Windansea Russian Blue Catterylies and pricing

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I have contacted this breeder, Lindsey, about getting a kitten, and after a month of me inquiring she finally got back to me and told me her kittens were $850. Weeks later she said "my current price is $1000" and when I asked her why there was a price change she said that she had to care for more cats. I joined her free waiting list, and then she told me if I would pay $1200 I could "skip" the waiting list of 20 people and get a kitten. I agreed, and I thought it was a good deal that Lindsey made for me. Then after weeks she said AGAIN that there were people offering $1500 for her Russian Blues, and I could not get a kitten from her if I did not wish to pay more. This is completely unacceptable. It would be fine with me if she told everyone the same price, but because she does not have a website she tells people different prices and tells them to "skip" the waiting list with a higher price. She is taking advantage of others' love for cats and using that to earn more money. Then my friend contacted her about her kittens. Then she said her kittens were $1500 and to skip the waiting list my friend has to pay an even higher price of $2000. If she wants Lindsey to hand deliver the kitten (and travel because we live far away) she would need to pay $2500. I know many other great breeders that charge only $1000-$1200 for wonderful kittens, so it is unnecessary to get a kitten from a breeder that charges high amounts like this. I contacted her about HYPOALLERGENIC Russian Blue kittens, and she said that all of her cats were hypoallergenic, before I learned that not all cats have low allergen levels. She is just lying to her customers to earn more money. She charged 3 times her original price for the same kittens. A while ago I received an email saying "We have a new older kitten available. His price will be $2000 and he will be first come first serve". Normally breeders charge lower prices for older kittens but Lindsey is just hoping that in one of her customers she can find a cat lover who can do anything for a kitten. This breeder is a liar. Do NOT get a kitten from her.

Keep in mind, that if you get a kitten from her just because you love cats, if your kitten happens to get any genetic disease or some things similar to that that would be the fault of the breeder, she may just ignore your message, or refuse to give refunds, or things like that. Anything could happen if you find a breeder that is NOT reputable like her. Never even consider getting a kitten from Lindsey, as it is just making her earn more money by selling highly priced kittens and lying to everyone.

  • Updated by Er.W., Aug 24, 2018

    There are many other breeder options. Do not get a kitten from this breeder as better catteries are listed on TICA, CFA, and some on FBRL.

  • Updated by Er.W., Aug 26, 2018

    Now Lindsey regularly prices her kittens $2000 and above. That is completely unfair for other cat breeders. 3x the original price she said first.


    Windansea Russian Blue Cattery

    NEVER get a kitten from this place

  • Updated by Er.W., Oct 28, 2018

    Just found some ads online that this breeder posted a while ago about their kittens. In the ads the breeder pretends to be in my area (or any other area) and just posts everywhere to get more interest. No good breeder does this and posts like that on advertising websites. This breeder is just looking for money. Never get a kitten from her.

Aug 23, 2018
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  • Ri
      Sep 12, 2019

    There was a person on CraigsList, [protected]@... who started advertising a need for fosters for hedgehogs. When you responded you got a place in a far away state who sells hedgies. Very scammy. Wonder if it's the same person.

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  • Ri
      Sep 12, 2019

    Part of the person's email addy was lindsey.

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