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This company was known under another name model management inc. They are scam artists. Not a real agency these people should be arrested and charged with exploitation. Remember agents only get money when they find you work.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Los Angeles, CA You should never have to pay an upfront fee to have your profile posted on their website, nor should you ever be coerced to get new pictures from their guy. They are a scam in every way. When i called the guy out on this he actually raised his voice to yell at me and told me that i would never make it in this business. Ha lol, he can't even make it in this business that's why he's in the scam business now.

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  • Pl
      Feb 12, 2010

    THEY ARE A SCAM . I DID A JOB FOR THEM AND AFTER ASKING FOR MY MONEY FOR LIKE 5 months ( they kept giving me the run around, saying they mailed it to the wrong address, ect .. ) When I finally got the CEHCK IT WAS FOR $ 2.34 !
    There were all of these deductions listed claiming I was given an advance of 1k ! they told me that I had signed a contract agreeing to pay them 1K to be listed on their website . I NEVER SIGNED SUCH A PAPER and demanded they send me a copy, they said they would, they did not. I told them I would report them to the state as per a new bill AB 1319 that addresses agencies like this, and they said they would be mailing a check that day . That was 3 weeks ago. they're less than 5 miles from me, so again it was a run around . I am moving forward in reporting them to the state and labor board .

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  • Jo
      Feb 23, 2010

    So what you people are trying to say is that this is fake...because they send me an e-mail telling me that they saw my photos and that they were interested in my look but i dont remember sending them any photos i just send my information...i went on and it said it was from Los Angeles but now they told me its in San Francisco. I'm kind of debating if I should go to this audition to sign with this agency because of all the things I've just read. I'm kind of scared...any help. Should I auditon is on March 3, 2010. They could probably be lying and I end up going and bad things might happen...I'm not sure?????

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  • An
      Feb 25, 2010

    Wild Models is a complete scam. I went to them after receiving an email and luckily I already had professional photos done myself so I didn't have to use their crappy guy but the comp cards they print look like they are from one of the first color printers invented, the comp cards are also on paper- not even on card stock! I paid $150 and then I looked the company up online after (my fault) and saw all these complaints against them and that it was a scam- so I put a stop payment on the check and then they sent me to a collection agency and now they are trying to get $192 from me and I dont have the pathetic comp cards and they never booked me a job. Sooooo in the end...i accept full blame for falling for this scam- but don't sign with them!!! WILD MODELS IS NOT A TALENT AGENCY, They aer a complete scam and they change their name every few years when all the lawsuits build up- they just prey on young people looking to become models.

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  • Fi
      Mar 16, 2010

    I don't know what this company has done in the past - The San Francisco branch has treated my daughter very professionally - In our case we are in need of current headshot/zed cards and will use their photographer. Everything looked on the up an up - Quality pictures - From what I can gather the San Francisco is a new branch run by someone that has been in the business for 30 years. The bottom line is this - The acting business is a business like any other requiring an investment for start up expenses - (your pictures) - With out good professional pictures, you won't sell -YOUR PICTURES ARE EVERYTHING! Let's break down the $800.00 charge for the pictures - 200 for the photographer, 200 for the makeup artist, 200 for the hair person and 200 for the guy that's putting it all together - In this business everyone gets a cut- This is just how business works - It is also a fact that the more professional you are, the more professionally you are treated. Industry professionals can smell from a mile away whether you are truly interested in selling yourself as a professional or not- Since this industry is very fast paced, they won't waste their time if you aren't. It seems as though the most disgruntled people are those not getting work. In this business you either sell or you don't. It isn't the industry's fault if you don't sell- In our case we lucked out - My daughter is tiny petite, blond - very girl next door and very sellable - She has also wanted this industry since age four - This industry is not for the weak at heart - very gruling and demanding- Count the cost and be sure and consider whether this industry is for you or not-Good Luck!

