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Willow Ridge Standard Poodles / breeder is dishonest and unethical

2 7975 Rodebaugh RdReynoldsburg, OH, United States Review updated:

Willow Ridge Breeder is dishonest. We purchased our red standard poodle puppy from Jen and for several months, took loving care of the puppy, successfully housebroke puppy, had all updated vaccinations, placed a microchip, had professional grooming, put puppy in 6 weeks professional dog training school and even had the dog spayed.

After my husband unexpectedly fell sick and was hospitalized we could not take care of the dog going forward having to leave the dog unattended while I went back and forth to the hospital to be with a seriously ill heart patient spouse.

I called the Breeder in tears about the situation and let her know how much we loved the dog but thought it best for her to be re-homed.

We discussed our expectation of payment for the dog after having had many new dog expenses at that point. We realize now that the Breeder intended all along to disregard our request for payment and also disregard our concern for having to part with our beloved pet.

Jen sent a driver to pick up the dog, and told us to pack up and send everything we had purchased for the dog including her crate. We sent along with the dog, all her health records, dog food, crate, lots of toys, collar and leashes.

On the day the dog was picked up, is when Jen began to disregard our calls and texts. We were not even allowed to know how the dog was doing, or whether our young puppy was nervous when it arrived back to her.

Prior to obtaining the dog back. Jen was in constant communication with me.

For several days after she received the dog, it became clear that Jen went unresponsive (blocking our texts and calls) in order that we would not have the option to obtain our dog back if we had known she was going to get rid of the dog to unsuspecting new owners, and not planning to provide any payment to us whatsoever.

Jen mislead us and dishonestly told us that payment would be discussed after she sees the dog's condition. Knowing how much we lovingly cared for the dog the puppy was in excellent condition. Given our stressful circumstances I didn't realize at the time that Jen was planning to steal the dog, sell the dog and all accessories, and proceed to easily ignore my calls.

It feels like our pup was practically ripped away from us with no concern that we were facing unexpected circumstances. We were thinking we were doing the right thing for the puppy and expected payment which we realized would only go toward our mounting medical expenses. We were unaware we were being taken advantage of given our circumstances.

My husband is still under doctors care but this Breeder's behavior has only caused more stress. If a pet owner must unfortunately separate from their pet, it is already heartbreaking enough without the add-on of a breeder who has been misleading, ignored most communication attempts and simply sold our dog to unsuspecting people.

Jen has also shown that she is dishonest when she stated, "Something must be wrong with my phone on my end" to explain her dishonest reason for her lack of responses to the several days of texts and voice mails that she ignored.

Be very careful before considering any purchase from a dishonest breeder like Willow Ridge Standard poodles.

We continue to expect payment for our puppy that was picked up from our home on November 16, 2018.

Dec 13, 2018
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  • Je
      13th of Dec, 2018
    +2 Votes

    I understand you made the decision to return your dog to us because of your current circumstances. As a responsible breeder we take any puppy back at any time for any reason. You were well aware of the family that this puppy was going to be with and I have text messages to prove it. The name that you are posting this complain under isn't even the legal name that you purchased the puppy under. That you are being dishonest about this along with other dishonest things posted above says a lot about you as a person.

  • Be
      13th of Dec, 2018
    +1 Votes

    Ive kown Jen and Willow Ridges program since she started out. Ive done business with her, helped her out when needed and have seen the program grow in such a way that highly impresses me. I have experienced nothing but open and honest communication with her no matter what.

    Her poodles are amazing, smart and and Ive not seen one pup that doesnt have the potential to really flourish into an amazing dogs. The parents of the pups are soo well taken care of and spoiled. Most importantly all of her dogs are healthy and happy, they love people. Parents and pups are exposed to many things as a way to make any transitions as smooth as possible.

    Honestly, there is no one else that I would even consider getting a Poodle from, yes her poodles are that awesome!!

    Im the driver that picked up the pup and you very willingly gave me the pups belongings and records and the pup. I know nothing about payment as that is not my area to deal with but if you were soo concerned about the pups well being or future you would have just boarded her with Jen while you were dealing with everything you had going on so that once things calmed down you could just pick up the pup.

  • Ka
      13th of Dec, 2018
    +1 Votes

    I had a great experience with Willow Ridge and I think they work very hard to be sure all the dogs go to great homes. I understand you're frustrated but I don't think anything was done wrong on their part.

  • Al
      14th of Dec, 2018
    +1 Votes

    Willow Ridge cares a great deal about the dogs in their program. They are taken care of with a great deal of TLC. The puppy being spoken of had a home lined up after it was decided to come back to Willow Ridge. The lady had kept back pedalling and flip flopping after she knew the home was lined up. She was even trying to sell the puppy underneath the breeder's nose.

    I know how heartbreaking it is to go through health issues and have to let go of a beloved family member, but she seemed more concerned with getting the money than the actual dog who wasn't nervous.

    The dog is confident happy and bouncy as are Willow Ridges poodles. Willow Ridge cares a great deal about all their dogs. Well being is the most important thing to them. Even when they go to their homes. These dogs are extensions of their program. They want to know the family they are going to, so to hear the owner trying to randomly re-home the dog to a stranger to Willow Ridge is terrifying.

    My heart goes out to this lady's situation, however, that is no excuse to be shady.

  • Ho
      15th of Jan, 2019
    0 Votes

    Im very sorry for your current situation but a dog isn't merchandise. You don't just get your money back when you can't take care of it anymore. It's a living being. I'm just glad the puppy has a new home.

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