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William Lindsey Lumiere Industries / Stay away

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I ordered some products from William Lindsey Lumiere Industries. I paid the large sum, because the owner stated that their products and services were the best and qualitative. I haven’t received any confirmation email, receipt or anything like this. Also the owner didn’t communicate, and no one replied to my several emails. Please, if someone here had the same experience, can you help to return money back?

Apr 12, 2014
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  • St
      14th of Apr, 2014

    William Lindsey / Lumiere Industries Information

    For whatever it is worth, I sent samples of the items I was given by William Lindsey to the actual supplier of these items.
    I did verify with the supplier of the items William Lindsey has been purporting to be some “bioluminescent” product are in fact:
    1. 100% phosphorous EL panels
    2. That the “Luminators” are EL panel power inverters
    3. That the product is manufactured by E-Lite under the brand name of Flatlite.
    4. That there is no “bio” or “Algae” products involved in the production of these items.
    5. All detailed specifications and picture of the product are available online and can be verified to be EXACTLY what William has been reporting as “his” inventions.
    6. That E-Lite are the rightful owner and inventor of the patents for these products.
    7. I have ordered & received new items from this supplier and they match EXACTLY the items I was provided by William Lindsey.
    William Lindsey claimed that he had also these modular light strips that he called Pixel lights that utilized the same “bioluminescent” technology.

    He has shown me these lights at the Lumiere Industries facility in Colorado.
    These are distributed by Solarbotics and are LED lights –called Stringxels.
    You can see by the pictures that these are the EXACT same lights that William supposedly invented.

    William Lindsey claimed that he had also pebbles and powder that utilized the same “bioluminescent” technology. You may have seen samples of this at the Lumiere Colorado facility.
    These are manufactured and distributed by Core Systems under the name of Core Glow.
    These are strontium aluminate and have no bioluminescent properties.

    William Lindsey has showed me several Coors “bioluminescent” light panels that he claims to have made.
    These are all made by a company called Soft Signs.

    William Lindsey has showed me a video with a label that he made for Jagermeister using his “bioluminescent” light panels.
    These are made by a company called ELON.

    William Lindsey has showed me several JAGERMEISTER “bioluminescent” light panels that he claims to have made.
    These are all made by a company called FLEXiMEDIA.

    William Lindsey has showed me a Coke “bioluminescent” light panels that he claims to have made.
    These are all made by a company called Surelight.

    William Lindsey has shown me a video with a billboard that he made for GM using his “bioluminescent” light panels.
    This EL billboard was made by a company called Top Right and they have the exact same GM billboard on their website.
    Here is a video from William Lindsey claiming Lumiere constructed the exact same sign!

    William Lindsey showed me a stop sign that he had manufactured from his “bioluminescent” light technology.
    These are made by EFL Tech

    William Lindsey showed me a photo of a Broncos animated sign manufactured from his “bioluminescent” light technology.
    These can be bought off alibaba and are made by FlexMedia

    BTW, most if not all of these products that William Lindsey claims to have made from his “bioluminescent" lighting technology are in his own video that he sends around.

    These are a few of the products that I have seen that William Lindsey claims to have invented and be the inventor or distributor of.

    None of these companies list Lumiere Industries or William Lindsey as a valid distributor of their products.
    I am sure if you investigate this further you will find that William Lindsey is not only falsely representing these products as his own, but that he has no authorization to sell or distribute these items.

    William Lindsey is now claiming that they are moving all of the manufacturing equipment from Colorado to Indiana.
    There are no “manufacturing" equipment or other items that produce any of these items at the Lumiere Industries facility in Colorado.
    Not one single thing.

    Video Links provided by William Lindsey of all the products constructed by Lumiere Industries. Obviously these are also false based on the above information.

    RiLi Video links

    Country Trucker:

    fight like a girl jeep sexy:

    Rockstar Fridge Plate:

    Pixel Lights in Cross Walk:

    Richmond International Raceway:

    Triumph Steam Show:

    GM Billboard:

    Elevation Motors:

    Coors Light:


    Lumiere Industries Promo Video:

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  • Co
      28th of Apr, 2014

    Read the comments.

    Want to talk to William? Meet him at court on the 1st of May.

    Down the rabbit hole you are going...

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  • Co
      20th of May, 2014

    This slimy ###.

