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World Wide Funding Trust / Fraud / Scam

1 Turkey Review updated:

This Company is under strong suspicion to scam USD 25.000 up front without to wire the requested Loan.
Stay away from them or you lost your money. Such Brokers without to say/the phone number or address to the clients - we are saying clear fraud.

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  • Ma
      7th of Nov, 2008
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    They appear to be linked Another Financial Scam site Global Harvest Investments that claims to be located in South Africa.(

  • Rb
      13th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    Have you or any one you know lost this money ! we are currently in negotiations with them .

  • Re
      29th of May, 2009
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    Pls Advise if your negotiation with group leads to a successful deal

  • Wa
      27th of Jun, 2009
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    Does anyone know of closed deals with them?

  • Bi
      20th of Dec, 2009
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    This group is in UAE, FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD, stay away, , and report to your local authorities if you are soliceted by them, since this is illegal.

  • Le
      1st of Feb, 2010
    +1 Votes

    It is pretty strange I have aproached these characters with 300 Million USD telecom deal in Eastern Europe partially backed by guarantee from the World Bank (65 Million USD) and they did not reply to date...

  • 77
      26th of Mar, 2010
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    I wrote to them today and they replied within few hours. They required a front and side photo of me, a letter of intent of $500, a $15 fee, address, and bank account information!
    I looked it up, thank you for this comment. I didn't send back any information ye, but they have my phone number and my email!

  • 77
      26th of Mar, 2010
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    What should I do?

  • Ol
      27th of Mar, 2010
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    I have a bad experience with them, I have asked them to stop sending solicitation mails to my address and this character replied with the following text:

    "WE advice you never get any experience if your brain is not cary our smart! Do you want to delete your name ??????"

    I rest my case...

  • Ol
      27th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    Check out the following link, all leads to finacial Brainzooo from World Wide this and World wide that. In my books he is a World Wide "Idiotskeee"!

  • Ol
      27th of Mar, 2010
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  • Ma
      10th of Apr, 2010
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    Hi everyone! I found them while searching on google since we have recently made an agreement with a Chinese company to sell our chrome and silver commodities. The Chinese company wanted to ensure the payment by providing us with a BG MT760 for the total transaction and understandably we are looking for a lender from which we could raise funding against this instrument. Long story short: We have a proper business for which we require funding. Anyway, this guy who claims to be Ahmet Altunis has a COMPANY phone number on the "company" web site which is: 00905356015864. What the guy does not know that, I am Turkish national and have a serious network. In about half an hour, I found out that this is cellular phone number, one of those prepaid phones (!) and belongs to an individual named: Mahmut Kizilbagli. Anyway, before finding this out, I received a few emails that I should pay 115 K EUR upfront(!) to get started. I responded as "Another scam work, thank you" But the guy kept coming back and back again trying to convince me that he is legitimate : ) Even tough I sweared in turkish to this ridiculously funny guy a number of times, he just doesn't seem to get enough of it. I can only say, I am embarrassed that the guy is a turkish national and trying to con people out on the web by giving false hope.

  • Il
      10th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    Rest assured this guy or group is bunch of criminals, few months back I suggested to him to go and ... him self when he would not give up obusing my e-mail address. Next thing I know he is asking me for my address "promising he has some people to come to visit me". He forgot to mention what year though, I've been waiting since. By the way I kind of wonder why other people? What is wrong with up close and personal 30 second Vienna waltz? I bit the real reason is he wanted by the FBI or Interpol.

    If anyone wants to do any business with this clown, try offer to pay him 10 times his standard fee but only after such transaction will materialize (escrow with bank of his choice) I guarantee he will not agree to it. Come ooooon 115K € up front!!!

  • Wg
      3rd of Sep, 2010
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    Aguie know if they are the same as LWR / GOT SA / Pureheart INVESTMENTS, LTD or only as Pureheart Foundation, supposedly donate much money to governments?

