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I received a call from these guys offering 14 nights accommodation in Bali, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand etc for 220 AUD. Being a tour operator myself, I started to ask the obvious questions, & the truth started coming out as; you need to purchase the meals vouchers everyday for 60 AUD or you pay for 1 night & receive 1 night free etc. & no need to say the preconditions were countless... Once the operator Nazeem understood I knew what I was talking about, he started to get rude & even said "you mother###er" before hanging up on me. There is no such deal as 220 AUD holiday for 14 nights anywhere around the world unless you are sleeping under the stars!!! These are tricky Indian telemarketers with no manners whatsoever, please don't be fooled by the so generous offer & beware they are not calling from Australia as they say.

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  • Je
      31st of Aug, 2011

    Somebody just gave wrong information, i can say this is not at all fron customer who got a call.Because everybody know that we cannot abuse the customer it will be a big mistake but how come in this message agent used abuse words so wantedly some one made this dont belive think logically if some one scolds you than u leave them

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  • Ta
      2nd of Sep, 2011

    i had a call from hotelbargains i booked the 14nights 220$..the deal was true good to be true but once i booked the hotels i got the avalibility...might be this people calling up from oversea but the deal is good, and when we ask you which place are you'll calling. if you'll calling from overseas tell us the truth because we already knew you'll calling from overseas Good deals CHEERS...
    Tania king

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  • Ph
      12th of Sep, 2011

    hotel bargain is the best holiday package providing company, we can save our thosands of dollars in of my friends brought this package it was good 14 nights of accomoations just for $250.but we should buy our meals at the hotel it costs around $42 per day. i think this is the best deal for the holiday.
    Blaming them won’t make the parent company responsible for everything. There employs won’t take time to call you people. Its the Call Centers in Asian Countries who took the contract, making telemarketing calls. Since freedom escapes are not providing the leads for telemarketing, its difficult for those telemarketing companies to guess whether this a particular prospect has been contacted or not. An regarding the stability of a company “Nothing is stable”. The ever said most stable US Economy is falling and reputed Banks are closing, then how can you expect some company like this to be such stable. Also who ever calls you or do business with you are HUMANS like.. people doing business are not 24/7 working machines. They call you, you are not interested than hangup the call, thats over. Still being disturbed, file suit against it. If you are cheated then why the hell is this Consumer Protection Acts here. Its you inability as well.
    NO, this company has a valid ABN (Australian Business Number) n dats an authorized number provide by Australian gov. which cannot be scammed. If the ABN is fake than the director will be guilty.

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  • Tr
      18th of Oct, 2011

    have a look at the comments that are positive, Tania says "might be this people calling up from oversea but deal is good" and Philips talks about we, so you can assume he is from the company.
    I received a call from David, who I think is as much a David as I am an Akmud. By the way that is not an issue.
    However I told them to call me back after I went on a holiday, but they could not wait for the day I called them they rang me before that saying it was the bosses birthday and all of a sudden the price is $120 for 2 weeks. I am not saying this is not the case but I did my homework and even on there website it says the hotel has the right to cancel the booking (you can read the actual wording). I mentioned this to "David" who went on to say this would not happen as they were the ones who took bookings (so I guess he wants me to assume he runs all the hotels they are braging about dealing with).
    Simple fact is people ask for terms and conditions, read them and if they don't give them to you (and David was so reluctant first time around to actually give me the website or a phone number to call him) hang up. Read the imput from people on this website and see if they look like they speak english (or should I say Aussie) and you can tell.
    Oh and if they call you from a number that says (07) prefix don't be fooled why is there a delay when you speak to them??

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  • Tr
      18th of Oct, 2011

    and gees look at my post there means their, stupid me.

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  • Ye
      5th of Nov, 2011

    just received a call from them out of the blue, that the reason never want to pick up any calls to my home phone, full of adverstising spams!
    then i talked for more than an hour.
    for instance, i got carried with the packet of 14 vouchers + 6 vouchers as a bonus (meaning 20 night of staying in their partner whatsoever hotels) + $100 discount received for booking flight with any flight company to certain area in Australia/indonesia/singapore/etc, their price offer is only for $269. too good to be true!
    then while promoting their offers without me asking, the guy told me to check on for their business number: BN22096735 which yea their business is registered. but it just made it sound more dodgy. i am even more concern with the business actual existence and thought this is just one of their trick to assure their victims.
    so in the end i hang up the phone and dont dare myself to purchase any of their product.
    even they have registered BN. they just dont sound right and the content of their site just seems fishy, like not proffesional made... if only i wasnt smart enought person, i might fall to this attractive trap and lost my money or credit card detail..

