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  • Zu
      14th of Mar, 2011
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  • Ma
      29th of Mar, 2011
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  • Ar
      2nd of Apr, 2011
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    whoever says that thee is a fixed passive income of 400 usd per week, is telling the wrong thing. The passive income may vary between 2% and 10% depending on last weeks earning of the company.

    I am a network director of the co and joined on 25th Nov as a gold member and upgraded to network director on 24th dec. yes i did get back my investment of 1250 usd in 2 months and 7 days, but that was mainly due to referral income and network director commission.

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  • Sr
      14th of Apr, 2011
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  • Sr
      14th of Apr, 2011
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    Hi friends how we can do business with CA

    Table Of Contents
    Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 1
    The 7 Critical Requirements To Starting And Succeeding
    At A Global Business From Your Home . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 2
    Premium Members Get Added Value . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 5
    About Club-Asteria, Andrea Lucas, & Our Leadership . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 8
    Club-Asteria’s Mission . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 8
    Our Founder & Leaders . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 9
    Common Questions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 10
    Page 1
    © 2011 Worldwide Club Asteria,
    Billions of people have a simple desire: to own a small business so they can stop working for
    someone else and secure their family’s financial future.
    The desire may be passionate or practical. You may want lots of money or just enough to cover
    your family’s money needs, to buy a car or get surgery for your child. Whatever the reason,
    choosing the right business is critical, and finding the right kind of business isn’t easy.
    Unfortunately, most never realize their dream because most businesses require lots of cash to
    get started for huge license or franchise fees, to buy products, or to sign long-term leases for
    store or office space.
    Many professions from doctors and lawyers to mechanics and plumbers require special training
    that takes time and money. Even living in a small town or village can often cost you money, if
    your business can only sell to local people.
    What makes the perfect business for you?
    Every situation is different, but certain key points are critical for you to succeed. This Guide
    Book lists 7 Critical Requirements that give you the best chance of success today. You can
    truly make money from any town or village, at any economic level, even if you have little or no
    money to start with.
    That’s worth repeating: You can make money today from any town or village, even with little
    or no money of your own.
    You cannot do this with just any business. Choosing a business that lets you tap into the wider
    world market means your income has no limits. Fortunately, technology allows you to do this
    fast -- but you still need the right products and services customers will spend their money on.
    There are 7 Critical Requirements to start your successful global business and make money
    from your home and be a success.
    Page 2
    © 2011 Worldwide Club Asteria,
    The 7 Critical Requirements To Starting And Succeeding
    At A Global Business From Your Home
    1) You must have access to the Internet -- either at home, a library or community center, or even an
    Internet café. Since you are reading this Guide Book you already have the Internet, because you visited
    our website ( and had us email this Guide Book to you. You’ve already got one
    of the 7 Critical Requirements for a successful business of your own.
    The Internet gives you unlimited resources AND unlimited numbers of customers.
    People with money in other countries WILL PAY YOU for the products and services they want, whether
    you live in India or Iceland, Kazakhstan or Kenya, Bangladesh or Belgium, the U.S. or Ukraine… anywhere
    at all.
    The Internet levels the playing field WHEN you have these other Critical Requirements
    in place:
    2) The company you do business with should have a global vision for
    helping people, not just “making money.” You will need products or
    services to sell, which usually means getting them from a big corporation.
    Choose a good company that is concerned about people
    and our world.
    Why is this important? We all know what happens when big corporations
    don’t care about what’s best for the regular people. We
    all have a responsibility that is bigger than ourselves. We all touch
    other peoples’ lives, and when we do, we should always leave
    them better off than when we met them. Please make sure your
    business is a giving business, not a taking business. Bring value to
    your community, and people will see you as a force for good.
    Make sure any company you buy from has integrity and credibility.
    Club-Asteria was founded by Andrea Lucas, who spent much of her life
    traveling all over the world helping millions of people in need during
    her years with the World Bank and other global ventures.
    Club-Asteria members make the most money possible on the products
    and services you sell. With our profits we support micro-loans,
    new wells, animals and more to people who need it most, and ask
    successful members to donate memberships to others who cannot
    afford to pay themselves.
    Page 3
    © 2011 Worldwide Club Asteria,
