Wow Pharma / Credit card payment done, product never shipped

1 the website has disapeared, US
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I have made an order on this website which number is 3336 the 06/02/2017. I have received an e mail from Jack Dalton who told me that all was good and that my order will be ship. My account has been debited of 215€53 the 06/02/2017. The 16/02/2017 I have received another mail from Mr Dalton: he ask me to send him the money. I have remember him that the paiement has already be done, that my credit card has been debited (I have send the screenshot of the debit) and that he have confirmed me that he had received my paiement the 06/02/2017. He explain me that the 23/02/2017: Hello Barbet: Please call to your bank and make a dispute charge back
Because our merchant neither reply for refund nor paid to me he stolen my $1300. My bank refuse to refund me because it is the responsability of WOW PHARMA which had gave my money to a dishonnest merchant. So I told them to make the refund, they never answer me. I have lost 215€53, so I advise people to not make order on this website, they are not reliable and they do not assume there mistake.

Mar 29, 2017

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