    Reading these comments it is hard to believe how little the media, press, and victims are speaking out. My guess is there is a gag order. Though none of the victims or witness are on the record as being under sequestration. Oddly, there is not a lot of stuff out there on the net about this fool- other than complaints, lawsuits, and legal action. Trust me, when you meet one of his victims in person, it is undeniable the damage he has caused. It is my impression he is very good at controlling information and misleading people.

    His trial was scheduled to begin on May 19th. After going through 2 or 3 public defenders for pre-trial as rumor has it, he goes in on the 19th prior to jury selection, and says that he is not satisfied with his appointed legal counsel (even though at the last continuance he swore that he and the "new" attorney would go to trial if the last continuance was granted). What do you know? He lied. He told the court that he’d be providing his own (private) attorney from this point forward. He is now suddenly able to afford a private pay attorney? Even though he is out on 2 different $100, 000 bonds (as stated in comments above), on probation for multiple cases, has multiple outstanding civil judgments against him- oh, and that little thing about him soliciting investment from the fine government and people of Fisher's Indiana -yikes!!!

    Don't get me wrong, apparently it takes quite some time to get a defense attorney up to speed when there is a mountain of evidence (literally what must amount to thousands of pages of discovery/written testimony/evidence/pictures/emails/texts and more) against your client and all you have left in your arsenal is cheap delay tactics. Considering how legally “up-###-creek” William is, it explains his delay... I mean... legal strategy. Besides, he is a talented manipulator. It is no shock to those entirely familiar with his antics that he could convince the court for "more time." Thus, the Judge is forced to grant a continuance. How many is that now? 3? 4? The (speculative) reason - one of the most common grounds for an appeal is that magical phrase "insufficient council” and due process violations. When they put this liar behind bars, he will never get out. My guess is they want such a clean prosecution that he has no recourse after eventually being found guilty. Can you saw mandatory minimum sentencing?

    How much do you want to bet William “Bill” Lindsey is walking around telling people that the case is over and he is a free man (as he has done in the past)? If that is so, look at his ankle, LOL, G.P.S. monitoring is a ###, or, so I hear. I bet he wears a lot of pants this summer. Then again, (jokingly) he is such a brilliant scientist & inventor he could use his trademarked flux capacitor to remotely bypass the circuits in the governments’ satellite, then, using his “game-changing” screwdriver he could unlock the GPS and walk around, as undetected as someone with such a freakishly large head and tiny baby hands could.

    Whelp, in closing, I hope no one out there is actually buying his algae technology, world changing light, Thomas Edison complex, look at what a great inventor I am, experienced graphic designer crap. In case you still believe, here is the patent that he claims to have authored dealing with algae. That is, if by “authored” you mean he put a hearty retainer down on a national top-tier intellectual property law firm that was able to polish the embarrassingly ridiculous turd he started with – then it is all his.

    This document can easily be found by going to Google and typing "William Lindsey Luminescent Devices" if it does not pop up use the documents tab on Google. The law firm (William hired) does not validate claims and/or do any testing, so don’t blame them. The IP firm’s only job is to write the legal language to protect the "inventor" in the case of intellectual property theft. Reading the patent you can see why they are so valuable. It is very technical and on the surface arguably believable, especially to a laymen.

    On a side note, it is rumored that William lost his rights to any intellectual property years ago. The reason it is still rumored to being disputed is that no one actually wants to waste a single other dollar behind this garbage. Ask your self, why would you sue for something worthless. You wouldn’t. Sadly, that (lack of legal action) allowed William to go around still telling people that the contested “IP” was in his name. It is -technically because no court has ordered otherwise. Truthfully, no one wants "it" –but if (big hypothetical if) it has any value, ever, for any reason, and is sold, William [should] not see a dollar. He collateralized and defaulted on his "ownership" of the IP in several contracts with multiple people/groups/organizations, a long, long, time ago. That is a fact.

    In terms of science fiction, it is not a bad patent. In terms of science fact, he has so many gaping holes in his "amazing invention" that this whole situation is truly laughable, much like the what I hear is his source of algae; a reservoir outside Denver called Chatfield. There is not a single documented case of bioluminescent algae in fresh water, as paragraph 0016 of his patent would beg to differ. It cannot be found in urban areas, rooftops, or anywhere else. These are the easy lies to disprove. But then again, if it were that easy we wouldn't be here blogging, and Fisher’s Indiana would not seriously ever consider doing business with this convicted criminal, or any of his associates.