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  • Ol
      10th of Nov, 2011

    If a company won't confirm an offer made over the phone with
    an email or fax from Australian Registered company providing an ABN
    and offering other payment methods than giving your credit card details
    over the phone, then i would suggest to all Ausies to just hang up the phone
    and look for a real company to deal with.
    old fisho

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  • Lo
      9th of Dec, 2011

    I have been called repeatedly by these sort of companies (it's not the first of it's kind) They sit there and talk as fast as possible, in very difficult to understand accents, they tell you they have an ABN number, so what? So do I, what most people don't understand is anyone can apply for their own ABN number from the government to conduct business, doesn't mean that automatically it is a trustworthy business. I have tried many tactics to see what they say, and even when I tell them I cannot afford to go, they don't want to take no for an answer, also, they don't like to give their phone number out. I remember one guy told me about their office in Southport on the Gold Coast, I used to work in the area so I asked him about certain shops and places that people frequent for lunch, he had no idea what I was talking about. Also the Gold Coast Indy was on during the time he called me and I asked if he was going to it and he still had no idea what I was talking about. I asked how much he paid for parking in the area - he said he didn't drive to work, he stayed at home to look after his mother, It was almost like he was saying "the dog ate my homework" When I asked if I could stay in Mount Isa, he told me there was harbour view rooms available there (even though I said about 4 times: Mount Isa has harbourview rooms? He assured me there was) - that was the funniest thing I ever heard! I also got so far as saying I would go on a holiday with them (just to test them out) But told them I don't give out credit card details over the phone and if I could put the money in their bank account the following week, but they told me that I would be too late for the "special deal" because it ran out that day. To which I responded: Well I guess you can't help me because I can't get to the bank today. Thanks again goodbye! I really don't mind leading them as far as I can without giving out any personal details, perhaps it stops them from calling other people who aren't as strong-willed.
    I really don't understand the idea behind buying a meal at the hotel restaurant and the accommodation is then "free" - where do you get your money back? From the vouchers? (considering the vouchers are supposed to pay for your accommodation in full right?) You pay for a $60 meal just to get your $15.71 back from the voucher for that night? eh doesn't make much sense to me! Plus if their company is doing the booking through the hotel, I would be asking if they provide you with the specific hotel's booking number so that if you for some reason need to contact the hotel directly, that you have the correct booking number, I mean after they book you the hotel, that should be all you need this company for. All other dealings should be directly with the hotel. Anyways you get the idea...
    I just hope there are smart enough people to not give out their credit card details to anyone who calls your house phone. Probably not a good idea to give them details on where you live either. In this day and age you can never be too careful. Plus the added stress of the current economic climate, someone who pushes you and pushes you to take the deal isn't very sympathetic to your needs, they are just there to sell you something and take your money.

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  • Sa
      17th of Dec, 2011

    I got a call from hotel bargains the day before yesterday and bought a package deal plus secured ten extra vouchers for referring friends and family. altogether i got 45 vouchers for $340au. plus a $100 flight ticket. I was given the BN and a receipt number, however when they contacted my sister and her husband they were reluctant to give out phone numbers for them to call back on and it appeared they were not in Aust at all. My sister called me and i checked my bank, no money had been removed from my account at that point in time so i transferred my funds out immediately and did some research. i found the web site, called the 1300 number, it was engaged and has continued to be engaged. Yes the business number is registered with ASIC but not found on the Aust Business number register ????? so??? are they a hoax??? can't say, except that how come i got a receipt number before the money was taken, how come they didn't take the money and why does the 1300 number be not avail...and and and???? from now on, not buying anything over the phone.; and definitely not giving my credit card details over the phone to anyone.

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  • Ab
      17th of Dec, 2011

    bargain breaks now call themselves hotel bargains. interestingly they use the same website, only change is the name and the phantom 1300 number.

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  • Al
      21st of Dec, 2011

    01. Hotel Bargains or Hotel Bargains Pty Ltd is not listed in ABN or ACN Search
    02. BN22096735 or 22096735 is not a valid ABN ACN or any other business or registered institutional number in Australia
    03. Anyone can have a 07 (QLD) number. Just buy a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) number from any VOIP provider take it to any part of the world or use a VOIP software on your PC / MAC or even on your Smart Phone and call from that 07 number you bought.
    04. Their website ( ) transactions are not legit. Doesn't use a https:// ( s ) protocol. As soon as you enter the details and press "Process", you will see a "Processing" display. But it's fake.