  • Ma
      5th of Sep, 2010
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    Is only I am Supried that thesame man is yet to be track down because I don't think it hard for Interpol or FIB to get this guy arrested if they wanted. This is the bank account that he used to ask people to pay into apart from this phone number he use to give people 00905356015864. which is Turkish mobile line

    Bank Name & Address: DENIZ BANK A.G WIEN.
    Karntner Ring 12 1010 Wien/Austria
    Account Name: Ahmet Zennur Altunis
    Account Number:11.00.0037042.550 - Eur
    Swift Code: ESTBKATWW
    Iban Number: AT25 1965 0110 3704 2550

    I am Mr Mayowa Emmanuel from Nigeria with below whom the idiot want to defraud or 55, 000Euro He asked me to send the money before he could open up to me on my request for US$50million loan as underwriter fee and I pasueaded him to give his fool detail so that we can check up the genueness of his claim and organization he refused claiming to belong to a big family name Utaman at meddle east before I could even get this site, we have drag this for 8months before I ask him to stop sending me mail if he can not complianing to the request in other for me to check him out. he asked people to call his number +2 European time but there is no time you call him that he will not pick and send him mail any time any day he will reply with 20-30 munites and that is where I started suspecting him that this is one man show and told myself I need to be careful.

  • Ka
      25th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    Hi All,
    I have also recieved the same mail from this Clown Today when i learnt it out throughly i got he is fraud easily. before some time i had inquiry from one non sense from Nigeria claim himself vice President of Iraq using satellite Phone no, We Export Rice, and re available on our site and different commercial sites, where they easily get to us in shade of buyer, when i confirmed he is scammer i just pretend to be okay with his demand of official tender fee of 1k euros. and i made him call me atleast 200 times 3 times daily to ask if it is done, so by that i kicked his a** really good since that the President just ran away & never back seems i must have to do some Remedy for these guys as well today they sent me a big mail but thanks to complain board i always check these thing with you guys and i must appreciate all of you friend who speak & expose them loud and clear.

  • La
      20th of Feb, 2011
    -2 Votes

    Owner: Ahmet Zennur Altunis
    Dear Associate,
    THIS IS NOT SPAM! About us February 2011 Weekly circulars
    Advisory Powerful Strategic Consulting finance and (PPP)service
    Dear Associates/ project owners / borrowers/ applicants, / investors,
    Re: keep this documents in your file
    I, Ahmet Z. Altuniş is the international Exclusive principal advisory finance trust Consultant Service Manager of many lendings, Banks, Trusts, Finance Institutions, Collateral sources, and several (PPP) worldwide major investment trade Platforms since 40 years as stated in the following.

    We have been weekly circulating to you information regarding the data and procedures for the finance products, and investment programs we have accomplished or plan to accomplish through forms, proposals and offers. Our aim was to offer you service that would expedite meeting of your financial demands without any delay of time by communicating to you our knowledge, works and more information and thus in a way trying to educate you in this field.

    Unfortunately We have realized that we have made a big mistake. we was shocked, bewildered, scared and dreaded upon the information we recently received. As we will explain in the following we perceived that internet, as well as being an innovative source of high-tech communication was a ground for baseless, false and untruthful virtual lies.

    We have determined hundreds and thousands of entities, mail addresses, web-sites and companies commiting forgery by having copied and using my name, logo, mail address, all the data contained in my web-site and all the proposals that we have been circulating weekly . They have pretended to be me and have used my name, logo and mail address in their web-site. Although we have no connection whatsoever with such fake and fraudulent entities and companies they have tried to clear themselves by smearing me. We have determined many of such. They have written false and imaginary complaint letters. My attorneys already instituted proceedings and filed criminal suits in international courts and continue to file criminal cases.

    We have been holding the position as the Exclusive Trust Principal Right Holder since the year 1961 . Our family name Altuniş means dealing with goldworks and goldsmithery and our family tree goes back to 400 years. Our primary occupation has been dealing with bar gold, manufacturing of gold jewellery, banking, finance and providing and leasing of bank instruments as the principal provider. We mainly operate in many financial fields such as project financing.

    We would appreciate very much if you can inform me urgently in the event that you may have knowledge of any persons and firms using my name, web-site, logo, e-mail address and my forms purposals that will give us to control the third paties internet firms, peoples, who says they are principal.