    3) Choose a business with a low -- or FREE -- entry cost. No matter what the business is, it is no good
    if you cannot afford it. Caring companies make sure people can start cost-free if they need to, so you
    can start your own business no matter what. Club-Asteria has several levels with many ways to make
    more and more money faster and faster.
    Club-Asteria’s Free Member Program is designed so people with little or no money can at least get
    started and make money to lift themselves up out of poverty with dignity. Even these free members get
    everything they need to start a profitable business, including:
    • A personalized website with ZERO monthly hosting fees (even people who know nothing about
    setting up webpages can start making money with their own website)
    • Products, services and travel packages they can sell to anyone in the world and make money
    WITHOUT having to pay for in advance (no up front inventory cost). They can also buy them for
    themselves at reduced distributor pricing if they want through their website.
    • Connect with tens of thousands of other members worldwide, each with businesses of their own,
    through our Global Forum
    • Cost-free access to our beginners’ level educational tools and live webinars, plus world-class
    advanced business training and personal development programs for significantly less than others
    Beco me A Member Now!
    Club-Asteria also has Premium Membership levels with additional services, like 100% free access to
    our library of over 10, 000 business and personal training titles, our proprietary lead generating program
    and our online “e-wallet” that lets you access or send your money from anywhere in the world,
    24 hours a day. We cover each membership near the end of this Guide Book, but our top level members
    pay less than $20 a month, so even the poorest new free member can quickly earn enough to
    afford a Premium Membership and get all the benefits.
    4) Your supplier should let you use their money, providing their products and services for you to resell
    without any expensive inventory requirements. You should have their full inventory available so you
    can make sales and earn commissions, but you should never have to pay for inventory or shipping
    items to your customers.
    Warning: Avoid businesses that require you to pay up front for products! You should not have to buy
    any “minimum” amounts of inventory. Plus, storing inventory means spending more money to rent
    space. NO office, NO warehouse, and NO storefront is needed in Club-Asteria, because no charge
    is made until AFTER your customer has paid you! Being able to build a simple business without inventory
    from your home -- or anywhere else -- means Club-Asteria Members can succeed anywhere in
    the world.
    Page 4
    © 2011 Worldwide Club Asteria,
    5) Find an EASY business. The simpler it is, the faster you make money so your business pays for itself
    and you can duplicate your efforts. Remember, you are only one person! You can only grow as fast as
    what you can do yourself UNLESS you can bring on others. Duplication let’s you own your business,
    instead of it owning you! Duplication increases your income dramatically and helps spread wealth and
    success to other people who need it too.
    The easier the business is to learn, the easier you can duplicate your efforts by sharing with others, so
    everyone can make more money. Club-Asteria makes it very easy to duplicate yourself over and over...
    Club-Asteria literally does all the training for you.
    6) The company that supplies you should treat you like a partner, and provide you the basic training,
    assistance and tools you need to get started and succeed. Not only that, they should have plenty of
    other inexpensive resources you can access so you can become super successful,
    if that’s what you want.
    We’ve shown how Club-Asteria provides even free members the
    training they need to start a successful money-making business.
    To grow, we all need ongoing personal development and business
    training to keep improving our life and business. A
    caring company won’t leave you to find the training you
    need on your own. Club-Asteria makes quality training
    available so serious people can learn and grow for
    much less than getting a business degree or trying to teach
    • Our world-class educational programs help you grow
    in your business and personal life
    • You earn easy commissions marketing our products
    and services, so you can earn more money
    from day one
    • Our discount shopping and travel packages
    let you enjoy nice things for your family for
    less money, and make travel affordable to
    visit family or for holiday
    • Mobile “e-wallet” cash management and
    transfers let you access your commissions
    from anywhere in the world, free from money-
    changers and conversion schemes
    Beco me A Member Now!
    Club-Asteria members ARE our partners in business
    success AND in helping us succeed at imPage
    © 2011 Worldwide Club Asteria,
    proving the lives of millions of people all over the world, through our programs that provide microloans
    and other assistance worldwide.
    7) The company should have a completely open pay plan where you can check your status any time,
    see your sales and the commissions or other payments due you. You shouldn’t have to wait weeks to
    get paid, either! An upright company will pay you regularly and on time.
    The more of these 7 Critical Requirements your business meets, the greater your chance of business
    We don’t know of any other company that offers you the opportunity to begin your own business for less
    than $20 a month, give you a proven business structure that pays for itself, doesn’t require big investments,
    inventory or overhead, and is easy to duplicate so you can help others and earn more money.
