www.fyber.comTheir apps are total scam, so don't trust them and you won't get any rewards

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I used the company for my advertising campaign. I was disappointed in this company, ‘coz I used the campaign apps and they promised to provide rewards, but when I wanted to get my reward they simply ignored all my requests. WTF? Also they customer services are bad, ‘coz they didn’t reply to my emails and messages. I wonder if there are people, who have the same problems and what have you done in such situation, please post comments.

Dec 15, 2014
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  • Ti
      Oct 27, 2015

    There is an automatic response asking for additional information, when you provide it, there is no further response

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  • De
      Nov 03, 2015

    I have been going back and forth with fyber for 16 days now. I've sent all of the proof I needed to make it clear. They haven't even read the full email I forwarded to them.
    They keep stalling. I've also heard of a lot of people having the same issue. I'm thinking it's time to get a class action going, these guys have got to be put in their place.

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  • Sh
      Feb 13, 2017
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    @Denden0171 It's a shame and I'm tired of being jerked around by them. I agree that there should be a lawsuit!

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  • Ne
      Feb 15, 2016

    I had similar issues recently. I provided all necessary evidence upon request which was not accepted. I even went to the extent of getting an email from the sponsor company confirming I had completed all the required actions. They did this for me even though they claimed they had never heard of fyber and stated they had never had any dealings with them. Still fyber refuse to pay out my reward claiming the personal email confirmation from the company proves nothing. Ridiculous right? Fyber are without doubt the worst company I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with.

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  • Du
      May 27, 2016

    The customer service at fyber is no service at all. These people seem to take great pleasure in knowing that you the customer wont get ant satisfaction. To get 37 pieces of gold for tap baseball I had to watch a 10 photo slide show about ginger. A maze is what it is. To get to each slide you first had to see an ad about contraception then return to the previous screen to get back to the slide show. After viewing the tenth slide they would not let me confirm that I viewed the slideshow. Instead I was repeatedly redirected to download an app or more advertising. They had me stuck in a loop that in order to leave I had to completely leave the app. Just writing this is pissing me off. Who do they think they are to waste my time make me feel like an a** and not even care. They suck thats the bottom line.

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  • Me
      Jul 04, 2016

    I haven't received the gold I'm owed from completely offers. I've sent all the proof. And I'm fed up, I'm agreeing with the other person on here that says... Class action lawsuit against them! I'm fed up with their fraud.

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  • An
      Aug 02, 2016

    I'm with you! I tried twice to complete offers for free gold on gordon ramsay dash...and the first one didn't even register, I got stuck in an ad loop for some free Tide. The second one has been waiting in verification status for 16 days. I reported it, no response. Rebooted, no change. The developer support GLU can't help, they kept asking for a ticket number that I never got! Fyber=fraud!

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  • Gi
      Feb 10, 2017

    Have not recieve my credits from wish app for87 in gold for the gorden Ramsey dash cooking game hete is my screenshot

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  • Jo
      Jul 29, 2017

    They s rewed me too. I think the best course of action is to start leaving 1 star reviews on the Apple app store and Google play store for any and all associated apps. The app developers are endorsing this kind of behavior and paying Fyber. Fyber is a scam. Fyber is scamming it's own customers by selling ad views with false promises to the ad viewer and it's own customers. I doubt they disclose that they are selling ad views for anything and everything and tricking people who have no interest in the ads into watching them with false promises. I will be hunting down a list of all apps, products, and companies that do business with Fyber and boycotting them.

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  • To
      Dec 28, 2017

    is there any action against fyber?

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  • To
      Dec 28, 2017

    @tomccokfr i would like to be part of it

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  • Fyber has violated our constitutional right to privacy. We devote our time into completing offers just to get nothing. When we report, they makes us send proof via email, and then they just don't respond. Who knows what they do with our email addresses. It is true that we deliberately give our information to this company, but we do it without a choice. That is, before we realize that this is one giant scam. They do not use our email addresses for good, and based on what I've heard, they quite possibly use it for bad. Complaints are useless, so there is only one thing that can solve this: the law. This message is not a complaint, but rather a call to action. Justice needs to be served to those thousands or even millions of people who got scammed. It really is time to file a lawsuit against Fyber and take back our fourth amendment right to privacy.

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  • Rg
      Jul 24, 2018

    It is time we contact the FTC Facebook. Twiier all of these companies do business with them. They owe me $100 paypal for almost 2 months. Automated responses. I post on their FB accounts, twitter, leave megs. No response. Its time to shut this company down.
    Facebook has a black eye with Cambridge analytica.. Well here's a company using our personal info with compensation advertised.
    Because what they owe me is actually money. This is fraud by deception. I cannot leave a comment on the play store because the app I'm using is no longer there. Even Google play probably thinks they are

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