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  • Sf
      Apr 02, 2010

    I have to admit you really need to be careful in this industry the last comment is definitely someone who is new in the industry. I am a model in the San Francisco Bay Area I have never spent $800.00 on a photoshoot in my life. You should really do your research before breaking in this business especially with dealing with your child. If your daughter is very marketable then you shouldn't have to pay for anything. Modeling and Talent agencies that are legit do not ask for money or for you to go out and get pictures done yourself. I received emails from Wild Models too and new there was something wrong. Agencies would not send emails looking for models; models come to agencies everyday looking to be signed, no agency would have to email models to come in for a casting. If you were to receive an email from an agency then they have already viewed your work or you were referred by someone in the industry already; and this does not happen often unless you are an established model. This industry is very cut throat and if you don't do your research you will get burned. It is very frustrating for someone to come in very new to this industry and try to give advice to other young girls and guys. Please make sure to do your own research find other models that have worked for certain agencies before you put any time or effort into them. There are plenty of modeling websites you can refer too to get legitimate information on these types of agencies. Also talk to models and photographers in your area at I really hope this helps anyone trying to break in the industry :)

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  • Gl
      Apr 16, 2010

    I have heard so many of the photo cost horror stories - they begin to sound apochryphal after awhile. Use due diligence and shop around, all my family models and acts and we have each spent well under $300 for industry-standard, professional headshots (photo sessions and printing heavy cardstock 8x10s). We've done zed cards for less than a dollar apiece. None of us have ever been asked for any money upfront - I myself recently signed with Wild Models and nothing has ever been said to me about "costs upfront." Keep in mind - one good job with a client like Levis or Nintendo or Vertbaudet and you do a lot better than recupe costs, you will have a wad of cash in your pocket. Even little jobs add up. I know because I have had a lot of them. Yeah, you always hear about the "cutthroats, " never about all the nice people in the business - and I have met many of the latter and few of the former. Still, no one is guaranteeing you will get rich, so get those stars out of your eyes! Kurt Clement and his associates have been (as far as I can tell) above board and honest with me - I am not "young and naive, " I am in my 50s and have been around the block more than a few times, as well as being naturally skeptical. I am so far quite satisfied with Wild - they had me booked for two auditions with reputable clients within two weeks of my signing. The above person who got "scammed in Nashville" does not even seem to be talking about Wild - Wild is not in Nashville so far as I know. Just be sure to take everything you see and hear with a grain or two of salt - even what I am telling you now - use common sense and make up your own mind about what is right for you or your child. G. Lustre

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  • Gl
      Apr 16, 2010

    By the way, Wild Models is registered with the State of California and is listed on the state Talent Agency License Database with current license #95094. That will also locate their address in Century City in LA for you. Just so you'll know. G. Lustre

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  • An
      Apr 30, 2010

    They are the worst! Do not go with this agency! Any place that charges $150 for their logo to be on your zed cards is ridiculous! But like many others I almost got sucked into this scam. I had my own pictures done prior to meeting with Wild Models. They then sent me to their consultanting dept. When they told me about the pricing for the logo, I agreed and decided to come back in a week and pay. After seeing all these complaints and speaking with other people I decided no to go with Wild Models. When I contacted their consultant dept to decline and get my pics back they told me I would have to come there and get my pics, they couldn't mail them. When I took time off from work to go there, they couldnt find my pics. Andre said he would find them and mail them to me. Two weeks later still no pics! I have called Andre several times and was told today he no longer works there and no one knows where my pics are. I am FURIOUS with this company. And they owe me either my pics or the money to cover the cost of them. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

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  • Mo
      May 30, 2010

    If some one out there, knows of a class action lawsuit against this company and/or preparing a class action suit against this company please notify me at [protected] ASAP. As far as I am concerned, I too was scammed by this agency and I believe that the only to put these scammers in there place is with a class action. To anyone who has been conned by this agency, we all need to unite and know our rights. Not too many people will get far by going at it on there own...