    Club-Asteria meets ALL Seven Critical Requirements Criteria and more.
    Beco me A Member Now!
    Our members include entrepreneurs interested in global social needs, immigrants and expatriates, ambitious,
    motivated individuals from developing nations, as well as tens of thousands of people simply
    interested in personally benefitting from our products and services.
    So what does it take to become a Club-Asteria Member?
    We’ve already discussed our Free Member Program, our way to include people so bound by poverty
    they could never own a business and lift themselves up financially. We give free members everything
    they need to get started and make money, including:
    • A personalized website
    • Products and services to resell
    • Full access to our Global Forum
    • Discounts on shopping and travel packages
    • Cost-free access to basic business education
    • Additional access to world-class advanced business training and personal development programs
    at significant discounts
    As far as we know, Club-Asteria is the only program that actively offers no cost memberships that give
    all this to those in dire need. This allows even the poorest people to support themselves and their family
    with dignity, from anywhere in the world.
    Premium Members Get Added Value
    Page 6
    © 2011 Worldwide Club Asteria,
    Our Premium Membership levels provide additional benefits to help you jump start your business and
    start earning more money, faster. Only Premium Members get our ongoing coaching, counseling,
    training, educational programs and special products and services you can use to improve yourself
    AND resell for profit.
    Silver Membership
    For only $9.95 per month Silver Members get everything free members receive PLUS:
    • Expanded access to our huge online educational library, with live webinars
    and entrepreneur programs to help you grow your business faster!
    • Earn commissions from our affiliate marketing programs in addition to
    your own product and service sales… so you can make money even
    if you don’t make a sale!
    • Earn $4.50 per month, every month for each new member you refer
    for as long as they remain a member, year after year. There is NO
    LIMIT to how many people you can earn this for! This gives you a
    residual lifetime income that grows and grows with each New Member
    you refer.
    Beco me A Premium Member Now!
    Gold Membership
    For only $19.95 per month Gold Members get even MORE member
    • UNLIMITED USE of our entire educational library, webinars,
    and training programs -- absolutely everything you
    need to succeed!
    • FULL 100% FREE ACCESS to our entire Club-Asteria
    Business & Personal Growth Library - OVER 10, 000 e-
    Books, CDs, Tapes, Videos, Educational Seminars, Software,
    Audio Recordings, Detailed Reports and Systems
    you can download for yourself OR RESELL for more
    money! (ONLY Gold Members have these Special Resell
    • Drive hundreds of customers and prospects to your Club-
    Asteria website every month with our fully automated lead
    capture and marketing system -- so you don’t have to worry
    about finding buyers!
    • Our Automated Business Management & Online Marketing
    Page 7
    © 2011 Worldwide Club Asteria,
    Program can promote your business to build a HUGE customer base FAST -- that buys from you
    again and again!
    • Your own personal Electronic E-Wallet so you can manage and transfer funds easily from anywhere
    in the world, without high charges and conversion fees from unknown sources
    • Be part of our Forum and become a trusted member of our global community. Meet and communicate
    with thousands of like-minded individuals around the world and let your voice be
    PLUS YOU EARN $9.00 PER MONTH PER NEW MEMBER you refer, every single month they remain
    active -- NO LIMITS On Your Income!
    Beco me A Gold Member Now!
    As our most successful members, Silver and Gold Members are encouraged to contribute and participate
    in our philanthropic programs such as micro-loans to help us end the cycle of poverty and the
    suffering of impoverished people all around the world.
    Why become a Silver or Gold Member?
    In addition to all the benefits we’ve listed above, such as earning money whenever programs, services
    or products are sold through your affiliate site and sharing revenue earned by Club-Asteria through the
    sale of our products and services,
    Refer just TWO new members a month and your Premium Membership costs almost NOTHING!
    As a Silver or Gold Member, your entire membership practically pays for itself with only TWO referrals
    a month. However, Silver Members only earn $4.50 a month beyond that. This means
    Gold Members Can Make DOUBLE THE MONEY -- For Life!
    Beco me A Gold Member Now!
    Gold Members earn $9.00 per month, TWICE AS MUCH as Silver Members every single month their
    new referrals remain members. It still only takes a couple of new members to practically pay for, and
    you get all the benefits of Gold Membership practically free.
    While free members can make money from the sale of products through their site, they don’t share
    in these other revenues. No wonder the vast majority -- over 84% of our members -- choose Gold
    Membership from the very beginning!
    Your Next Step
    No matter what, take the time to Regist er on our site no w. If at all possible, start as a Gold
    Page 8
    © 2011 Worldwide Club Asteria,
    Member to make the most money, and take advantage of ALL the benefits Club-Asteria has to offer.
    There are NO extra or hidden sign up fees, NO inventory costs, No Obligations and No Long Term
    Your total cost to begin is only $19.95, and your monthly price can NEVER be increased.
    Within minutes after you register you can immediately set up your personal website and start getting
