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This website engages in so much illegal activity...

They hack webcam models computers and steal all their copyrighted video content and post it for their own monetary gain.

They do not adhere to DMCA requests because they are based out of the Netherlands and use loopholes in order to avoid taking down illegally obtained videos from their website.

I have a feeling is in on this as that is where the majority of their content comes from when stolen through piracy avenues.

What am I supposed to do if they ignore the 100+ DMCA Removal requests that I have submitted?

Google refuses to do anything even though they claim to be against "Revenge Porn"

Any ideas anyone?

May 3, 2017
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  • Je
      6th of May, 2017

    I agree totally, these individuals are malicious with their intent and total disregard to hard working women in the industry.

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  • Ms
      12th of May, 2017

    Yes i agree as well. What are we going to do??? I have sent TONS of DMCA to them as well with no response. Whats worse is I have not worked as a model for over a year now and just 3 days ago someone uploaded more videos of me to anon-v! From private shows as well :( really makes me super sad. I want to be done with webcamming and i cannot escape it because of Anon-v continually hosting more and more videos of me. If anyone has any helpful information please please share it to help. thanks everyone

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  • Ms
      12th of May, 2017

    The only think I can say is lets not give up. Everyone keep emailing and doing all you can and maybe one day they will listen!

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  • Na
      8th of Jun, 2017

    I don't disagree with anything you say, Kath. I've had a running conversation with that site for a few years, and the only time I was able to get clips removed was when I pointed out to them that they were displaying clips of 80's porn star Traci Lords from when she was still 16 years old. I've exchanged a few e-mails with Nick from HIs feeling is that will not heed DMCA requests from performers, but they will respond to requests from attorneys representing performers. That's a pretty expensive proposition for any performer who is not generating Top 100 type of earnings. I would recommend that any performer take advantage of the free trial at They do a pretty good job, and if you decide to go ahead and subscribe, their rates are quite reasonable compared to and similar sites. They are also very good at suppressing images and video clips of you from Google search results -- that's great, because it becomes much harder for someone to find your pirated material. You can find a link to the free trial on my MFC profile page, along with a lot of other helpful safety tips. By the way, I always advise performers not to obsess too much about If you get published on xvideos, xhamster, pornhub or another high-profile site, that's a big deal because there's a chance that a friend or relative will stumble across your video by accident. If someone finds your video on, it's far more likely because the searcher already knew your web site and screen name. If you find any of this information to be helpful, please leave a few kind words in the comments section of my page.

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