    My question is, if they are genuine and offering real offers why the above 04 points make them look like not legit?

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  • Al
      21st of Dec, 2011

    Few more facts: website is owned by Sales Paradigm Pty Ltd ( ABN: 50 125 728 627 )
    registered by a person called Lance Martin who is the CEO of Hotels2go

    WHOIS Records:
    Linkedin Profile:

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  • Ap
      29th of Dec, 2011

    I got a call today from the same sort of people Hotel Bargains they call themselves an Asian accent guy who when I started to get tough with the questioning process handed the phone over to another guy with the same accent but deeper voice!...I thought I was hearing things but I was sure I wasn't speaking to the same person...I tested him out by throwing a few curve balls about things I had said to the first one and the second guy fell over!...these guys are well dodgy...I didn't do a lot of homework but got on to this site quick enough and all my gut feeling was confirmed...They guy called back later in the evening at my request (gave me time to check it out and do a bit of homework) they tried the whole thing on again and was intensely annoying to get rid of!...My advise to anyone who gets a call from them ... tell them and clear cut NOT INTERESTED when they first call. I can certainly see how people would get roped into the deal though I nearly did...but something said this sounds too good to be true...and as they say it probably is!!!

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  • Su
      6th of Jan, 2012

    Got a call from the same mob tonight. I was very reluctant to give out any details but thought I would listen anyway. Gave me all the same details as above (everyone else) I asked them to call back later as I wanted to check them out and in my research found all of the above. Thanks everyone for posting their experiences. I will enjoy letting them know that I am definitely not interested...I have been called 3 times this week in regards to "Security Check from Microsoft" - another hoax - survey from another company working for Telstra - another hoax...and they are all Indian and Chinese people speaking extremely fast and hard to understand...GET a LIFE all you CON ARTIST, RIP OFF INDIANS and CHINESE. I am not definitely not a racist as I am part chinese too but honestly. Get a real job and earn some hard earned dollars without ripping off innocent people.

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  • Ja
      18th of Jan, 2012

    i don't agree that it's a scam
    "hotel bargains" has really saved thousands of $'s on my accommodation
    and i really satisfied &njoyed my holidays a lot
    and they didn't provide me any false information regarding d package

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  • Pe
      21st of Jan, 2012

    I REALLY don't agree with the complaint against. HOTEL BARGAINS .
    "IT'S ALL ###"
    after going through the complaint i had checked all the details regarding HOTEL BARGAINS, it is a genuine and registered company having BN22096735,
    This company has offered me a bast deal 20nights for just 220$
    this offer has really saved thousands of dollars on my accommodation
    and i had enjoyed my holidays a lot.
    It's just a false compliant just to "spoil the reputation" of the company by other travel agents
    HOTEL BARGAINS IS really a genuine company and i suggest that its not a SCAM
    and its really a good offer where we can save thousands of dollars on our accommodation and we can enjoy our holidays a lot
    don't trust the false news spread by travel agent guys.

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  • St
      23rd of Jan, 2012

    I'm really not sure what the bargain is.I could have gotten a better deal if i had booked through a discount site. My niece who tried to book a hotel could not take her two children and it was to cost her a lot of money.I would not sign up with these people as I don't think they were honest with my sister who purchased the vouchers as a gift for myself and her daughter.

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  • Wa
      27th of Jan, 2012

    After receiving the amazing but too good to be true phone call, asked them to call me back so I could check the validity of this company. Read the above complaints thank you, and also checked out the alluring 'hotelbargains website' and noticed that all but two of the hotel photo images have the hotel's name. On investigating, these two hotels have no business dealings with 'hotelbargains', yet another scam to obtain your credit card details!

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  • Mc
      8th of Feb, 2012

    I received the same thing from a guy with the name of "Christopher Harris". Claimed to call from Hotelbargains from Queensland but it was obvious he was calling from overseas. His line was dodgy and dropped a few times during our conversation.
    I told him that I would prefer transferring money. He gave me their account details. I told him that I would definitely transfer today at 12:00 pm and he could call me at 1pm to arrange for the vouchers. It is 2pm and he has not yet called. Of course, I have not transferred.

    Read advise on on "Discount holiday accommodation vouchers":

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  • Sy
      8th of Feb, 2012

    hotel bargains is really good it just saved my thousands of dollars for my accommodation

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