Wild ModelsFraud

My only hope is that these scam artists go out of business. I tried to give them a chance but they choose the greedy route and refused to give me money back. I was ignorant at the time to believe that as a consumer not everyone would be satisfied with there services, and I was stuck in a catch -22 situation as nobody else would represent me and would be stuck without any resources.I tried to sue them to get my money back and the judge believed the lies that came out of the mouth of kurt clements and purported license the has obtained to legally do this. Bottom line, to the persom who issued this license to legally scam people upfront for photos, I hope they find you and someone sues you for promoting fraud.
This pathetic person now has a purported 'license' to do this and the fact that the judge sided with this ### is pathetic. These people are really pathetic as that only way they will 'ever' make money is to scam the public out of money for there crappy photos that didn't get me anywhere. If a class action suit gets launched against this agency and they go out of business, there will be justice in this world. Despite the fact that I received help from the la city attorney office I had to deal with a small claims judge who was 'incredibly' ignorant of entertainment law and the scams that occur in this industry. I ask you all this. How much longer must these indignities go on? when will a law pass that will forbid this scam of preying on people who are trying to break into this industry and who are new about this. How is it that the law continously manages to still protect this people, that allows them to continously scam the public? It is all so ridiculous. The laws in this state 'really' need to change. The system doesn't work.

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