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I have purchased seeds from The seller received my order and informed that all seeds were sold out. Therefore, I needed to wait couple of months for the next order. Several weeks later I received the envelope and it was empty. This man scammed for $15. Don’t purchase any seeds, because this man would send you nothing. I hope that this review would help someone and you won’t make the same mistake as I have done.

Dec 19, 2015
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  •   Nov 20, 2016

    There are dozens of ways to protect buyers. We accept payments through PayPal, which instantly responds to complaints from the seller and holds the sums paid, if there are problems. Obviously, if you are having any problems with your order, you would have to address in PayPal or email us. Since you did not do either one or the other, we have every reason to believe your actions are fraudulent and false review.

    After this fake message we received about 50 spam emails similar to the following: "We found a negative review about your company and your website. If you want to remove it, pay us money for it and book our service...". Gentlemen who publish such statements, obviously you cheaters and liars!

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