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W.S. Badcock/Badcock & More / unlawful credit practices

1 P.O BOX 497 MULBERRY FL 33860Winter Haven, FL, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 1 (800) 223-2625

Re: consumers/patrons (beware) unlawful credit practices!!!... Keep your eyes on your credit report were badcocks' concerned; my husband & myself were customers of the badcock home furnishings center, for many years. We had done business with this store for at least 10 plus years as we loved the owners of this store. There are only 3 stores out of approx 12 polk county stores we would even go in as they were rude, or had on-business like conduct ect... We had gone to our store, in winter haven fl. This store was also, in the middle of a conversion the owners of this store had very little inventory because of all the clearance sales. While we were in the store, we noticed an advertisment for (6) months same as cash... We talked it over and decided to apply as we were interested in a bedroom set. The set cost approx: $ 5000.00 without bedding (box mattress or frame). We applied!!! On the day of our order, the set we choose wasn't on the floor of this store so we went and looked at it at another local (franchised) store. While we were in this store, they not only tried to sell us up... But at first didn't even address us until we were going to the door to leave. We said to them that we were looking at a set on there store floor, and going to order it at our store. They said they could do it for us, ok now their trying to steal a sale... Not to mention they would have ran our credit again as they are franchises. We left the store, and went back to our store & spoke to the stores owner, he than called the store that he had sent us to and asked why they conducted themselves in this manner. We ordered from our store!! We had known the owners for years... And had a good repore' with them. The owners where always there for you and always thanked the consumer with nice gifts, with your purchases! They had been in this store waiting on customers even when the store was a mess.. Contractors, architects, builders etc. All of us, were excited an waiting to see the new store & merchandise. On the day of our delivery we had miner damage, to our set of furniture... Scratches, and a crushed corner. We called the store and was told they would take care of this; at this time we were okay with this as these things happen. Time passed & no word came as to when the new pieces of furniture were coming, so we went to the store. We were shocked!!! The store was closed; badcock had left the customers hanging. We new where the owners of this store lived and we went by their home. They told us to come in and what they had to say shocked us yet again. They told us that badcock corp had taken their (franchise) without cause... And they had to file several 'lawsuits'! So we called coorperate!!! Then things got really bad, not only were we waiting for our furniture, but that they had the nerve to send us our bill. As this wasn't bad enough, they had a major problem with fixing our account : we had interest free 6 mon. Sooooo... Next we received a notice! The notice was to inform customers of the nearest badcock location and also, said the reasons for the notice was the previous owner/operators had (just)... Left badcock. We new this was yet another lie... Lie... Lie. As we had gone to their home and found out all that was happening in this situation. Okay!!! We thought our bill, furniture delima ect... Was (solved). An than we find that our bill had been charged off... This was done by the "badcock coorperation" itself. How we found this out, was we were buying a new home and this was showing on our "credit report" this ruined us for a time. We were (livid) rightly so!!! We had to take the time, to fix our credit report, which took time & proof to do. This was time consuming (not) to mention embarrising... We called the badcock coorperation, yet again, we than were connected to the vice-presidents office! We told them about our problem and they denied the information we had gotten from the previous owners, they said it wasn't correct. They (lied) to us... And about them... As I had the proof in my hands. The previous owners had to pay our debt. Why!!! We didn't have a charge off ever... Ever... Ever. Well its no wounder why they have lawsuits against them. They had been (paid in full) already.. And trying to collect again... Not to (mention or credit was ruined)... Extra closing points imposed. Beware... Beware... Shop elseware!!! We will never take the chance again (badcock & more). P.S. We hope all... Goes well for the previous owners, we miss you!!! We also, will stand up for you.!!! Thanks...

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  • Su
      20th of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I don't mean to correct your misunderstanding so harshly, but its common knowledge, in the community, that those former owners stole customer payments...that's why the parent company took their store back. Your account was charged off because the former owner pocketed your payments rather than post them to your account. Just ask any Winter Haven Police officer, they will tell you what shady things those owners were doing. They even stole from their own daughters!! They're lucky they aren't in jail!

  • Lo
      21st of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    Suzie q, you haven't a clue. do you have the proof on your comments? i/we think not!!! we do... when you can back up your statement's let us all know. as you stated, I don't mean to correct you, but you are the one with the misunderstanding. if your statements were true and they are "not" we can assure you, they would have been prosecuted. this is public knowledge, if you had looked up "polk county"s clerk of the court's records". obviously you"did not do this!!! furthermore the "credit bearu" also has since been corrected. we have the original copy's and the modified versions. not that we need to explain, but when you have someone that thinks they know what their talking about and they don't... it (has) and will be corrected. let's hope nothing like this happens to you, but we already know you were let go from the "corperation", and now work for a franchise' store. "why?" do you care to share, with us... as for your statement in reference to the "police depatments", statement we hope you can prove this or you just might have a suit, against you for slander. we all have common knowledge, that they don't "disclose" this kind of information, so... this isn't a reputable ('comment"). thanks, but no thanks!!!... badcock... badcock & more... the badcock corp, will lose business due to people, patrons, the consumers and past employees' who have issues' with them like ours!!! that's why we have courts.

