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A strange rogue site called WWW.SCAMADVISER.COM has illegally abused the logo and copyright illustration adaptations of our website and advertised their website with it for upward of 6 - 7 months without permission. They publish the names of reputable businesses who run franchises, and try to wreck them!
We are an old medical firm and run a reputable website WWW.COBRA-ANTIDOTE.COM under the EU-67 548 EEC law of toxicology (as a group of several other similar sites such as WWW.SNAKE-ANTIDOTE.COM and WWW.SAFARI-MED.COM and WWW.COBRA-ANTI-VIROTOXIN.COM). We sell Safari snake antidotes to customers who seek an alternative legal detox medication.
For all almost 7 months the criminal scam site called WWW.SCAMADVISER.COM had published our highly reputable website as first 61 percent trustworthy, then 87 percent trustworthy, but had wickedly published libelous information along with their ratings. After 6 months they suddenly claimed that the website which initially received a 87 percent rating as a trusted site was now 0 percent trustworthy!!! The two differing ratings are in no relation to each other and make no sense. The highly criminal site SCAMADVISER.COM and their mother company MINERVA SEARCH Inc never once contacted our doctor's office or foreign distributor offices for any of our legal medical papers and lab-documents about our longstanding medical claims in the Orient, and never once emailed or phoned us to inquire or obtain permission. We warn that they are a rogue site and are attempting to harm many reputable Asian and Oriental businesses such as ours! They treat reputable African websites even worse, and are attempting to plummet foreign start-ups into poverty!!! If you must do business, try to secure your business with local customers and distribution, because the West is attacking the role of Asian and Oriental companies who help to build the technology of the Internet. The digital information highway can exist without such racism. They will destroy this technology if they continue to condone or to use digital terrorism tactics!


May 5, 2014

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