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World Motors / Scam

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Contact information:
World Motors
507 N Scottsdale Rd
Phone: 4809210792
Please read this before dealing with WORLD MOTORS. I recently purchased a car from World Motors in Scottsdale. It was sold with a full warranty as covered by the manufacturer. Within three weeks of purchasing the car, the engine was knocking and the check engine light came on. I figured it was no big deal because if anything went wrong, it would be covered under warranty. I took it to Camelback Volkswagen where they told me that there was $4, 500 worth of damages that would not be covered under warranty because of pre-existing damages. So I came to the conclusion that World Motors sold me a piece of junk car. I took the car back to World Motors and asked for the inspection papers from the inspection that they were supposed to conduct prior to selling me the car. They told me that they had had the car inspected by Chapman Volkswagen a week before. I went to Chapman Volkswagen service department where they told me that they had never inspected the car. I did not appreciate being lied to about an inspection that did not exist. World Motors was too cheap or too lazy to conduct the inspection. The main person that I was dealing with at World Motors was Dave. I could not find or get a hold of Dave for a solid week. He would not return my phone calls, he was never in the office, and when I asked for his cell number, Tyler would not give it to me. When I finally found Dave, he told me that this is my problem, not theirs. I took it to my mechanic who told me that the car looks like it has been in an accident even though the carfax is clean. I had the same thoughts considering the fact that they sold me the car without a spare tire and there was a twelve inch crack in the spare compartment that looked as though someone had tried to patch it together. Not only that, there was also a hole in the washer fluid container that someone had tried to puddy back together. Do not deal with DAVE, TYLER, or GINO. They are a bunch of kids who do not know what they are doing. Do not be fooled by the laid back attitude and the low prices.

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A  9th of Feb, 2010 by 
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I also was looking to purchase a vehicle from World Motors because of the good price I live out of State and Gino the youg kid (Salesmen) asked me to send him a money order to hold the car after he already ran my credit and I was approved for the loan, I then became weary of asking for a money order as carfax and other websites tell you to never send money orders, if you do just say good bye to your money, oh yea almost forgot I ran a carfax and found that the Mercedes GLK was in a accident, watch out for World Motors and their sales tatics not much ethics at World Motors!!
A  30th of Apr, 2010 by 
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We also purchased a C350 from Gino at World Motors and received promises that were never followedthrough. The entire operation seemed rather suspicious from the moment we wrote the check. He never returned a call and if anyone else would answer, we always got the same response...'We had to deal with Gino and they did not know when he would be back' We never received the items that were part of the deal. It has been approximately a year and Gino still is never there. I am assuming he has left by now.

N  7th of May, 2012 by 
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I also purchased a car from World Motors. BIG MISTAKE. 16 days after purchase, the clutch burnt up on my 2008 MINI. The day after their "15 day" warranty. They were horrible to deal with, offered me a "deal" to fix it to "help me out." Funny, if they hadn't sold me a crap car, I wouldn't need their help. Now, only a few months later, the turbo has gone on the engine, as well as several other issues which should have been taken care of before the car left their lot. Mechanic has told me that the car BADLY needs a tuneup, that the boot is broken, and a sensor is bad and the car is running way too rich. This is AFTER World Motors had their "mystery mechanic" repair the burnt up clutch not three months ago. I am so disgusted I could spit. Trust me "Gino" is still there. When I complained to them, I was told not to "threaten" them. I contacted the State Attorney General's Office immediately. Now they are all butt hurt that I reported them, and want to give me another "deal" to fix the car to "help me out." They must think I'm stupid.
N  7th of May, 2012 by 
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I must be one of the few lucky ones. I bought a C350 from them 3 years ago in August. I had read a few complaints, but not enough for me to not travel from Denver to look at and buy the car. It was in outstanding condition - I took it to my own mechanic to check it out and he verified it was as was stated on their website...and they gave me a very fair trade in for my Jeep Grand Cherokee. Gino was a typical used car salesman - one that you let everything he says go in one ear and out the other. But the deal was as promised and the car has been outstanding...

My thinking is that they are probably a pretty shaky business...but must be doing something right to still be in business all these years, plus the same guys are still working there. So they must know what it takes to go only so far without being shut down. If I had another opportunity to buy a car from them at the same deal I received...I don't think I would do it as I honestly feel I am one of the few lucky ones. Next time I doubt I would be so lucky.
N  24th of May, 2012 by 
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Avoid these shysters at ALL COSTS. My car had a burnt up clutch one day after the 15 day warranty, putting my life in danger. This bunch of crooks said, oh, not under warranty, not our problem, but offered their mechanic to "fix" it at wholesale. Not admitting any guilt in putting a car in that condition on the lot for sale. Wouldn't identify the mystery mechanic, gave me no information on repair or parts or warranties, just a bill. Two months later, the turbo on the engine went, costing me another $4000. This car was advertised in "pristine" condition. I am assuming that means they washed and vacuumed it. The REAL mechanic I took it too said they never even bothered to change the oil or give it a tuneup before they sold it to me. And when you complain to t hem, all you will get is the "sorry, after the 15 day lemon law warranty not our problem." Knowing full well that the car was sold in poor condition, knowing that they'd lied about it, knowing that whatever went wrong would be after the 15 days and they wouldn't have to do a thing. Might not be illegal, but unethical as hell. These guys are the lowest of the low.

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