World's Foremost Bank / Disturbing lack of compassion for employees.

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Those wonderful 5 stars you've read below? Shills, all of them!

Anthony Goins, banking superstar, for the people, a godsend who will fix all that ails us...PSYCHE! Just another corporate bs'er! A 'Numbers Man' who will mow down everything or anybody in his path.

I am a soon to be former employee using a pseudonym.

Cabelas/World's foremost bank, used to be an ok place to work. They lure you in with promises of regular raises and advancement. Bogus. It took me 3 years to become one of their "Seniors". And only two total raises. A pittance.

Sure this is a call center, there is always going to be a higher "Turn Over" rate. But it all starting to take a significant downhill slide ~ a year and a half ago. What happened 1.5 years ago? Dear Leader Tony Goins joined the team. Promises promises. Oh they were good. I even started to believe. But perhaps I was just a bit slow as to what was going on.

Lets make something clear. This is not a "wholesome" place. This is a bank, a bank like all the others. Numbers numbers. They don't care about people. People are just numbers. "World's Foremost Bank", an Ironic title if I've ever seen one.

So what was our latest grand plan? I'll tell you ;)

Every employee who takes calls was to be "ranked". Ranking included parameters such as performance and a host of others, not the least of which was "How you act outside of work". This place is extremely concerned with it's image. What does "How you act outside of work" mean? Well, the short version is: Social Media. That's right, they monitor your social media. Remember that risque joke your cousin shared? Well you shouldn't have commented or shared it yourself. Big brother knows all. This was used to "rank" us. Assuming everybody's performance and social media are up to par? Well then I guess it's just down to popularity. Seems right doesn't it? (It obviously wasn't based on "performance" the whole thing was a farce)

What does ranking get you? Well, since we're severely short staffed during certain periods of the day-a problem not fixed by outsourcing calls to texas-you'll either get to keep the schedule you agreed to when you signed on, or a new one will be chosen for you. This all occurred within a 7 day period, not even remotely time for people to get organized. Don't like or are incapable of working your new schedule? "You'll need to find employment elsewhere"

Students, Seniors, Families, Single parents: You'll need to find employment elsewhere!

Disturbing. Utterly disturbing. As a soon to be former employee, I'm going to make a few promises.
Not the kind of promises Dear Leader makes, ones you can count on*

1. I will never do business with cabelas or its associates again. I won't even assist another person in doing business with this company either.

2. I will purge my home of cabelas. Anything that can't be given away will be burned.

3. I will tell the world to stay away from cabelas and worlds foremost bank. We live in the information age, and I'll use every resource available to me. (Before you call the corporate lawyers cabelas, know this: Libel is defined as statements that are "False". The law is on my side so long as I tell the truth, and I'll do nothing else.)

Though I'm not too worried about the corporate lawyers, they consistently have their hands full with the various class action lawsuits and FDIC fines.* In my 5 years with cabelas they have settled multiple times and paid out millions. But they don't seem to learn or care. But of course, they show that with how they treat their employees.

The disgusting cavalier way that cabelas shows that it does not care about people, the people that keep this company in business, is sickening.

Cabelas, I'm embarrassed, read it again, Embarrassed!, that I ever associated myself with such a disgusting, vile, farce of a company. I sincerely hope this company goes bankrupt or is dissolved by the FDIC. There wouldn't be even the slightest hint of loss to humanity.

Just remember jarhead, the captian (or sergeant) is supposed to go down with the ship!

-Your embarrassed soon to be >EX< employee.

World's Foremost Bank

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      7th of Jul, 2018

    Yes, Cabelas is a terrible place, I will not ever shop or go there again. Their location is very dangerous to get through all that traffic. Not to mention the bank 'Capitol One' their visa card goes through. Capitol One has their people call you every day of the week, not just once, but two or three times a day! This is definitely HARRASSMENT as I informed them several times when they called, but they still kept calling. I did, however, kept record of all the times, dates, peoples names, when they called for future reference. The over bill you with late fees, Capitol One bank is a real abuser of fees, so watch out for them! Terrible, terrible, they do not care that they themselves are breaking the law! I do intend to report them and the actions that they try to submit you to.

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