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Wig and Hair Direct / Fraud practices publicized

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First the company is very unprofessional they are quick about taking your money but slow in shipping product as well as responding to any inquiries about your order. I had to wait a week in some cases just to hear that my product was shipped out and this is after they had charged my credit card a week prior. But the kicker is that they refused to refund your money if you do not like the product. I ordered from this merchant and did not like the product, was told I would have to return the
order within 5 business days of receipt. I did that, the item was shipped back to them and received on 2-3-07. I was told by merchant that I would have a refund check sent to me with 4 business days. On 2-16-07 I contacted them because I did not receive a check the representative name Sharon responded and said it was mailed out on 2-9-07 and I should receive it soon if not to contact them. I contacted them on 2-20-07 regarding nonreceipt of refund check. As of date I have not received check nor a reply regarding the refund of my money. I guess this is because I promised them that if they did not stop telling me the check was in the mail, I was going to report them to BBB along with filing a police report on them, since that last email on 2-20-07 I have not heard a word regarding anything and certainly have not seen a check not even a piece of paper resembling a check from this company. Mind you the only means of contact is through email since they do not list a phone number. Hindsight, had I really investigated and recognized that I would have never done business with this low-class operation.

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  • Ju
      3rd of Apr, 2011
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    Thanks for this report... I was about to sign up but am opting out... Thanks again...

  • Al
      19th of Jul, 2012
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    I have been a consumer of hair direct, (Bainbridge, Pa.) for the last 4 years and I have had no problems. They are quick to offer assistance with a hair tech. They are quick to respond with any issues and have replaced any unit I have had any problems with when the unit arrived from the factory with any issues. Of course the replacements take about 6 weeks and they always put a rush on them. But this can be expected as all my units are custom made. I would ask around before I would consider any company, not only Hair Direct. I am paying the same amount for a full custom 12 inch long unit from Hair Direct as I payed for a "Topper" that only covered my crown area from a local hairdresser. The local hairdresser who specializes in "Toppers" was poorly educated for someone who has been in the business for over 20 years dealing in hair replacement for women. Not only did the woman "Torch" my head with a citrus adhesive remover, (even after I previously told her I was allergic to anything citrus based), but she also scrubbed the daylights out of my severely sensitive scalp and I left in tears after being charged 90 bucks for her just to remove the topper and rebond it. With HAir Direct, I do it all myself, remove, clean, and reattach. They have excellent customer service and like I said, if I have any problems whatsoever even just asking silly questions, they answer them and remain professional at all times. I realize the poster here has posted several years ago and I am not disputing their claims as I can only speak of my own experience with this company. But, I would advise anyone to check out the website for Hair Direct as they do have a forum for not only customers of Hair Direct but also for anyone who has issues with hair loss. They also have numerous helpful videos and how-tos for everyone.

  • Da
      27th of Feb, 2013
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    Hair Direct is pretty good so far but my real concern is that they lie "every time" as to when my hair piece will arrive. It has never been earlier then 8 weeks and god forbid you order around Chinese New Year, then it's 10 weeks. Avoid Jan and Feb. When I belonged to Hair Club their hair pieces lasted 6-8 weeks. HD lasts 2 months before you need repair or replacement.

  • Jo
      13th of Dec, 2013
    -1 Votes

    HD has MANY fake accts on their forums and Bill is quick to remove any post that he doesn't like and will TRY and remove any negative press on the internet if he can, His hair pieces are junk and he makes most of his money off of his hair products butv PLEASE
    don't take my word for it, Place an order yourself and se what you get :0)

  • Ge
      10th of Dec, 2014
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    Johnny Dollar is one hundred percent right. My last unit was complete junk and cut so poorly that I couldn't wear it. They try to make the customer feel as if the problem is their fault when the unit doesn't fit or the hair is chopped so badly. I was told to go to another vendor because they obviously can't satisfy me. When numerous units don't fit and the hair is cut too short and chopped, it isn't the customer who should be told to bear the responsibility. HD's quality control is virtually non existent and they will never document their mistakes on your file.

  • Bu
      31st of Dec, 2014
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    Are you guys referring to I have looked at their website dozens of times over the last 6 years but have yet to place a purchase. I've been waiting for real reviews from actual customers on YouTube and such but haven't found anyone reviewing their product. That raises a red flag for me. I really hate to find that they have a poor quality product and treat their customers like that because I was going to place an order for one to try it out. But again, I'm finding myself on the fence about it. Especially now after reading the comments above!

    I understand nobody will have a perfect product. I was with HCM for like 5 months before I finally cancelled them because it was too damn expensive and way too high of maintenance work and time consumed for office visits!

    But if the comments above are true, I may just go back to HCM and swallow their enormous fees they have. Atleast at the time, I was getting a good product and people never knew I was wearing one when I was with them.

    *Attached is a photo of me with my very first HCM hair system in late 2006. Was happy with the product, just not the price!

  • Bu
      31st of Dec, 2014
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    Looks like the photo didn't take in my previous post! Trying again!

  • Ca
      23rd of Mar, 2015
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    Its a good company

  • Ha
      13th of Sep, 2015
    -1 Votes

    I have been using Hair Direct since 1988 and have never had a problem that was not immediately resolved. I had some tangling issues a few years ago when they changed factories but they were quick to address the problem and replaced the unit. I changed to Hair Direct after using several other companies that'd offered inferior units at twice the price. After using Hair Direct for over 25 years I am 100% pleased with their products and service. I would not hesitate to recommend them to friends.

    H Edwards,

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