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  • Ww
      Jun 13, 2010

    fieldssk5 has money to burn and is falling for the trick.. because shes so into getting her daughter in the business shes willing to spend the money. The best headshot photographers in Los angeles Charge 200-400 not 800... and agencies rarely suggest there people to do the headshots..they may give you a list of good photograpghers only per your request...a sucker is born everyday especially with ignorant parents. I like how she wrote a large paragraph explaining why she has to pay 800...

    Fieldssk5 why don't you go join Robert Powers while your at it I think they charge 1200 for headshots- idiot

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  • Ne
      Jun 16, 2010

    THIS COMPANY IS A COMPLETE SCAM STAY AWAY!!! Once you go to the closed auditions they will call you back for an interview there you will sign a contract and pay a fee of $300 to get started. They have a credit card machine under their desk which they swipe your card right away. Your remaining balance of $595 is due a week before your photo shoot. This $800 is suppose to include the photographer, makeup and hair stylist, and wardrobe stylist. They said they would contact you before your shoot to to give you the details which they don't. The only reason I received a call at all was because I cancelled my credit card and they could not take the remaining $595 from me. Back in 2009 there was a lawsuit against Wild Models Inc!!! If your reading this they look for people who basically just moved to the area and don't know any better.

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  • Gi
      Jul 07, 2010

    I went to WM&T on July 1, 2010. I answered a Craigslist ad. They called me for an interview saying they liked my headshots. I went to Century City and was given a long, drawn-out explanation of working with them and the man explicitly stated, "We never charge a fee. There is no money involved." I was asked to go to the Olympic offices (near Sepulveda) the next morning. I rearragned a legit job interview (I am unemployed and my situation allowed me the extra time to pursue this), and I went. The woman with whom I spoke said she liked my headshots, I just appeared to have talent and had I taken extensive acting classes? Then, she told me that my headshots were not usable and that I needed their "life shots" taken for $300 down and an additional $595 later. I told her that I have never heard of an agency extracting money from potential actors and that I am out of work right now. Even if I wanted to, I don't have $800 to throw at them. She told me that when I decided to get serious about acting, to let her know. She also said she could "help" me and that if I insisted on using my own headshots, I could pay $150. I walked out. She followed me, asking me to give her a hug. (During my interview, I told her that I am in the legal field. She immediately said she is trying to become a paralegal, could I help her?) This is an absolute scam. If they aren't extracting monies from you, they are wasting time. I didn't lose cash, but I lost two days and a legitimate interview. Also, as a hook, during the first interview wherein the man said NO MONEY was solicited by them AT ALL, the man also said that if you want to work for $100-250 a day, not to waste their time. They only deal with payment for a day's work from $[protected] or it would not be worth it to them. All lies. They want your $895. Period.

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  • Ly
      Jul 24, 2010

    you are right they tryed to take me for money, what a dump I left and told them to open there window and jump out also I told the guy when he gets home at nite he should kill himself and his family

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  • Mo
      Aug 26, 2010

    I have tried to take this agency to small claims court to get them to refund my money. I too had fallen for this scam, as I was starting out in the entertainment industry and didn't know much about it at the time.These people are pathetic and have no influence in the entertainment industry and will do anything to cover there own pathetic [censor]. Much to my dismay, the judge didn't have 'any' experience in entertainment labor violations laws and believed the lies that got spewed by Mr. Kurt Clements.My hope Is that one day this agency goes the same route as many other agencies that have done this scam on the public, or goes bankrupt from a class action lawsuit.Yet my offer still stands that if someone knows about a class action suit against this agency, please email me at [protected]
    thank you, Jalleh

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  • Mo
      Sep 24, 2011

    They are a complete scam agency. They are very unprofessional and make you pay for photos with their own photographer. Then if you get a job, they deduct at least half of your pay and claim its from various deductions. Do not sign up with them. Kurt clemens is the owner and he was originally under Model Management. They are nothing but scammers trying to take your money. Very unprofessional and a terrible agency.

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  • Cr
      Oct 20, 2011

    I think this email pretty much sums up how low class this "agency" is:

    Last email for request to complete your profile


    I wanted to say I cannot see your photos in your profile. I will give you until the end of the month to have it completed. If not I will assume you are to busy to be with the agency.