    From now onwards we will not communicate you our weekly circulars, offers, financement proposals and furthermore we will even not contain in our web-site any of our formats, offers and proposals to prevent fraudulent people and firms from copying and getting hold of them.

    Kindly be informed that hereafter we will communicate our works, offers and proposals only to our earnest, qualified and solemn customers that have sincerely made requests and applications by agreeing to pay our analysis and evaluation charges, due diligence, underwriter, private invitation and private assistance fees. Please note that we will by no means work with unqualified and false customers not abiding with our working conditions.

    We will be happy to serve you in the fields mentioned above as the genuine, unique and worldwide executive trust advisory consultant. The security reason we don’t give any appointment without regueired official application, private invitation advsory fee.THANK YOU

    Advisory Powerful Strategic Consulting finance and major Trade (PPP)LARGE LENDING IN WORLD Worldwide Exclusive trust Management speciality advisory powerful strategic Consulting finance service trust group’s exclusive trust Mr Ahmet Z Altunis is an advisory services who works private invitation authorized by client. Mr Altunis helps to manage consulting organizations navigate the road ahead by recognizing opportunity, clarifying vision, creating strategies, implementing action and measuring results. Firm professionals have consulted in over 150 U.S. and international markets adding value to a wide variety of asset classes. Service areas of focus include:
    · Strategic Consulting
    · Research
    · Financial Advisory
    · Real Estate Development
    · Economic Development
    · Transaction Due Diligence
    · Valuation & Appraisal
    · Asset Management
    · Distressed Asset
    · Legal Support


    * Provides the following distinguished services which precede our reputation in today’s global private banking industry:
    * § Private Banking Management Consulting;
    * § Private European Trade Placement Programs;
    * § Several Private Placement Programs; min $100M
    * § Asset & Wealth Management;
    * § Private Currency Trade Services;
    * § Large Cap Project Finance;
    * § Structured finance Loan Programs;
    * § Small Cap Project Finance
    * § Senior Life Settlements Project Funding;
    * § Joint Venture Project Finance;
    * § Non-Recourse Loan Programs;
    * § Debt free No interest No payment loan,
    * § İnnumerable Financing funding methots;
    * § Exclusive Trust assistance for finance;
    * § Trust & Foundations;
    * § Merchant Banking;
    * § Asset Protection;
    * § Collateral & Loan;
    * § Special Consultation & Advisory;

    Strategic Planning : Worldwide Exclusive trust Management speciality advisory Mr Altunis helps to manage consulting provides high-level strategic and management consulting services. At its core, our consulting services help an organization define and articulate its mission and where the organization is headed over the next year or more, the specific strategies to get it there, and the performance measures to know if it has arrived. Such engagements can be broad-based or very specific in scope and might utilize a variety of disciplines to achieve a confident outcome.

    Destination Planning : Worldwide Exclusive trust advisory Mr Altunis helps to manage consulting helps destinations realize their potential through strategic planning exercises and analyses that address the many aspects required to achieve success.

    Feasibility Studies : Worldwide Exclusive trust Management speciality advisory Mr Altunis helps to manage consulting prepares independent feasibility studies to help determine a project's viability. Our project experience includes commercial real estate (office, retail, residential), hospitality (hotels, conference centers, resorts), public assembly facilities (convention & civic centers, arenas, stadiums, performing arts centers), and other mixed-use projects. Typical studies might address:

    · Project conceptualization
    · Strategic planning
    · Market analysis for all asset classes
    · Meeting planner & promoter surveys, focus groups
    · Comparable and competitive project performance
    · Performance estimates
    · Programming, site selection, master planning & design review
    · Development budget creation
    · Cash flow modeling
    · Capital plan structuring, including tax increment financing,
    bond financing, public-private partnership structuring, etc.
    · Governance structure
    · Economic & tax revenue impact assessment
    · Development implementation alternatives