  • Jo
      4th of Apr, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I have a good friend who is a former badcock store owner and has told me firsthanded how unethical badcock is. they are still a family owned corporation and run very poorly with no accountability to there dealers/franchisees for there actions and "mistakes". he told me he was constantly battling over commissions they did not pay or try to price gauge with misc. fees. he told me in the last 7 months over 12 stores have been closed or taken back by the corporation. some of the stores were family owned for 20 plus years and the owners had just tired of the way badcock treats there dealers. the ceo of 10 years just stepped down and the new ceo supposedly lacks any kind of "spark" or an economy like this a ceo departing is not good for the direction of the company. the badcock family was also involved in a dui case where someone was killed and the badcock family was convicted of trying to bribe the judge. they are corrupt!

  • Me
      12th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    I have been doing business with the Badcock store in Eagle Lake and the customer service there sucks. They will never call you back and just recently changed my due date without notice. Due to the credit law they are suppose to be giving a 2 week grace period for payments. It used to be 2 days. To keep from conforming with this law, they backed up my due date 2 weeks. This pratice is one of the reasons the new law went into effect and they have already broke it. After my account is paid off I will never do business with Badcock again.

  • La
      19th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    Badcock use to be a good place to buy furniture, now they are a rip off! The quality of the merchandise is poor. I have a linving room set I bought over 15 years ago when they were Badcok and it still looks good and is holding its own, now since they are Badccok and more the furniture is crap. The sofa and chair I bought 4 years ago is falling apart and so in the bedroom set and the mattress I bough for my son's room. Now they are taking people to Civilc court. My limit was $3500, I charged $2800 and I paid $92.00 a month for 1 1/2 years, then I paid $50.00 a month for a year and they say I owe them $3200.00, who does their accounting? Are they smarter than a 5th grader?

  • Tr
      13th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    We purchased a living room set (that HUGE camel-colored microfiber one), and the expensive box spring/mattress set from the Ruskin store one year ago. We have had issues from the beginning. Problems with the shipment. With damage. We paid extra for their repair/replacement warranty. When you have a repair issue, though, you better be prepared to wait! We have been waiting TWO MONTHS for them to replace the dual-recliner sofa. After some use, the space between the two has spread open, as if the fiber in the sofa is shrinking some from usage. No one would be able to sit in the middle without feeling like their going to fall through! They changed our due date also, even though we are on a fixed income and told them from the beginning that we get paid on a certain day of the month every month and we will not agree to the terms unless the due date is that day or later.
    So tempted to ask for ALL my money back and dump the furniture on the lawn.

  • Hf
      12th of Jul, 2012
    0 Votes

    To clarify two or three specific points. In LaLa32s post of 19th of May 2011, comments about the quality of the merchandise being different don't make any sense if you understand that Badcock doesn't manufacture anything, they sell what manufacturers make, just like a Ford dealership in your town sells Fords. they don't make them. As in anything else, you normally get the quality you pay for. sometimes there are defects in materials or manufacturing, and the Badcock system certainly could be improved in addressing those types of issues.
    In his 4th of April 2009 post, joeforfun_1999 mentions that the CEO of ten years stepped down. He then comments that such a move in this economy is bad for a company. That visionary CEO was Don Marks. He was one of the brightest, highly respected, ethical people I ever knew. He stepped down because he was dying of cancer. I attended his funeral in St. Petersburg less than a year after he stepped down. Somehow blaming the Badcock Corp. for him stepping down is sort of like blaming the American people for letting Lincoln or Kennedy vacate the presidency.
    Same post goes on to comment on a Badcock family member and a tragic DUI case. That occurred over 15 or 20 years ago in the Miami area, and did not involve any Badcock family members in Polk County. It involved an in-law of the Polk County Badcock family. No one in that family had anything to do with the DUI case or anything involving a judge or the case. The in-law involved served a long prison term.
    If you're going to post crap that you don't really understand or know the facts about, at least start off your post with a disclaimer that you really don't know for sure what you're talking about. That way, intelligent people will know to go on to something worthwhile. I should know, I've worked in one capacity or another in the Badcock system for over 41 years. I've owned one of my two stores for over 31 years.

  • Ls
      13th of Jul, 2013
    0 Votes

    I would like to know if their are any class action suits. I would like to join one.

  • Ls
      13th of Jul, 2013
    0 Votes

    Would you please email me on any lawsuits I would like to join one.

  • No
      9th of Nov, 2013
    0 Votes

    I purposely chose to finance a recliner from Badcock to build some credit. I received my first payment on 10/21 that was due 11/3. I sent my check in the day after (10/22) to make sure it would be received early. My bank statement showed they deposited the check on 11/8. This made me worry so I went into my Badcock account online and it said they received my payment on 11/6, three days after the due date. That means it took them 15 days, over 2 weeks, to receive and process my payment. I immediately felt buyer's remorse and contacted them through Facebook, their website, and their billing department. Nobody responded so I called my local store. They said the payment was received 3 days late but they give a grace period of 10 days so it doesn't technically show up late. Fantastic. But how is anyone supposed to mail in a payment on time? Guess I'll be making my payments online. Just thought I would warn anyone who chooses the old-fashioned route of mailing in payment.

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