    ALL of the training and other information to help you succeed fast.
    When you refer people to your website they can buy products and services from you, and if they become
    members, you get paid for that too!
    Your Decision Can Change Your Family’s Future
    Not making a positive win-win-win decision like this is the ONLY way to
    make sure you don’t make money!
    With all of the resources available, you get to make money on the same
    level playing field as everyone else… nobody has any more advantage
    than you, so how much do YOU want to make? Ask yourself these questions:
    If not Club-Asteria – then what? If not now – then when?
    Opportunity can knock, but it’s up to you to open the door
    and take the first step. Click here to Register Today, and
    make tomorrow brighter and better for yourself, your family,
    your community and your world.
    Abo ut Club-Ast eria, Andrea
    Lucas, & Our Leadership
    Club-Asteria’s Mission
    Our Mission is to care and help expatriates, immigrants
    and entrepreneurs in developing countries become more
    successful in their personal and professional lives and enable
    them to provide money and support for their loved ones.
    Page 9
    © 2011 Worldwide Club Asteria,
    Our primary vision for accomplishing this is to provide the means, training and resources for entrepreneurs
    in any country and at any financial level, so they can start and grow and succeed. Our model
    requires little or no money and no inventory, and through our Internet-based model allows Members
    to build a global customer and prospect base, so their income potential is unlimited.
    Second, we promote other local entrepreneurship in developing nations through the use of micro-financing
    and micro-credit, to end the cycle of poverty that hundreds of millions of people from around
    the world are trapped in.
    Finally, using our profits we invest in philanthropic efforts to make immediate improvements for struggling
    individuals, families and communities, by focusing on improving nutrition, housing, health care
    and education.
    Beco me A Member Now!
    Our Founder & Leaders
    Andrea Lucas, PMD, MBA, CPA, CMC, is founder and Managing Director of Club-Asteria. Andrea
    is a former Director of the World Bank, published author and mentor with over 30 years experience
    in finance, management, consulting and international project development in developing nations.
    A native of Austria, Andrea emigrated to Canada as a young woman, where she learned firsthand
    about the trials and tribulations of being a stranger in a foreign country. Club-Asteria grew from her
    vision to provide a way back for immigrants, expatriates and individuals in developing nations to own
    a business of their own, and enriching the lives of those caught in the cycle of generational poverty
    Hank Needham, Director of Sales and Marketing, is responsible for establishing Club-Asteria’s Country,
    Regional and Network Team Leaders. Hank has 22 Years experience in building Sales Teams
    throughout Europe, United States, Asia and Africa with special emphasis in the Network Marketing
    and Communications Industry.
    Mark Kaplan spent forty years as a real estate broker, builder, developer and investor. His companies
    have developed, built and sold properties ranging from single family homes and pre-planned residential
    communities, to commercial office buildings and shopping centers and even mountaintop ski
    resort properties. He is co-founder and International Director of W.I.N. University, one of the top success
    training firms for entrepreneurs worldwide.
    Dr. Rich Schuttler has 25-years of diversified domestic and international management and leadership
    improvement expertise. Dr. Rich has mentored executives, faculty, and students from around the world
    in academic settings, government agencies, Fortune 1, 000 corporations and a variety of professional
    leadership and management settings. Dr. Schuttler served as Dean at the University of Phoenix from
    2000-2004 (Business Week’s 2004 #3 Hottest Growing Companies) after a distinguished career as
    Page 10
    © 2011 Worldwide Club Asteria,
    a U.S. Navy officer. He is the author of the book Laws of Communication: The Intersection Where
    Leadership Meets Employee Performance and co-author of The Lifetime Medical Organizer and The
    Million Dollar Attitude.
    Beco me A Member Now!
    Common Questions
    Here are some common questions we get asked. If you have other questions click here to Contact
    Us with your question and we will get back to you within 48 hours.
    Where Does The Name Asteria Come From?
    It comes from Greek Mythology! The name “Asteria” means “Star”. This name was given to five famous
    Asteria was the Titan goddess of oracles, prophetic dreams and astrology. Asteria flung herself into the
    Aegean Sea in the form of a quail in order to escape the advances of Zeus. She became the island of
    the same name. Later, the island Asteria was identified with Delos, which was the only piece of earth to
    give refuge to the fugitive Leto when, pregnant with Zeus’s children, she was pursued by vengeful Hera.
    Also, there was Asteria, the Amazon. The Amazons are a nation of allfemale
    warriors in Classical and Greek mythology placed in a region of
    the modern territory of Ukraine. The Amazons have become associated
    with various historical peoples throughout the Roman Empire
    period. From then on their name has become a term for woman
    warriors in general.
    Asteria of Alkyonides, flung herself into the sea along with her sisters
    and was transformed into a kingfisher.
    Asteria or Astris was one of the Heliades, daughters of Helios. She
    married the river god Hydaspes (the modern Jhelum River) and became
    mother of Deriades, king in India.
