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I was contacted by the owner of He asked me to make some changes in the website and within two weeks I provided completely new website. New products were added and the website was connected with PayPal. But the owner contacted me and said that some of the customers complained about the website’s changes. I was surprised, because the website hasn’t been finished and no one from the customers could see it. Don’t work for this liar.

Mar 03, 2016
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  • Jo
      Mar 08, 2016

    As a customer of Bluelips I can attest to the fact that the website you built for them was terrible. You threw something together that didn't even work properly. They asked us to test the website from a customer perspective and we thought it was ridiculous. The links page did not work at all, we could not purchase from an Android phone as there were integration issues with Paypal.

    You claim that the website was not available to the public then why did you post on the website that it was down for
    maintenance if you had blocked the public from seeing the site? And how did they get orders if the site was not working?

    They complained about you and won their money back from PayPal and they deserved to win.

    You are not telling the whole story and you are committing libel against a company that is well loved.

    I might point out that YOU have a scam report against you by another customer as well as other complaints.

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  • Am
      Mar 13, 2016

    Clearly the Web developer lacks in the area of Customer Service.

    Having read all the complaints they have posted about this business and the owner they are embarking in character assasination.

    The Web developer has other complaints on the net and has no room to criticize anyone. If you look at the other complaints on scam report, Yelp and Complaints Board you will notice that they blame all their customers. And often in their comments they are disrespectful and unprofessional.

    I would not want to do business with Living World Technologies, but I think I will do business with

    It's too bad that boards like these allow this kind of behavior. Especially since it is nothing but an attempt to
    harass and belittle customers who have legitimate issues with Living World Technologies.

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  • Ja
      May 07, 2016

    Living World Technologies aka Chris Miska. Formerly Bobcat Electronics moonlights as Brittany Mae and Haley Jo on the Internet as a Female Escort and God. Think about it. Look at all the complaints written about Living World Tech on other sites like Yelp and ROR. They must not being doing very well if they have to have a little on the side of their techno scams. And if you look at how they respond to customers you will see that they have no class and are purely low class.

    Find yourself a legitimate web development company, not someone who scours Craigslist for prey. And you can run Miska's criminal history very easily on the Net. He definitely deserves coal in his stocking for Christmas this year.

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