    You have missed the following Submission as of today.

    Bonner Group

    St. Regis Hotel

    Internal Pitch


    Red Lazer

    Coca Cola Zero

    Barnes and Noble

    Project shark

    Price Lin


    Flash Mob




    Plus man more… Let’s make some money

    Question please email me or call.



    Booking Department

    Wild Models Talent Agency

    Los Angeles: [protected]

    New York: [protected]

    San Francisco: [protected]

    Print * Music Videos* T.V. Commercials*Film* Non-Union*Union

    Email: [protected]

    Follow us on Twitter :!/Wildagency

    Like us on Facebook:

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  • Mo
      May 03, 2012

    I had a stinking suspicion this was a scam. Would have considered taking my kids, but not after reading all that is posted on here. Thanks for all the posts.

    Here is the email that I receive from them

    We received your email and photos. We are interested in your look and want to see you in person to discuss your marketing ability and potential for WMTA to represent you.

    We are a Booking Agency for Commercials, TV, Print, Film, Music Videos, SAG, Aftra and Non-Union projects. We do not charge any upfront fee, registration fee, or for photos. Again, we are a booking agency taking commission only on your bookings.

    Open Auditions for this invitation will be on:

    Saturday, May 19, 2012 anytime between 3 pm to 8 pm

    Sunday May 20, 2012 anytime between 10 am to 1 pm


    Embassy Suites San Francisco Airport - South San Francisco

    250 Gateway Boulevard, South San Francisco, California, United States 94080

    1- Call confirmation line – [protected].
    2- Prepare a Disk with your best 7 images: Head shot, Full body, ½ body, for me to keep; you must also have a hard photo to attach on your application.
    3- Come to the Appointment. Dress casual nice. Bring laptop if you have one.

    For Children:

    1 - Ages 0 to 17 should have an entertainment work permit. Parents, please work on this process if you do not have that in order.

    2 - Ages 1 to 8 Photos – Parent, please shoot with a Digital Camera 5 Looks - fun, cute, full of energy.

    3 - Parents you are the photographer so have fun and shoot images with cute looks - Casual, Dressy, Fun, Hats… Think fun kids stuff… Smiley!!!

    1 - If you are not a citizen, you must have a work permit.
    2 - You must live in the San Francisco area to make auditions.
    3 - If we sign you, it is a non-exclusive agreement and there is no upfront fee to be represented by us. We take commission only when you are booked.
    4 - After you sign, we will market and promote you. You will have a booker who will work with you to get you auditions and bookings.

    Like us on Facebook:


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  • Az
      Oct 23, 2013

    Personally... I can't say anything bad about Wild Models.
    I just emailed Kurt to discontinue my representation with Wild.
    & the reason for me leaving has nothing to do with the credibility of their agency.
    I just signed on with an exclusive rep. But i must say that in the past 4 months of being with Wild..
    I had 6 auditions & 2 were call backs. 4 more auditions, then my pro Manager & Theatrical agent landed me.
    So all in all, wild is legitimate & did a better job then my present high quality reps.
    Say what you will, but unless you have worked personally, (which i hope many of you have).
    Please don't believe the hype or bad relations lesser talent has had with a company, when based on their bad opinions & work ethics.

    Oh & i spent no money with them, or had to change anything for the agency. Then again, i keep up with my profiles & i am a working actor in the industry

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  • Mo
      Aug 28, 2014

    I 100% agree with these complaints. This unethical agency and I will be happy the day they get shut down by the D.A which has been chasing them for yrs and the ### that has running the agency has been skirting the law for yrs by changing the name of this agency dozens of times and giving the business board fake documents (As I told through the D.As office) to validate his business, I had an unfortunate encounter yesterday when I received a harrasing email telling me to take my complaint down, (From one of the wilds reps) as far as I am concerned this person can kiss my ### or give me a refund for extorting me of $895 + getting conned to buy more photos for $75. Such as life I guess - Jalleh

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  • Wi
      Oct 21, 2014


    Tuesday October 21st 2014

    Wild Models Talent Agency was not, is not and will never be a scam.