    And lastly, Asteria was one of the Danaids, daughters of Danaus who,
    with one exception, murdered their husbands on their weddings
    nights. She was, briefly, the bride of Chaetus (obviously…).
    We chose Asteria for our company name to honor the first
    two women: the Titan Asteria, who gave refuge to another
    when desperately needed; and the Amazon Asteria, who
    Page 11
    © 2011 Worldwide Club Asteria,
    was a warrior ready to fight for her rights.
    Following in the footsteps of these two great leaders, Club-Asteria stands for helping and empowering
    its Members!
    How Fast Can I Really Make Money?
    It’s up to you. If you go right into your account and put in the information for your webpage, you can
    begin sending people there within minutes of signing up! We have members who begin the same day,
    referring friends and family as members, and some make more money than their membership costs
    -- their first day! With Club-Asteria, you can make money as fast as you want, and there are NO limits
    on your income!
    How Fast Can I Start Getting Access To The Training Library?
    You can start getting your business and personal development training the minute you login the first
    time with your username and password. There is NO waiting -- you can begin learning and growing
    Are there any hidden costs to join?
    There are NO extra or hidden sign up fees, NO inventory costs, No Obligations and No Long Term
    Your total cost to begin as a Gold Member is only $19.95, and your monthly price can NEVER be
    What Happens Once I Join?
    Once you have joined as a Member, you will receive our Welcome Email. When you click on the link
    in this Welcome Email you will confirm your account. In the event that you did not receive the Welcome
    Email, please check first in your spam filters or optional email folders, and if it is not there either, then
    Contact Us and provide us with the login information you signed up with, so we can manually
    confirm your account. We strongly suggest our members get a free GMAIL account to use as your
    login email with Club-Asteria.
    After you have confirmed your account, you can login by clicking the LOGIN/JOIN button on the
    Club-Asteria website.
    How Do I Navigate Around The Club-Asteria Website?
    Once you have joined as a Member you simply enter your LOGIN with your email address and password,
    and your personal “My Account” page will open up. Here you will see your personal informaPage
    © 2011 Worldwide Club Asteria,
    tion, your Asterios Balance, your Cash Balance, the programs you have signed up for, and all other
    information about your account.
    You can edit your account information by clicking on the “Edit Profile” link in the navigation bar. The
    other links take you to web pages that either require you to input additional information, such as the
    “Compliance” link, or for other information about your account, such as “View Asterios History” or
    “View Cash History”.
    What All Does A Gold Member Get?
    Gold Members get every benefit available:
    Gold Member Business Tools:
    • A personalized website with ZERO monthly hosting fees (you don’t
    have to know anything about setting up webpages and start making
    money with your own website)
    • A way to connect with tens of thousands of other members worldwide,
    each with businesses of their own, through our Global Forum.
    Gold Members are trusted members of our global community.
    Gold Member Educational Resources
    • UNLIMITED USE of our entire educational library, we- binars,
    and training programs -- absolutely everything you need to succeed!
    • FULL 100% FREE ACCESS to our entire Club-Asteria Business
    & Personal Growth Library - OVER 10, 000 e-Books,
    CDs, Tapes, Videos, Educational Seminars, Software, Audio
    Recordings, Detailed Reports and Systems you can
    download for yourself OR RESELL for more money!
    Gold Member Products & Services To Sell
    • ONLY Gold Members have
    Special Resell Rights for ALL
    10, 000 Club-Asteria Business
    & Personal Growth Resources
    • Hundreds of other products, services and
    Page 13
    © 2011 Worldwide Club Asteria,
    travel packages you can sell to anyone in the world and make money WITHOUT having to pay
    for in advance (no up front inventory cost). You can also buy them yourself at reduced distributor
    pricing if you want… all through your Club-Asteria personalized website.
    Gold Member Marketing Resources
    • Access to our fully automated lead capture and marketing system to drive hundreds of customers
    and prospects to your Club-Asteria website every month with -- so you don’t have to worry
    about finding buyers!
    • Our Automated Business Management & Online Marketing Program can promote your business
    to build a HUGE customer base FAST -- that buys from you again and again!
    Gold Member Financial Resources
    • our own personal Electronic E-Wallet so you can manage and transfer funds easily from anywhere
    in the world, without high charges and conversion fees from unknown sources
    PLUS ONLY GOLD Members Earn $9.00 Per Month PER NEW MEMBER you refer, every single month
    they remain active -- NO LIMITS On Your Income!
    Beco me A Gold Member Now!
    Why Should I Become A Gold Member?
    In addition to all the benefits we’ve listed above, both Silver and Gold Members can earn enough
    money by just referring new members that practically pay for your entire membership with only TWO
    referrals a month. However, Silver Members only earn $4.50 a month beyond that, while Gold Members
    earn $9.00 each month, as long as the new member remains active. This means
    Gold Members Can Make DOUBLE THE MONEY -- For Life!
    This alone is why over 84% of our Premium Members elect Gold Membership from the beginning!
    Call me if u have any doubts

