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White Oak Publishing Co. / fraud

Baltimore, MD, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 410-764-7471
In August 2008, they sent me a letter saying they would like to print my poem. They said I could buy a book of poetry that it would be published in. I ordered two books and put them on my Mastercard. In the meantime, I moved to another state, but left my forwarding address with P.O. I did not receive any books and could not fine any reference to the Co. on line. Finally my son found a link to them and forwarded it to me along with the phone number. The first of Nov. I called and they claimed books had been sent to wrong zip code and they would send them to my new address. I t is now Nov. 11 and I still have not received any books. I would appreciate the law stepping in and stop people like this from taking money from gullible old folks like me. It is not like I have a lot of it and ever wasted dollar HURTS,
Thank you. Dorothy Heiss


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  12th of Nov, 2008
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I Rafael have worked with you personally to resolve the issue with your book and has been shipped out. Thank you for your patience.
We at White Oak Publishing have been working to get out all orders.
  17th of Nov, 2008
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Hello, My name is Joe and I'm with White Oak Publishing. We have been trying to satisfy this customer. We did in fact mail out books
to her -even extra books. We accidentally published one of her other poems instead of the poems she wished. We are now refunding her payment.
  26th of Nov, 2008
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I also have received an email from White Oak Publishing claiming that they will be publishing one of my poems. It has been a little more then a month now and i have emailed them back multiple times and still had no contact. I am extremely disappointed. I would really like to either get the law involved or at least get my refund back please. Please contact me through via email at jvolker1028@gmail.com thank you.
  4th of Dec, 2008
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I have had the same exact thing happen to me. I submitted a poem and they sent me a letter saying that my poem could be published in a book and I could buy the book if I wanted. I sent them them $24.99 in June. I thinking that this would make an awesome christmas gift. I found the number online and called November 26th. I was told that they the book was shipped but they had my wrong zip code. I'm not sure how they messed it up because they sent the letter to the write place. So I gave my correct address and zip code and even verified it again before hanging up. I was told they would expadite the shipping. Today is December 4th and I have not received anything. Everytime I try calling back I get the voice mail. I have left 3 messages and I have not gotten a responce. What can we do about this?
  5th of Dec, 2008
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I just got a letter in the mail stating that they want to publish my poem. i haven't given them any money or anything back yet. i just want to know...has anyone actually gotten books from them? If not, then it is a scam and i am not going to send anything. I want to know and i want proof. there are too many problems i have seen and complaints that make me skeptical. If the person who started this complaint gets their book...i want to know and if it is for real! Thanks!
  5th of Dec, 2008
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Read this: http://www.todays-woman.net/poetry-scams-47.html.

