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I took my girlfriend's Cartier diamond ring there for cleaning and polishing. After I got it back and paid an expensive amount, I visited another jeweler who told me that the rock was fake. I had another jeweler look at it and I was told the same thing, that the rock was fake. I went back and asked to speak to the owner or manager or anyone who would take responsibility. A guy introduced himself as Shahram Fazelipour, his knowledge of diamonds was rudimentary. I told him that my diamond had been switched with a fake one. He denied it as was expected.

I found out that this guy is a Mashaadi, that is from Mashhad, a small place in Iran. His clothing shows it. His English is weak, he is clearly uneducated and has no self-esteem. I also found out that his father, Hassan Fazelipour, is a poor jewellery worker in Iran who hangs around reputable people hoping to make a dollar off them.

My advise to you: do not go to this guy, he is a thief. He WILL switch your stone with a fake.

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Feb 21, 2014
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  • Sh
      21st of Oct, 2014

    The statement above is true and legimate about world of jewellery aka donya jewellery . I have been scammed myself with these people shahram fazelipour a male in his late 50s with dark completion very short hight and poor English, they sold me a peace of gold item accordingly 18k and latterly I took the item bought for appraisal and the gold expert told me that the item they sold me as 18k gold is not even made of gold, its just a yellow based metal with no market value and doesn't even worth as a peace of jewellery, they charged me a very high amount of money for a fake item, his wife Maryam shadian is also having conspiracy in fraud with the suspected male shahram fazelipour . She is in her late 50s very short, dark skin completion with big eye balls . They are from an Islamic city of mashad in Iran, and selling fake unathenic items as gold which are not even consider more then just a yellow based metal . Please be careful of fraud artists and scammer in iranian community in Iranian plaza donya jewellery, they are acting fraud s d selling merchands under false pretence to rip of your pocket . Please report your fake item to Toronto police and have these scammers persecuted . Shame . Shame . Shame

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  • La
      12th of Feb, 2015

    I am a 26 years old lady, I went there with my fiancé to buy an engagement ring, my boyfriend is from iran and I'm from Toronto, that was my worst experience ever and I will never dare to entere that ditch of iranian plaza to face this beast man by the name of shahram fazelipour an iranian fraud artist in his late 50s very short, dark hair and dark skin, very much like an Indian person to canadian person like me, as we entered his store I noticed him talking to his cell phone with who. I don't know as my boyfriend went to car to get his cards he was telling me a lot of BS about his wife Maryam shadidan, he told me she is an ugly beast from Mashhad whom is a lot older than him a woman at her 70s he was trying to malest me and to flirt about sexual topic with me, my background criminal lawyer I immidietly found out his wicked personality and as my boyfriendand I were leaving his store I got noticed while he was talking to his cell phone he arranged for somebody a very husky tall dark skinned man probably from iran to steal my handbag and ranaway lately determind thr thief was related to shahram fazelipour wife and he was his brother in law and he was detained in North york police station he confessed himself he was instructed by the jewellerer shahram fazelipour to steal my handbag which was full of my personal belongings and valuable goods. Please keep a loof from this store which I highly advise you do not to put yourself in harassment from this iranian fraud artist and criminal wicked folk.

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