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I should have known better than to waste my time with this business. I called this company to see if they hired movie extras. A woman named Hailey told me they do. She kept calling me several times to get me to come in for an interview before I checked out the reputation of the firm. I went ahead and agreed to do an interview. I had no idea that I was going to be interviewing with a Black man, and an unprofessional one at that. This man was so demeaning to me and tried to persuade me to take rodeo clown school lessons and work as that. That is not why I came in there. I found that totally inappropriate. This man told me that I could not pursue my dreams and cover never be a movie extra because he considered me to be too unattractive and physically out of proportion.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Salt Lake City, UT In movie extra work, I happen to know people who are all shapes, sizes and ages that work. I even met people who worked as extras for Prince and the late Michael Jackson, one was an elderly lady from New York named Diana who had several cats. I knew this man, I believe his name was Ryan, was not being truthful with me and his sole purpose was to belittle me and destroy my self confidence and self esteem. I do not deal with Blacks especially in business matters and especially Black males who are uppity and think too much of themselves. I truly dislike most Blacks and try to avoid them at all costs if possible. Ryan has no place at Wilhemina Urban if they are connected with the real offices in New York and California. I regret wasting my time and day going to see these people.

Wilhelmina Models

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