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The teacher Patricia was who I had signed up for my first free trial lesson and when we connected she asked me a few question in Spanish and I told her I did not speak but a little Spanish but answered her questions in Spanish she immediately assumed I spoke Spanish and said that I was not here to learn but for fun and disconnected on me. I tried to contact the owner Craig and he no answer the phone then I try to Skype with Craig at 121Spanish and he no answer for 10mins then when did and I told what happened he acted very rude to me as like what you gonna do about it. This is my complaint and will still continue my Spanish lessons with a better company thank you for your time and for reading this

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      Nov 11, 2013

    The guy was a pervert harassing my tutor with sexually suggestive comments.

    This was a FREE trial class and this chump is giggling away with his buddy while making sexual references to my tutor.

    Sorry but I do not tolerate this . We have 1000's of students so I guess it is just natural every once in a while you will get a sexual varmit!

    I contacted the guy back after I talked to my tutor and told him to get lost!!

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