    Economic & Fiscal Impact : Worldwide Exclusive trust Mr Altunis helps to manage consulting prepares economic and fiscal impact assessments for various projects or initiatives. Our studies address both the direct and indirect impacts generated in terms of spending, jobs, earnings and tax revenues from the development and/or operation of a project. Direct impacts are derived from a detailed analysis of the economic activity generated by the project and its direct parterships, suppliers, vendors and contractors. Indirect benefits are estimated utilizing industry-recognized modeling systems, such as RIMS II and IMPLAN. Our reports outline both direct and indirect impacts by region and industry, and detail tax revenues at the federal, state and local level, including sales, hotel, real/personal property, corporate and personal income, social insurance, and other taxes and fees. Listed below are markets where Worldwide Exclusive trust Management speciality advisory Mr Altunis helps to manage consulting has prepared economic and fiscal impact assessments:

    Capital Structuring & Modeling:. Worldwide Exclusive trust Management speciality advisory Mr Altunis consulting specializes in creating capital structures that provide the solutions required for successful development and operations. Mr Altunis helps to manage consulting professionals have a strong understanding of capital markets and a high degree of technical expertise to model capital structures to test the impact of alternative ideas and market conditions.

    Typical engagements encompass:
    · Development budget creation
    · Operating plan structuring
    · Absorption & pricing
    · Cash flow modeling
    · Capital plan structuring, including Tax Increment Financing,
    bond financing, etc.
    · Economic & tax revenue impact assessment
    · Partnership structure modeling
    · Public-private partnership structuring & negotiations
    · Residual land value modeling
    · Investor return analysis
    · Obtaining funding approvals, including public funding
    · Bond underwriting analysis
    · Entity strategy & creation, including redevelopment districts
    Tax Revenue Projections : Worldwide Exclusive trust Management speciality advisory Mr Altunis helps to manage consulting has been called upon many times to provide credible tax revenue projections in support of a project or bond offering.. Worldwide Exclusive trust advisory Mr Altunis helps to manage consulting typically uses combinations of analysis techniques, depending on the nature of the revenue stream, to analyze historical tax streams and predict future revenues. Worldwide Exclusive trust advisory has estimated such tax streams as casino gaming revenues, business license fees, hotel occupancy tax, sales tax, property tax, utility tax, food & beverage tax, ticket tax, liquor tax, and others.. Worldwide Exclusive trust Management speciality advisory Mr Altunis helps to manage consulting projections are trusted in the market.

    Bond Offering Due Diligence : Worldwide Exclusive trust Mr Altunis helps to manage consulting provides various due diligence procedures, most commonly tax revenue projections, as part of the underwriter documentation for bond offerings.

    Mr Altunis helps to manage consulting has estimated such tax streams as casino gaming revenues, telecommunications tax, business license fees, hotel occupancy tax, sales tax, property tax, utility tax, food and beverage tax, ticket tax, liquor tax, and others.
    Mr Altunis helps to manage consulting procedures provide bond buyers a higher level of assurance related to the underlying information and are trusted in the market.

    Tax Increment Financing : Worldwide Exclusive trust Management speciality advisory powerful strategic Consulting finance service trust group’s exclusive trust Mr Ahmet Z Altunis is an advisory services who works private invitation authorized by client. Mr Altunis helps to manage consulting enables real estate projects to become feasible through the use of creative tax increment financing techniques. We assist both private developers and public sector clients navigate through the technical and political challenges of monetizing project taxes to offset today's high development costs. Our experience goes beyond traditional property tax TIF, monetizing unique revenue streams such as sales tax, hotel tax, business license fees, utilities taxes, telecommunications taxes, food and beverage taxes, and gaming taxes. Our role in TIF projects spans from overall transaction management to project feasibility analysis, tax projections, bond structuring, credit enhancement assessment, underwriting team procurement, legal document negotiation/coordination, and obtaining public body approvals.

    Public-Private Partnerships : Worldwide Exclusive trust Mr Altunis helps to manage consulting enables real estate projects to become feasible through the use of creative public-private partnerships. We assist both private developers and public sector clients with navigating through the technical and political challenges of combining the resources of the private and public sectors to create viable projects. Our partnerships have created viable mixed-use projects, convention hotels, sports facilities, conference centers, retail centers and other project types.

