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I have tried sending money with the company 2 times. Comes up error and doesnt send the money however it took the money from my Visa card and I had to protest the charge. 2 times money was taken from my card. Now I can not login to my account. After a call to Customer Service they canceled my account. They collected my SS number and my CC numbers. I do not trust them. When I told them about taking the money from my account, they said they will retun it but they didn't. DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY - Too many problems with site. All I was trying to send was $25 to test their system.

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  • Jo
      Sep 11, 2010

    I tried them too and they did the samething to me. Took me 2 weeks to get my money back and they canceled me too after calling customer service and complained.

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  • Jo
      Nov 23, 2010

    I wanted to find an easy way to send money to friends or family online. ATMCASH has competitive fees and offer many ways for my recipient in China to receive the money. I was in a crunch and needed to be ABLE TO SEND VIA CREDIT CARD.

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  • Jo
      Nov 24, 2010

    Don't trust them. You may send money and think its sent and then they will cancel you and your money will be tied up for a few days. Customer service refuses to talk on the phone and says thats our policy and thats it. Send with them at your own risk ! Better to get a prepaid card for your people in China and goto Walmart and load the card with your credit card there. They get their money instantly that way. Also postal system in China is bad and if they dont get the card ATMCASH sends, you way out of luck and in China, that happens alot.

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  • Fa
      Apr 17, 2011

    Thank you for the reviews I will share it as well on, facebook and twetter. You save me going thru the hazard. This people should be reported to local authorities to be prosecuted. I am glad I no longer do anything with out checking companies products and reviews.

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  • Ei
      May 24, 2011

    Wow this happened to me this pass week. I called my bank can you believe they asked my bank for their fax number. I was on the phone with the bank and them at the same time. His name was Steve. The bannk said they were bringing legal action against them. Now their lines are disconnected. When I called to complain they declined us also. BUT KEPT THE MONEY. But the bank has their information now.

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  • Ba
      Jun 13, 2011

    I am unaware of the issues that have previously been listed on this page. I have used the service for about a year to send mmoney to the Philippines. The problem is customer service. If anything goes wrong or you need to make changes to you account- you can forget getting any help. I emailed them with the need to change my bank accounts and it took them 2 month to get back to me despite several tries. And then the problem was not fixed. The other issue is the "voice verification" to send money- it almost never works which locks you out of the account...The service is fine when it works and a real hassle when it does not (which is often). Customer service is very friendly but inept. I am closing my account because I cannot get anyone to actually do anything (despite talking to them on the phone numerous times).

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  •   Jun 23, 2011

    I signed up with and everything went very smooth as far as the card being fedexed to Asia and the pin number sent to me via postal service in short order, so all of that was fine considering the card was sent half way arounbd the world in only 5 days to my repicient. I also was given $5 off on my first transfer.

    My worry's started when I was told that the money I send via bank checking account was not releases when they said at 7pm. No one answerd the phone after 6:30pm pacific time, at least for me it was that way. The next day I called the next they told me the same ting, 7pm the money would be avalailable. During the interum, the day before I had made a long distance call to tell family the money was available at 7pm which it wasn't that night.. I will ad, that there was an holiday during that first send and it ended up being one business day longer than what was stated but as I said earlier, it was just a glitch in the beauaocracy through Key Bank that has slowed it down a day.

    I will note, that is flagged if there is a complain't on this forum and they do read these comlaint's as this is when my money was promptly released and available, after 5 minutes of complaining on this board. Steve, as I said earlier was polite and apologetic with me and They do want to build a good reputation etc. I think the company basically is a fledgling business and they are doing thier best to work to get thing done on time. #5.00 is cheap for sending money and The problem does seem to be with the bank's beauacracy and not atmcash's fault but I do believe most transaction will go smoother in the future, so give them a shot and I know if the money is released when they say it will be released this company will flourish and do good.

    Before, when this transfer was a day late I did call Key bank and asked about to see if indeed they were afiliated wih keybank, and the lady at the bank was not sure and she said she would call me the next day and find out. She called me prompltlythe next day and informed me that "Yes" atmcash is an associate and do work through their bank which confirmed for me that this was a legitimate company working with them. I felt better after hearing this and am staying with atmcash for my future transfers etc.

    Give them a chance to get the bugs out and I am confident that they will do good as a company, business etc in the USA that will help out many people as a way to send money anywhere safely and efficiently.

    One thing that is very important for them to make sure that 7pm means 7pm or 5 days means 5 days and I am sure there won't be anymore negative complaint's on this board.

    I vote give them a chance! And if you have a problem again, just post on this board and they will get on it if you can't get satisfaction on the phone with them. They DO read these complaints as soon as the are posted...signed, Happy customer sccc

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  • We
      Jun 26, 2011

    I use to send money to the Dominican Republic. The service is excellent and quick. My only complaint is with the voice verification. That NEVER works and is always an inconvenience. Follow me here, I can only use my credit card (in my name) to load the atmcash card. It will ONLY load the money to my designated atmcash card that is in the DR with my wife and son. What the hell good is voice verification? If someone did manage to get my 10 digit password, which is not written down anywhere, they would also need the ccv from the back of MY credit card. And since their system ONLY allows you to load YOUR atmcash card, what's the point? My atmcash card is 2000 miles away from me. A thief would have to be very ingenious and very stupid at the same time. To me the voice verification is like needing a key to get in AND out of you car. Its a useless and unneccesary step. What good is a password and a ccv if you also have to go through voice verification? I just want to send money, I'm not launching missiles. To be able to send money this way is better than Western Union and Moneygram, and because you can send it to an atm card, much better than Xoom. Let's hope they remove this roadblock or allow the sender to be able to opt -out of voice verification.

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  • We
      Jul 02, 2011

    Well, I just used the atmcash system to send more money. This time it only took 2 days and 15 attempts. Voice verification kept denying me because there was too much background noise everywhere I was. Internet cafe, public library, my car, everywhere. I finally had to go home to my bedroom and turn off everything that remotely even hinted at noise. The tv, the a/c, the fan, and lo and behold I finally was able to pass voice verification. I think its now time that I start looking for alternate means to send money. I can use a credit card to send money by Western Union and Moneygram with no problems, Atmcash has made their system frustating and difficult to use. The security is so great that it fails the authorized user 90% of the time.

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  • El
      Aug 08, 2011

    This is a complete rif off company, they will say there is no other fee besides from the withrawal and service charge but infact, they also withold some money without reason, they will also have a big cut on the exchage rate and you can't withdraw all of your money. I sent $100 as a test took 2 weeks to wait for the card to arrive to my beneficiary the confirmed amount was P4, 135 but in the end the total amount that my family was able to get was P3'500 for my $96.something cents worth of withdrawal. You do the Math even with $1.50 charge for inquiry and withrawal it still doesn't add up. This is a complete BS service and if you send thru them you are helping to their Portfolio and starve your family. If you send your hard earned money for emergency send it via Western Union you can expect an honest service. No false hope and user-friendly system.

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