tell you Hungarian and Italian.

We purchased a puppy through this breeder and have begun a small claims case due to unethical behavior. If you would like information, all documentation can be provided or you can keep up with the court case. Pup was guaranteed to have no congenital defects. We were urged by Cammie to NOT take him to the vet because this breeder worries about them getting sick from vet. Breeder knew all the right things to say, purchased, took the dog to be neutered and low and behold after the neuter, the vet shared that the dog had grade 2 luxated patella.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Apache Junction, AZ Breeder offered another dog or $500, after we invested over $600 in having neutering and deciduous teeth removed that would not have come out on their own even though breeder said they would. Vet ensured that at 8 months old, they would not naturally come out without causing issues for the permanent teeth. We chose the $500 because we love the dog and already had so much into him at the vet. Cammie never sent the refund or the AKC documents that were PROMISED in email after the dog was neutered. All electronic communication and voicemails available to share.

The last reason for not sending AKC papers was due to garage flooding (in writing), then the next was that she never agreed to that (email and voicemail tell otherwise). BUYERS BEWARE!!! Purchased in January 2015.

Be careful, she will blame any issues on her "partner" Natalia for whom we never met.

Feb 01, 2015
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  • Ca
      Feb 04, 2015

    Customer has repeatedly harassed, bullied, threaten writer, (breeder), even when writer made it clear no more communication.
    Complaint and response to disgruntled customer; Jennifer Szatkowski, who has been posting negative information and bullying, harassing and SLANDERING, attempting to destroy business and this writers, name/our name. There are two sides to a story. Winston, Yorkie "top of the line" of Imported parents with nothing but, champions is a fact. Writer will post for a very short time the pedigrees of parents along with passport of their respective country. Customers "limited agreement" will be posted too" which was signed by customer. Customer had full knowledge, as she took the time to read and sign a very short agreement. With the understanding that these $3500 pups, which customer was getting for 1800 "almost half the cost to her. Came with the agreement, that new owner assumes full responsibility to care for the pup going forward. This agreement is normal practice and logical for a pup that was sold on the spot, for so much less.

    Agreement was that customer not only care for the puppy as any responsible new owner would do. But, that it was a SOLID placement, and no refunds. There was No additional "written" information regarding taking dog back or even more, offering customer a replacement pup for predisposed traits. A solid placement is just that 'PERMANENT HOME". In addition, no promise of AKC registration at all and furthermore, agreement customer signed read in bold letters "Yorkie sold with agreement of SOLID PLACEMENT and NO REFUNDS. That was the agreement customer signed. Customer upon finding the level 2 patellar as was claimed by customer "while none of his brothers (3) that I and another customer took to the vet had luxation problem. This writer attempted to work with the customer in ways that were not natural to the agreement nor depicted on agreement. This writer, was being pressured and bullied, and felt entirely threatened into looking at the possibility of trying to meet customers unreasonable demands. Even, after writer (breeder), stated that since there had been threats to take to court, slander, mistrust there was no need to communicate and further informed Ms. Szatkawsky to seize contact entirely.

    The threats kept coming from the customer, Mrs Szatkawsky. Writer did not respond and lost all motivation to comply even though writer did NOT have to. As one will see on the agreement customer signed, nothing is mentioned about akc registrations. Furthermore, writer told the customer that writers' dogs, would have to be checked first. However, vet dogs see was not available.

    Writer instructed customer to give the dog back and writer would consider giving customer another pup, best writer can do. Customer, said she will keep the dog and in addition wanted money, $800 from writer, Customer attempted to make just the reasons for the $800 she felt she should get back, for expenses paid to have dogs teeth pulled, unnecessary shots that were already given by breeder etc. Again, agreement states customer is responsible for all expenses and not limited, as anything can arise with an animal and it's up to the owner to care for it. By no means, did the agreement read, a replacement dog. money ($800) back, and akc registration. Writer preceded to tell the customer that agreement does not work like that on any of her demands. Customer wanted the money and to keep the dog too, is not reasonable.