    Worldwide Exclusive trust Management speciality advisory powerful strategic Consulting finance service trust group’s often leads these complex transaction processes, managing such issues as creating the non-profit entity, development team selection, cash flow modeling, bond structuring, rating agency and bond insurer presentations, and contract negotiations.

    Worldwide Exclusive trust Management speciality advisory powerful strategic Consulting finance service trust group’s exclusive trust Mr Ahmet Z Altunis is an advisory services who works private invitation authorized by client. works closely with the legal team and represents the owner on the myriad of transaction and legal contracts and documents.

    Lender : Worldwide Exclusive trust Mr Altunis helps to manage consulting helps creditors and investors understand the real estate asset and maximize returns on non-performing commercial real estate assets.

    The Worldwide Exclusive trust Mr Altunis helps to manage consulting approach uses real estate expertise in addition to financial expertise and engages client interaction to explore creative workout solutions that positions the asset accordingly and works to maximize yield. We work with property owners, operating companies, lenders, investors, attorneys, and other stakeholders to design and implement workout or disposition solutions tailored to the need.
    Distressed asset services might typically include: portfolio and loan review; due diligence services, including appraisal and valuation; workout and disposition strategies; capital structuring and sourcing; asset management and receivership; project management and completion services; transaction management; legal counsel and support.
    Bank Commercial Lending Criteria Restructuring
    Components: Commercial Loan Lending Criteria Modification Worldwide Exclusive trust Mr Altunis helps to manage consulting team members helped modify Citibank's commercial real estate lending criteria following the failure of commercial real estate loans in the early 1990s. The project began with a survey of loan officers to understand the primary variables that went into commercial real estate lending decisions. The next step was to gather project and market data that was available at the time of the loan commitment on 500 sample loans.

    Bank Loan Bulk Sale

    Components: Multi-Asset Loan Portfolio Worldwide Exclusive trust Mr Altunis helps to manage consulting professionals conducted loan file due diligence procedures on a large bank commercial and residential loan portfolio as part of the bank's liquidation. The loans, bundled in commercial mortgage-backed securities, required various levels of due diligence procedures and analytics.

    Owner : Mr Altunis helps to manage consulting specializes in repositioning and workouts of distressed commercial assets, including office, industrial, retail and multi-family properties. We are on the cutting edge of the new "industry" of distressed real estate in which, opportunistic investment will occur in the form of "special assets" formerly known as "distressed properties". Assets may be geographically dispersed and will require expertise that has a national platform, local knowledge and due diligence capability. Lenders and other creditors will need to understand and underwrite large portfolios to one buyer, requiring the buyer to have a national platform of commercial real estate.

    Please view sample several projects below.
    Contract Negotiation Support : Mr Altunis helps to manage consulting assists with the negotiation and documentation of real estate and hospitality transactions. Our role is often to coordinate the completion of the numerous documents that must be negotiated among owners, public entities, developers, contractors, designers, operators, franshisors, lenders and underwriters.

    Please view sample several projects below.

    Portfolio : Mr Altunis provides advisory services related to a broad spectrum of public, private and public-private asset types in geographic locations across the U.S. and internationally.

    We have advised on:

    · Commercial and mixed-use projects representing nearly $10 billion in value and 30 million square feet
    · Hotels totaling 35, 000 rooms and representing nearly $8 billion in value
    · 80 convention facilities representing over 15 million square feet of function space
    · 25 ballparks, stadiums, arenas, amphitheaters and civic centers, including those for MLB, NFL, NBA and MLS
    · Bond financing due diligence representing over $1 billion in bond proceeds
    Markets :
    Worldwide Exclusive trust Management speciality advisory powerful strategic Consulting finance service trust group have consulted on over 250 engagements in over 150 U.S. and international markets representing over $30 billion in value.

    Management Specialty Advisory Finance Services

    Dear Gentlements
    Thank you contact us
    We can finance funding your reguested project loan amout EURO / USD ____
    We are exclusive trust finance consultant advisory since 50 years, Managing speciality advisory finance services
    There are innumerable finance funding methots, ach financial products have changeable fees expenses, this depend your collateral assets availability.
    we have to know which amount asset, or liquid you can proof of fund on table, or we will provide collateral & loan from $10Milliın up to $100Billion to qualify your debt or equity project financing by using our lending's worldwide loans or investors program raise from One $1 million dollars up $10.Billions dollars using our private placement program securised pension fund and insurance company loan programs.