    Please join the link below
    Srikanth goud (Hyderabad)
    9951603866, 9533933433

  • Sr
      14th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

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    Club Asteria is the best almost passive income online!

    Actually it is also the best totally passive income!

    Club Asteria – is an international financial company and Global membership





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    Even club asteria has tie up with Alertpay and Cashx .both are e wallet
    based payment syestem,

    they have programs ( u can see on programs ) which they get revenues from
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    Here we buy asterios and take weekly commissions so that company get
    members and they spread their business for money remittance product which
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    its members 70% of its revenue in return for telling a few friends. If you
    are looking for a way to earn as well as save then Club-Asteria is a great
    place to start.






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    In order to reach the $ 400 per week on you will only need $ 19.95 per

    Earn revenue each week with *no recruiting required*. We have been making
    money online for many years and this is the most exciting, solid, safe, and
    lucrative program that we have found. Club Asteria brings in outside income
    and then shares a large portion of the revenue with its Silver and Gold

    Club Asteria Has a Great Future!

    Andrea Lucas, CEO and Managing Director of Club Asteria:

    - Harvard graduate, PMD, MBA, CPA, CMC
    - Former Director of the World Bank
    - Managed 400+ projects for International Finance Comp
    - Negotiated funding for China, Philippines, Russia, and others
    - Joint ventures in Hungary, Austria and Czech Republic
    - Chair Person Asian Development Consortium Inc.
    - Published Author – “My Life Is a Mess But I Can Fix It”

    There are three videos on the Club Asteria website. We encourage you to view
    those right away. One of the videos explains the money transfer going on all
    around the world. There are millions of expatriates that are searching for
    inexpensive ways to send money back to family members in their home
    countries. The companies that are now providing these services are charging
    excessive amounts in fees in this over 200 billion dollar market.