    Wild Models just like Elite Models, Ford Models, Next Model Management, ICM, CAA, William Morris/Endeavour, is a legitimate licensed and bonded agency.

    Wild Models was once an Advanced Fee Talent Agency that also required to have the proper licensing and bonding through the Industrial Commission. This allowed agencies to sell picture packets to the people that required tools for agency representation. This included at the time Head shots, Comp Cards, Zed Cards, Resume Construction etc. All the tools are serious talent would need to be able to marketed and need for bookings.

    In 2009 The Industrial Commission discontinued allowing agencies to be an advanced fee talent agency with the new regulations taking effect in January 2010..

    In response to the Ms. Jalleh Doty's complaint above with Wild Models Talent Agency. She did purchase a Model Package on 4/29/09 that included the Photographer, Studio Rental, Proof sheets, Make up artist, Hair Artist, Stylist, 4 Looks, 100 CompCards and the 10 page agency portfolio book for $895.00. She picked up signed off that she was 100% satisfied with her package and moved to the booking department. The Agency submitted her on 100’s of submissions and received many requested auditions. Some in the range of $24, 000 dollars. This is a business of Requests and Talent. We submit and work on over 100 project per day and booking Major National Commercials, Music Video, & Print project form BMW, Walmart, JLO and 1000’s of other projects.
    ( You can visit our official website for more on our projects ) From there it is you, your skills, your talent, your personality and what you show the casting director. What she did we will never know as we supplied and deliver what we agreed.

    When the law came in 2010, Jalleh Doty (16 month after she purchased the package) tried to sue Wild Models.
    We went to court and produced the proper documents, licensees, agreements that we were in our legal bounds.
    Reference for this case:
    Los Angeles Superior Courts
    CASE# 10W01075

    After that, Jalleh started to post negative about Wild agency.

    As our on line presence and reputation is important to us we did contact Ms.Jalleh ( thinking after 4 years enough time has passed) that she would remove the negative comments that are untrue. None the less that resulted in another negative posting that she placed, even in lieu of the a judgment entered in the court of law. She is still stating wrongful, misleading, malicious and slanderous information regarding our firm.

    You may also look us up on The Better Business Bureau.

    None the less, We are NOT a scam. We are a legitimate talent agency with agents representing over 1200 clients.

    If you are researching us because you received an email from a representative, Thank you for doing your part to make sure we are a fit for you.

    Please fell free to contact our Main Headquarters in Beverly Hills at 310.526.3263 for any further questions or concerns.

    Thank you.

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  • Fl
      Dec 15, 2018

    @Wild Models Talent Agency


    You must think people are stupid. Go to hell.

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  • Al
      Jun 17, 2019

    @fly180 this is just dumb, you have to pay the BBB money to become accredited, most businesses are not BBB accredited so what are you gonna do not buy from them? why even post this nonsense?

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  • No
      May 01, 2015

    Looked up Wild Models Talent Agency on The Better Business Bureau and found this:

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  • Im
      Jul 03, 2015

    I totally agree with you. Not all the agencies will charge the money. if i'm not wrong only they charge for first time for photo-shoot to highlight models profile and showcase on their website. This is what imodelsholdings do.

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  • Ke
      Mar 12, 2016

    I have been working with Kurt and Wild Models since about 2010 and have never had a problem with them. They send me out on auditions constantly (several times a month, usually once a week) and I have booked two non-Union jobs with them that paid very well (the first one was a Virgin mobile commercial with a one-year option that paid $4500 (less deductions). They do charge 20%, which is higher than a franchised agent (I am now SAG), but they are allowed to do that because they are a non-franchised agency. However, 20% of $4500 is better than 10% of nothing, which is what my SAG-approved franchised agent has gotten me. Although they have suggested I get new/more pictures, I have not been able to afford it yet, and have felt no further pressure from Kurt to do this. I don't understand all the complaints here, because I have found them to be very up-front, honest and direct with me.

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