    2 to 4 or more weeks to close a deal. also bank guarantees in the form of leased certificate of deposits collateral loan instrument for business and expanding projects.
    We have several high yield leverage investment Private placement trade programs.
    We Provide the following distinquished services which precede our reputation in today’s global private Banking industry:
    Please read the below our considering clients reguest !!
    1+We can handle finance request with several methots, procedures, terms, conditions
    2+First clients must officially application to my name worldwide Trust Ahmet Z Altunis
    3+ Borrower must send a letter which amount liquid he can proof of fund on table ??
    4+ Borrower must choice which application version he wants for our finance advisory
    5+ Borrower must pay private invitation assistance advisory services fee euro_on the application
    6+ Without the above we don’t handle, we don’t work, we don’t due diligence, we don’t send
    any offer purposal to any internet reguest.
    7+ Borrowers must responsible to make official application, must agree, accept to pay Due diligence
    private invitation, private assistance, advisory fee.otherwise we don’t free consultant business seevice, we don’t lose our time.we are very busy

    We work in conjunction to refer Clients to registered advisors that work with Private Clients, Equity Investors, Acredited Investors (Private Invitation, Private Assistance Consultancy Request an initial analysis done to see if one of our programs may help you professional Asset, finance, Management with strong yields to qualified clients only.

    We can finance your project with several programs and (PPP )
    ( direct loans) (debt free Non-Recourse loans) ( collateral & Loan with CD +SBLC) ( self funding) ( structured finance loans) (J.V loan) ( humanitarian programs ) ( Renewable Energy & Real Estate commercial Finance) ( we are principal provider Lease and selling bank instrument) (we work private invitation ) (PPP -Buy sell ) ( MTNs ) ( Swift BG +SBLC +CD ) ( so many financial developments advisory J V ) ( Private Capital ) (Capital Preservation) (Leverage your funds) ( Assets) ( out ground Asset ) ( fine jevellery) (Art ) ( other assets) ( Gold commodity Platform) ( Private Investor & Agent of PrivateTrust ) ( Hedge Fund for Green Energy Projects ) ( Bank Instruments for Purchase & Lease ) (Paper Asset Monetizing ( Out-Of-Ground Asset Monetizing ) (PLATFORM MANAGER-GOLD COMMODITIES PLATFORM ) (( GOLD PLATFORM, HEDGE FUND- OVERVIEW) ( WWD/TEAM/Partners are a Private Equity Joint Venture Investor and are collateralized by a 501C3, Real Estate Holdings and Secured Asset Management Program ) (WWD/TEAM & Partners will take an equity position with the project. There is no loan to repay )( The percentage will vary depending on the amount of capital into the project, collateral, and risk factors.