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  • Bi
      29th of Jul, 2014

    As of 7/24/2014 William Lindsey has been jailed in Colorado.

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  • Gc
      6th of Aug, 2015

    You DO NOT have to worry about William Lindsey any more (For the next 24 years or so). On 8/5/2015 he was sententenced for these crimes to 44 years in Prison (20 of those years are concurrent sentences) on 11 counts of Securities Fraud and Theft . FINALLY score one for the Justice system It took WAY too long to get that piece of Garbage off the streets. Lindsey was an average con-man with a better than average con and stole $2.7M from good people (Yes there are more victims out there who were not included in this case) If you are a victim who invested with William Lindsey even if you are in Indiana, call the Colorado Attorney Genereals office at 720)508-6000 and ask for Michael Bellipanni in the Securities Fraud unit. Look, if any other bonehead tells you they can make alge light up (for practical applications) they are lying../ Be blunt and forcefull and tell them to piss off.

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  • De
      13th of Aug, 2015

    This story starts all the way back in 2007 where William was in a tiny 10x10 office at an exotic car museum in Lakewood Colorado with a company called Boomerang graphics. Then turned into Trick Technologies where he took money from the Department of Defense, and other investors. Quickly changed his name again to Revolutions in Lighting, and finished off as Milk Money graphics. There is so much more to this story that someone should make a movie about all the lies and deception Mr. Lindsay found himself in. This scamming actually started in the construction business in early 2000s. The sad part is William could have been a billionair if he would have just not forged a signature on a Uhaul contract worth 100million dollars. This deal to wrap and light up 3600 vehicles and every location around the world was real. Uhaul just was not willing to commit to the entire contract and would rather just do one vehicle at a time until they were all done. William needed to forge the contract to get an additional $5 million dollar investor to buy all the equipment needed. At this point is what took William down and he started ripping off former Denver Bronco players off to pay off his debt he incurred. I dont think William will do well in jail because he always runs and hide from his problems and he wont be able to do that in jail.

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  • Ta
      13th of Aug, 2015

    Never head about the UHaul contract, but have heard about 10 different contracts from lighting the Super Bowl Village in Indianapolis to redoing Denver international runways. William is the biggest piece of CRAP to walk the earth. He took over a million from investors in Indiana and after being found out actually accused the Indiana investors of trying to defraud him. William did not pull this fraud on his own, I can not believe that individuals that worked with him on a daily basis in Colorado at he Lumiere shop, did not question how he was supposedly lighting different signs and wraps.

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  • Ta
      13th of Aug, 2015

    Does anyone have the website court link on William last conviction?

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  • Li
      26th of Jun, 2016

    Guess I might should not say this, but this man is in a Colorado Prison now teaching a computer class and "wow" ing his students with these same lies. My fiance called this morning singing the praises of this man and told me almost word for word what I just read on this site. I warned him that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Apparently he is now conning the cons AND the prison officials. SMH!

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  • An
      5th of Aug, 2017

    I am not surprised and actually saddens me to hear the extent of all these things. I met Bill in 2004 and became one of his con victims, both personally and professionally. Once I became suspicious and began to dig I found out things that blew my mind. I tried to help him get right and was able to get his family involved to help repay some of the folks he had lied to and taken advantage of from under two different companies. Shortly after he fled from Missouri to Colorado with several vendors chasing him for all kinds of money he still owed from a landscape business he was a part owner of and had even claimed he had a landscape architecture degree. The lies went on and and everything I'm reading sounds exactly like him. I'm so grateful he has been stopped for now.

    s games would catch up with him. I pray God will reveal Himself to Bill in a way that will change his life so he can turn and repent from ever doing these things to anyone again. In all humility the only book he needs in that cell is a Bible.

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  • Mi
      22nd of Feb, 2019

    Does anyone know anything about the movie that was being made about William Lindsey? I was contacted and interviewed about my early dealings with William starting Boomerang Graphics at the LeMay Car Museum in 2007 but my contact Tom Graham former Broncos player passed away and not sure who was working on it now?

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