World Arena Rugby/First National Information Network (FNIN)Mark Savoy scammed my company

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FNIN will provide data and email services at $1, 000 per 1 million emails with a revenue share on all accepted clients.

On or about 10/16/2014 Moneyfix LLC entered into an agreement with Mark Savoy at Zuma Beach Entertainment Inc. located in Burbank California to provide a email marketing campaign for Moneyfix LLC. Mr. Savoy requested a wire for $1, 000 and creative provided /for an initial email blast to his proprietary consumer database for performance based debt relief services. Mr. Savoy not only never did anything other than take our money he promised to refund our money and to this day 1/7/2015 has not. He will not answer the phone or respond to emails other than once saying he doesn't have the money but he will try. Mr. Savoy CEO of Zuma Beach Entertainment and First National Information Network (FNIN) is a liar, scam artist and a thief. He continues to lie, cheat and laugh about it. I am filing a report with SEC and a complaint with the LA district attorney's office claiming fraud. He has our creative which cost $1, 000 as well and will not return it to our company. Watch out for this scammer! It has been 3 months since he took the money and ran. If you or anyone you know has been scammed by Mark Savoy or his makeshift publicly held company of 3 people please report him. I think he thinks it's just $1, 000 and we will let it go. We are looking to have him prosecuted and report him to federal regulatory agencies.

Zuma Beach Entertainment Scam Alert! Be Careful of Mark Savoy he will take your money and do nothing. He is a thief and scammer. He lies and wont take calls or return emails! Do NOT trust this man he still owes my company $1, 000 measly dollars. He is taking his company public. Do NOT invest with this man.
Greg Feldman, Moneyfix LLC.

The revenue share will equal 1% of the enrolled debt and will be paid out in two .5% increments as the fees are earned and received by Moneyfix.The expected time frame for the disbursement of revenue share funds is approximately 4 months on average from the date of the first client payment into the client’s custodial account.This time frame is for illustrative purposes only; however, all revenue share payouts will be no further out than 8 months from the client’s first payment into their custodial account.
The $1, 000 will be invoiced and payable upon receipt of said invoice.


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  • Ru
      Apr 07, 2015

    As best I remember, I was invited to put $40, 000 into the world Arena Rugby investment which, I understand, is somehow connected with Zuma Beach entertainment.

    As best I remember it was explained to me that I could get stock at $.10 a share and after that it would quickly go to $.25 a share and, in all likelihood, when it was announced that world Arena Rugby would be part of the next Olympics the stock would probably go to at least a dollar a share and therefore my 40, 000 would quickly become 400, 000.

    Unfortunately in order to invest the 40, 000 I would've had to sign a statement saying that I was a certified investor which I am not. The person who was encouraging me to invest and I had long discussions about whether or not God would want me to lie on the form. I took the position that God would not want me to lie on the form.

    When people tell me that you sacrifice nothing to be a Christian I would like to be able to point out that I sacrificed $360, 000 because I would not lie on the form.

    I am trying to get back to representatives of the company to make sure that the stock is now worth about a dollar a share but I find no working phone numbers. I would appreciate if someone would be kind enough to give me a working phone number so that if anyone doubts that I lost $360, 000 because I am a Christian they can call up the people from world Arena Rugby who will explain to them that because of my insistence on not lying on a form I lost $360, 000 and that all those who were not so scrupulous made huge amounts of money that I might have made.

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  • Ja
      Jan 11, 2016

    Did you ever get any answers ?

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  • Be
      Dec 07, 2016

    I was taken for $10, 000 on the Zuma Beach Entertainment stock which covered the World Arena Rugby and a couple of other endeavors. You are correct, they took the money and ran, not far but they don't take phone calls and the stock was devalued so I was able to take a write off but that doesn't matter much when you don't have anything to write it off against. This operation was out of the same office as the "Dorothy of Oz" investment, which also turned out to be a flop for investors but made the principals a fortune. There is litigation of some sort going on but I'm sure none of us will ever see a dime back out of that one either.

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  • Ja
      Dec 07, 2016

    I see he has just accepted another job in doubt ripping off some other poor folks..!

    Im sure his new people aren't aware of his history...

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