    This customer preceded to control and attempt to be unreasonable and said the kids had fallen in love with the dog they had (approx. two weeks) and that giving the dog back was not an option. Customer harassed and bullied the writer over the phone and over emails, with threats and within several days, becoming more demanding, threatening and giving the writer hostile attitude, demands for answers and requests as she felt she was dooped for buying a puppy that had luxation.

    The writer, (I), have been in business for over 9 years and in previous have done same for another length of time. Unless, one is a breeder, one would understand and know, how much money, work and sacrifice goes into to caring and raising puppies and simultaneously trying to better ones bloodlines. This Customer owned a previous Yorkie which by the way lived 14 years. The dog had luxation problems that were severe. Level two is not severe, and yet she insisted on keeping the dog when I attempted to give her the option to return it. In addition she wanted $800 dollars.

    ***BREEDERS BEWARE*** who you sell your puppies too... DO NOT undersell your expensive Imported bloodlines ... and never be pressured or bullied into anything that is less than fair. Stop all communication and do not feel forced or bullied to do more. KEEP YOUR PRICES HIGH ... specially, if you have stellar bloodlines. Winston, the Yorkie customer bought from me was a gift... he was hidden in my home NOT to be sold. But, she did not like the other dog because it was bigger. That was originally the dog she came to see and purchase for 1300. In fact, the agreement she signed bared the name of the other dog "WILLIE WONKA" whom customer did NOT want saying he was too big.

    ***BREEDERS BEWARE**** of Not nice people that will slander your name because they are trying to get something out of you and resort to bullying, slandering, threatening tactics just to be "in control" on are on a 'POWER TRIP" to get what they want.

    Customer has written on all my posts very negative, slander, derrogatory remarks. This writer has documented these threats and also, have copied and taken pics. This writer is a breeder of fine high end dogs. It's also, fair to say that this writer takes lots of care, integrity in her dealings to provide beautiful, healthy puppies. Please feel free to visit our google/u-tube site were you will find a community "shout out" of Notability in business Ethics of our integrity and our dealings with our customers. This writer, will also, post the foreign bloodlines of the parents for a short time, due to the sensitivity and safety of our bloodlines. However, will need to be taken down. This writer will also, post the agreement customer signed and agreed to in all lucidness. Like any business big or small, there will always be an element that will use tactics less than honorable, underhanded to attempt to destroy others reputation. This writer is happy to share, that all of her customers are very happy with her puppies and writer thanks them for being the source of motivation inspired by their love and enthusiasm to strive in improving the bloodlines. In turn, allowing us to bring beautiful and fine puppies to your homes. Thank you for reading.

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  • Js
      May 23, 2019

    @Campups In response to this message, . Please feel free to contact me regarding the post written by "Cammie" or "Natalia." All emails are saved and the promises of papers are included in those emails. Further, the ongoing cost that we, as a family, incurred to keep the dog we became attached to are easily retrieved and anyone can contact the associated vets who have assisted in caring for our dog. This breeder is right, our dog became a wonderful part of the family. We trusted this person and as for the shots that she said she gave, not a single vet or the county would accept her records and therefore, to be in compliance with licensing, it was necessary to do it all over again. The shunt in the liver is still there "Cammie." You know, the one that was there from birth and the reason why you only fed him veggies. Every year we must go through so much to be able to have his dental cleanings and once again, real vets, not your made up documents provide verifiable accounts. We are lucky our boy is still with us and if I we had wanted a dog that was free, we certainly would not be the type of people who kept a dog with multiple health problems he was born with to spend thousands to care for him. If you are a great breeder, then surely your reviews will reflect that. In the meantime, I hope any person(s) purchasing from you is more wise than we were and thus the consumer complaint and rightfully so.

    Cammie Camillo of Apache Junction, and I don't make money off selling animals, you do from your home. Who is the person with an incentive to be dishonest? I am following up to be sure that dog lovers know that they can contact me at any time for the receipts for care for an illness present at birth and diagnosed shortly after purchase reflect the reality of what it means to be an owner who actually purchases dogs and becomes attached assuming that the breeder is honest and forthright.

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