    The money transfer market is extremely huge. Every year there is over $60
    billion sent from U.S. families just to Latin American countries alone. C-A
    is now tapping into that market. The company has two primary goals. To help
    people make money and for individuals to save money from the high transfer

    Your Income Potential!

    There are multiple ways to earn Asterios and cash:

    What are Asterios?
    Asterios are “points” and each one equals U.S. $1.

    How do I earn Asterios?
    Members can receive additional Asterios for filling out their profile and by
    joining or using any of the other programs, products or services. The amount
    of Asterios you receive for this varies.

    Silver members pay $9.95 per month and receive 10 Asterios per month. Silver
    members also receive $4.50 cash every month for each active Silver or Gold
    member they refer.

    Gold members pay $19.95 per month and receive 20 Asterios per month. Gold
    members receive more cash for referrals than Silver members. Gold members
    each month receive $4.50 for every Silver member and $9.50 for every Gold
    member they refer. This is residual income that you will earn each and every

    It is not mandatory to make additional purchases but Silver and Gold members
    will receive revenue share commissions based on their total Asterios
    balance. Silver and Gold Members earn these Asterios/Cash revenue share
    commissions every week on Thursday. The revenue share varies and is up to
    10% every week. After the revenue share percentage is determined 80% of that
    is added (compounded) to each member’s Asterios account and 20% is put in
    their cash account. You can use any of your cash funds to purchase
    additional Asterios or withdraw it after it is $10 or more.

    The power of compounding is amazing but we always recommend getting your
    original seed money back before purchasing additional Asterios.

    When your direct referrals make additional purchases you receive a 10%
    commission (Network directors receive up to 30%). As an example if your
    referral purchases $1, 000 in Asterios you automatically receive $100. You
    can then use that to purchase more Asterios or request a cash withdrawal of
    the entire amount.

    Network Directors have even more ways to earn money and these are well
    explained on the website. As a Network Director your income can go beyond
    $2000 – $5000 a month.

    Joining in Club Asteria with 250 dollars to 10 thousand dollars u can earn
    weekly commissions and monthly subscription commission and 10 percent
    asterios commissions and Network Director commission

    4 Types of income for Working members in Club Asteria


    For a short time there is a great BONUS! Purchase $250 or more within 14
    days of becoming a member and you will receive a 100% matching bonus! So if
    you purchase $250 in Asterios you will receive an additional 250 Asterios
    for a total of 500!it will take 18 months to qualify for weekly commissions

    For 1000 dollars u get 2000 Asterios

    with 100 Percent Bonus u will qualified for weekly commissions capping in 1

    Many Products and Services

    Club Asteria gives members extensive training, business tools, coaching,
    access to a discount shopping mall, multiple income opportunities, travel
    discounts, and more. Gold members have free access to over 10, 000 e-books,
    tapes, videos, seminars, software, reports, audio recordings and more. Many,
    many of the digital downloads have resell rights if you also want an
    additional stream of income.

    The most rewarding journey of your life!Your new way to financial

    To withdraw funds you need to account in AlertPay ….
    Payment is convenient for us to AlertPay


    Aeluri Srikanth Goud

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    Earn 400$ Per Week in Club Asteria..

    Hello IF u register under my referal link in Club Ateria then i will give u 5$ first 5 month.. so dont waste your time and save your future by registering in Club Asteria under me..
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    well, I have joined on 25th nov and bacame nd on 24th dec. i have received back my full investment of 1500 usd. till now the co has never faltered in paying. it is paying every week, only the payment should be made instant. As far as 400 usd a week is considered, it was maybe in the beginning around 1 year back. but now the present rate of revenue share is between 3.1% to 3.4%, so even with 20, 000 asterios you cannot earn 400 usd weekly passively. you must have referrals to get to that amt per week, at least as of now.

    Also if you follow their teachings and the video series and if you're a little internet savvy you can lots of things for online business.

    Well, thats my experience.

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    I am unable to sigh Up club-asteria. Please helo me.
    Bejon, Bangladesh

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