WillyGoat / Do not use them

Due to inclement weather in southeast Missouri, the delivery had to be rescheduled for 2/09/09 which was over two weeks after the purchase date. We understood this delay and were not upset with that issue. However, when we received our shipment on 02/09/09, we received one box that was badly damaged with visibly damaged contents. We contacted Willy Goat, and the truck driver contacted his trucking company, and we refused that box. We requested that Willy Goat ship up us an undamaged box four. As they instructed, we did a complete inventory all of our received boxes on 02/09/09. We discovered that we had apparently received a duplicate box of materials and were shorted approximately 80 pieces of lumber, hundreds of various pieces of crucial hardware, as well as the contents of the damaged box four. Willy Goat decided to ship the damaged box four back to us because they felt that we could use some of the contents. When we contacted Willy Goat on 02/16/09, they thought that we would get this damaged box four back on 02/17/09, but were unsure. The trucking company, Norrenberns called on 02/17/09 to schedule this delivery for 02/18/09. When I contacted Willy Goat on 02/18/09 to give them my list of missing lumber, the customer service representative continued to tell me that there was nothing that she could do for me until we received our damaged box back and inventoried those contents. She was unwilling to place an order for this lumber because she seemed to believe that 80 pieces of lumber, all of this hardware, a large slide, Tic Tac Toe game, swings, trapeze bar, rope ladder, telescope, etc. could all be in this one damaged box that we were waiting on. She would not acknowledge their mistake and told me that I needed to talk to the customer service manager JoAnn who was out for a few days. She told me to call back when I had inventoried the damaged box. We are frustrated because they knew that the contents were damaged and delayed our delivery time of acceptable components. We are unable to work on assembling this playground equipment at all because so many components are missing. She said that replacement of any of these pieces could take another week to a week and a half. I had researched this product and the retailer online. We are very frustrated with this lack of service and would greatly appreciate a prompt resolution to this problem with Willy Goat. I believe that we have waited long enough for quality components to this swingset and deserve to have them in a timely manner. I believe that at their expense, they need to expedite shipping of these missing components--another week and half or two weeks is not acceptable. They were not willing to do that. Because of the numerous components and pieces to this swingset, we would have very much understood if a few pieces of hardware were missing, but this is not acceptable. We filed a complaint with the Alabama Better Business Bureau.


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