    Application For project finance
    Applicant Compliance package
    1. Letter of reguest
    2. Clients sheet information
    3. Company History, Assets and Advantages
    4 Market Research Report including detailed analysis of data on the basis of citations to
    credible and verifiable sources of information.
    5. Business Concept of the Commercial Project
    6. Feasibility Study
    7. Marketing Plan
    8. Financial Projections presenting and explaining the results and conclusions of the financial projections
    9. Financial Proforma containing 5 year projections for all relevant categories of revenue and expense, supported by additional sections revealing and proving the financial basis behind each category, integrated into a central presentation showing the end result of the requested capital financing.
    10. Management Team Profiles Background
    11. Executive Summary
    12. Passport copy
    Please choice one of our official application version attached then we can begin process/ TTM meeting/ analyses evaluation agreed by both side transparancy contract agreement. PROCEDURE NON NEGOTIABLE
    We have three ( 3 ) VERSIONS assistance services following documents upfront by email:
    We offer our clients three (3) application VERSION we can give speciality advisory finance services, it is only necessary to follow our new program fill and to send the attached forms to us so we can help best advisory finance services.
    Please indicate the below which financial service you want our private assistance advisory
    .1. Private invitation application fee Euro 8.900.oo
    ·2- Private invitation appointment meeting fee Euro 25.000
    ·3. Private assistance invitation meeting in your country fee Euro55.000.oo USA.EUROPE Euro 75.000.for Korea, Australlia.Japan, Philipine, Taivan,
    Version (1)
    Application private invitation Fee:
    For our organization we can’t move if we don’t receive RWA a letter confirm payment Application, fee deposit Euro8.900.oo to our trust bank open file.
    Upon receipt copy of transferred bank receipt, we can begin process give info / docts / offer purposal.otherwise we are not able to handle transactions with our banking and traders.
    Version (2)
    Private assistance appointment meeting
    If you need to get info which is the best way before to enter financing your project you have to deposit our trust bank open file.
    Upon receipt copy of the transferred bank receipt we can give time schedule meeting appointment.
    Version (3)
    Private assistance invitation in your country
    If you need our private asssistance advisory get more info, about several finance methots before enter your financing project or investment meeting in your country locate city you have to send letter of reguest invite us two way business class air ticket, first class hotel accomodation, out of pocket cost expense must deposit Euro 55.000.oo to our trust bank to open file.
    Upon receipt copy of transferred bank receip, we can give time schedule fly to your locate city.
    After we get your reguest or meeting agreed approved contracts you/ or your clients you will soon get that info offer, purposal for due diligence.and application fee__we will advice further provide you the correct details /purposal / documents then we can make agreement contracts, Non-Circumvent shall be prepared and signed by all parties.
    PS) No meeting or appointment before reguired docts.Offer is valid only for qualified project owners .
    Please notify us with your executive summary proposal, request, or question on the following web address: Feel free to contact us to our Int private Phone from Monday to Friday ( + 2 GMT ) PLEASE CALL EUROPEAN TIME =>on the following numbers: Int Private Ph +00905356015864 communication. Home P.O. Box: 113-6603 UAE we prefer written mail communication.No call before accept the Lending procedure.
    Looking forward to a mutually profitable relationship
    Thank you very much
    For and on behalf of
    Ahmet Z Altunis
    Principal Right Holder.
    Funding Trust consultant
    Banking & Investment Service
    Correpondence Officer
    Beatrice Woon
    Web: www.
    Bank Name & Address: DENIZ BANK A.G WIEN.
    Karntner Ring 12 1010 Wien/Austria
    Account Name: Ahmet Zennur Altunis
    Account Number:11.00.0037042.550 - Eur
    Swift Code: ESTBKATWW
    Iban Number: AT25 1965 0110 3704 2550

  • Al
      23rd of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    Hi all, my name is Alberto Andres, I had a client that was defrauded by World Wide Funding Trust. Unfortunately in this business there are too much scams.
    I work as adviser of a platform in PPP since 3 years ago, if any of you are willing to enter in trading procedure is riskless because once the trading agreement is signed the investor only shall issue a 760 on behalf of himself (not in favour of a third party which is not riskless) and then trading program begins.
    my email is, after first contact I will give you our webpage where our full details and CV are shown.
    Kind regards

  • Ah
      18th of Dec, 2016
    0 Votes

    @Alberto Andres PROMUDEJAR Send any pertinent information regarding your platform, its principals, and subsequent trade programs currently available. We realize most programs are not running through the holidays.
    Send information to the following email address:

  • Wh
      6th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    has any one ever heard of frank mezias he swears that pure heart is a real foundation and every thing is on the up and up i dont have time to waste with scams please response hear and let me know thank you ...

  • Gl
      29th of Aug, 2018
    0 Votes

    @whats up with fraud I have word with the Pure Heart Foundation here in America and they are one of the most powerful groups I have ever known.
    While this may be true, I cannot say for sure if a scammer is not trying to use their name to dupe any one
    Abraham Lewis = USA

  • Da
      21st of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    Good day people, I have tried many supposed lenders and investors. However, the general rule has never changed; if they want money upfront, or refuse to deduct the expenses from the principle funds, then they are usually SCAMMERS! No one should have to pay money to receive money.

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