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This site is using bots to gain paid members.

It is targeted towards South Asians (Desi) and once you sign up for a free account they bombard you with PM's from all these Hotties from the UK & Canada. This site is greedy.. they use Bots to generate those messages.. & you can only preview a few words.. then to actually read the whole message you have 2 become a Paid member. It is very enticing to get messages from Hot Desi UK girls but I am sorry... its a Bot.

I had a profile up with a picture of Food and i was getting PM's like: You look like someone i can be friends with..!?.. hell ya i wanna be friends with a Plate of Biryani too.! lol

then, when u reply asking specific questions.. they answer back with Random BS pretending to play hard 2 get... Like I will not give up on you.. bla bla.. this is a ### Site.

Ppl, be warned... stay away from this scam

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  • Ak
      4th of Jan, 2008
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    kama connection is fraud ... stay away

  • Pr
      15th of Jan, 2008
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    I agree that Kama Connection is conning people and creating fake profiles to entice members to pay to their emails. Do not, I repeat do not become a paying member of this site. You wont get any legitimate responses and you ll be paying in vain.

    Does anyone know if there is a regulatory authority for such websites and who would that be?

  • Na
      3rd of Feb, 2008
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    I have also been a victim of this scam. I've sent the following message to Toronto Police:


    I would like to report a fake website its address is "". I registered on this website on 20th January not knowing that this website was a scam and unfortunately have had money withdrawn from my account. I have today contacted my bank and cancelled my account.

    The website appears to be run by someone with the following details "Samir Bajaj, 44 yucatan rd, Toronto, on m2h2k8, Canada". I got these details from the company which sends there emails to me called "icontact" (

    I am based in the UK (Scotland) and registered on this website not knowing it was a fake at the time of registering. I was initially bombarded by emails (1-2 emails every day from point of registering before paying) from potential users (also fake made up) and when I contacted them after I made my payment, I stopped getting any emails and also no replies to the emails I sent. I then decided to contact the owner of the website and after sending numerous emails I still have not received a reply. As my suspicions grew, I did A quick search on the internet and found that other people have also had the very same experience and realised its a scam.

    Please have the owner of the website arrested, and my money returned to me and that of other people who have been scamed by this individual(s).

  • Sa
      10th of Feb, 2008
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    I totally agree with the above comments, this guy is committing fraud. I too went through this, though was careful enough NOT to pay for the membership. Instead I got a free trial by asking. Lo and behold upon replying to members from the UK, no response! False advertising and manipulation.

    They will target you with ads from people too far away to matter, always hot chicks (why would they even be on the site), who remain active with the same pictures for years, change names but not photos, resend verbatim messages after years... So if they're real, they're skanks, or stooopid. Perhaps I'm stupid for bein on so long as well. If you read the subject lines of the mails, you'll see there are definite patterns. Also frequency of contacts, similarity of incomplete, flexible profiles. All this points to a lazy owner who is too stupid to even commit fraud intelligently.

    I applaud the individual who went to the cops! Try, it's legit, it's free. I have no affiliation with them.

    Let's hear from others!

  • Ma
      12th of Mar, 2008
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    hey I dont know what you guys are talking about I signed up on the site kamaconnection and did a search for girls in my area and sent a ton of emails now I did not get everyone to reply but I got enough I suppose and actually met a couple of them face to face and thinking of taking it a bit further with one of them. So I suppose you have to send emails yourself first to see if it really works and it did for me.

  • Mi
      16th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes or kama connection is a complete scam. Do not waste your money on it.

    if someone tells you that kamaconnection is not a scam, they are lying. kamaconnection hires people to write good things about their website on other sites. don't believe any of it.

  • R
      17th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes - Its a fraud!
    United Kingdom is a fraud site, they have fake profiles and when you don't tick on any of there services to receive mails viz: updates, matches etc. then they have a very good way of fooling there customers. They send you one mail from some very good profile and then they would send it again and again so that you would think the person is interested and in order to read you mail you would pay and after paying you get nothing... even the person you send a mail to would not read it (as u can see the status).

    Secondly if I'm a paid member I should be able to contact any one with their or email etc. but to my surprise this is the only Indian site on which both the members have to be paid members... so in that case you cant contact 99% of the people... as a result you actually cannot contact any one on site... and I believe 90% of the profiles are either fake or the agents of kamaconnection are advised to send a mail from any profile to other profiles to have them pay... and since its not the profile person who is sending the message she/he would never be able to read it or send back anything... THESE GUYS ARE PLAYING ALL KIND OF TRICKS TO FOOL PEOPLE AND MAKE MONEY... I'M ABOUT TO REPORT TO POLICE AND SUE THEM!

  • Ma
      9th of Nov, 2008
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    I disagree I met some real cool people on this site. Just coz you dont do antything on the site to make it work for you does not make it a fraud get of your lazy ### and contact ppl on the site thats how it works. If you dont make an effort nothing in life will work for you leae alone a dating site.

  • Su
      26th of Jan, 2009
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    It's not the fact that ppl are lazy to contact others, but using bots to entice ppl to become members is fraud! Thank god i found this site before I paid for a membership :)

  • Aj
      27th of Jan, 2009
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    Welcome to my Dear Sir
    it is to your website for very butfull site for your

  • Ak
      2nd of Jul, 2009
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    Oh my god, i have fallen for this site too i agreed to pay £39 for 3 months membership, discovered it was a fraud, demanded to cancel and then after 3 months they automatically took another £39 from my account, i tried to reclaim it from paypal but they declined.. what do i do??? im stuck i want my money back and to be sure they cannot take any more of my money again :(

  • Ri
      27th of Aug, 2009
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    I wonder how I can riase a complaint. This is a rip off. I bet this guys are enjying cool money or may be sponsorinf some terrorist actvity. My cruse on him and his family to have played with peoples emotions. I wonder as how he gets the pic in the profile

  • Ri
      27th of Aug, 2009
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    Some of the mails in my inbox...

    dreamgirly cant wait to hear fro... 16/08/09
    dreambabe hi can we be friends ... 03/08/09
    Reema85 not easy for me but I ... 03/08/09
    areeyana if u are serious abou... 02/07/09
    Rosyb your profile caught my ey... 24/06/09
    sweetgirl4 serious responses plzz :)... 14/06/09
    Sonal88 promise to reply if u do ... 07/06/09

  • Su
      6th of Jun, 2010
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    "sweetgirl4" seems 2 b every were good lookin girl but wot a slapper, come on guys it's a con!!!

  • To
      24th of Oct, 2010
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    I am a web developer and set up and host community websites. I had one of my clients wishing me to install a database of fake members as she only had around 5 to start of the site. Not only did I decline but informed her if she did I would cancel her hosting. This is a scam and FRAUD! I would rather have around 100 genuine members to contribute to my site than 5000 fake! You can also tell a database of fake members as the images are sometimes repeated with a different name! Sadly the internet is becoming an easy way to scam but there are a few of us genuine out there. Take care everyone.

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