Do your research people...i am gald i did. i just save some money and stress! SCAM!
These people just print it. I also read somewhere...white oak publishing is just a printing company and is not in any way a part of poetry america.com.
These scam artists are taking your money! They must be stopped! Jail time would be sufficient! Either they need to live up to what they are doing or contact everyone they got excited and refund their money. You should be ashamed of yourselves. and anyone who says they have received their books is probably working for them and just saying that to give you hope. protect your bank accounts! also...if you do ever order something and have to send money...send a money order
  18th of Dec, 2008
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This company isn't a scam...I did the same as the rest..Sent in a poem, a couple months later I got an e-mail saying they wanted to publish it and about a month ago I bought one book allowing them to do so. I actually just received my book in the mail!!! It has my name on it and everything! Sooo maybe they just had problems with the few of you who have not yet received your books! Hope this helps!
  3rd of Jan, 2009
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my name is C.L. Malone I am indeed a publised aouthor of two books and some poems, I have worked with white oak and have let them put some of my things in there books. I have always goten my copys.never a problem. for you that are just geting in to the world of being an aouthor I know it can be hard out there and it dose take time, there is a lot od bums in the road, and at times it seems to much, but hang in there.if you are willing to hold on it will all turn out.it took me 7 years.but now i have a new book coming out called Stiletto Diaries, and we are talking about big time movie tipe thing. so hold onand belive with in you're self. white oak is a good thing. see you the best salers list. hang in there, do not give up
  24th of Jan, 2009
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My name is M E Quinn and I guess I like all the other people fell for a scam taking advantage of those you love to write poetry and would love to be able to see their work in a book. My check was sent on 12/14/08 and cashed on 12/22/08 and I haven't heard one word from them and now I think I know why. They never had an intention to published a book with my poem in it.
I like to know one thing, how did they get a copy of my poems because I had contacted with them a few time about a poem I entered in a contest on Poetry.com? Is this some kind of partnership they have going between the companies. How do we fight this and get either our money back of the book we paid for.
  1st of Feb, 2009
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My daughter was so happy that one of her poems was going to be published. I ordered the book for her for Christmas and it never came. I called the number to check on the order and the number is disconnected. I'm going to report this company to the better business buero. I would like to get the book for her but if that isn't going to happen I would like my money back. I think this company should be closed down. Do they even understand what they could be doing to young kids that the only outlet they have is writting and to be screwed over by a company like this. Everyone that works for this company should be ashamed of them selfs. You really don't understand what your company could be doing to these kids. I hope this makes you stop and think about what you are doing and get the books out to them or give them there money back. I will be contacting my lawyer and having my lawyer contact this company.It was the one gift that my daughter wanted more then anyting and I couldn't even give it to her.
  9th of Feb, 2009
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They got me too $92.90 for six books Visa is gonna get them...
  17th of Feb, 2009
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I agree with "Very Upset Mom". I also am a very upset mom. My thoughts were exactly the same about what they are doing to young kids. Getting their hopes up and then crushing their dreams. I found out my check was deposited into a bank in Florida and the company letterhead had an address in Maryland. I have written a letter to the Attorney General in the states of Florida, Maryland, & Washington because that is where we live. I am also going to contact the local news station to let them get the word out more widely. I am thankful I only bought 1 book. I am more angry about what they did to my daughter then in losing the money. I feel they are preying on young children no different then a pedofile does. They should be procecuted!!!
  17th of Feb, 2009
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I STRONGLY beleive the 2 comments above from "deyberge & C L Malone" are representatives of the company that have run this SCAM. Look at the way things are misspelled. It totally looks like obvious misspellings. There are too many and some of the misspelled words are more then obvious. They are trying to come across like a young person. I don't believe for 1 minute that two out of thousands have received the promised books. I really hope nobody actually believes those comments. Again another SCAM!!!
  22nd of Dec, 2009
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IF Harry Keane is involved with White Oak Publishing, that is the clue. I live in irving and this is where Harry grew up. He stole from so many people here that he got run off and has continued to rip folks off every where he goes. See the [redacted] about this someone posted. Just type in "harry keane" and look at the report posted 12-22-09 look at all the other posts on Keane. He is a thief. That's all he does is steal from people. i went to the web and found this photo of him too in case someone needs to see
  15th of Jan, 2010
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Cl malone is delusional. She's been harassing me with private messages telling me I'm someone else. Since that's a paranoid fantasy, her posts may be fantasies too.
  17th of Jan, 2010
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What's the matter, Malone? No response? No proof that I'm one of these Keane people you're accusing me of being? No proof that I posted a message telling people not to call the numbers you posted?

THAT is proof that you've been harrassing me and lying about me.

Note to "Harry Keanes smarter brother" -- that goes for you, too. You're not smarter than dirt. Why are you two harassing innocent people, instead of going after these Keane people? Answer THAT!
  20th of Jan, 2010
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Malone gets more lunatic by the day. Lying about me saying she had posted this idiot Keane's ss number -- prove it! Show me the post!

cl malone View all correspondence
5 hrs 43 mins ago once you come forword and give your real name,
untill then I do not belive you are not becky. some one told me you where indeed becky. she has the e- mail stating you are.
I will not take down anything untill a juge orders me to it is all my opp and i have the right to it. and what i posted is not elegal. my att told me so.
I also see where you and harry state i posted his ss number you show me where. i posted it. if not that is slander.
you need to know that i will never drop this aginst harry or you becky. EVER, get it.
now this can go to court with me and the ip add can and will be proven on who you. so we will see what ip add this comes back to with in the month.
so all this will be going to court with me and the reast of the ones that are seeking jastis aginst becky and harry
  22nd of Jan, 2010
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Malone said she could prove from my ID address that I'm Harry/Becky. And yet, she doesn't post this "proof." Just another liar and hypocrite. Hey, Malone, have you considered a career in politics?
  23rd of Jan, 2010
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Now, here's a scenario that would explain a lot:
There really is a CL Malone out there somewhere, who has a case against this Keane character. So, Keane comes on this board, using the ids "cl malone" and "harry keanes smarter brother, " to make her look like a raving idiot (and very successfully, too). Then, if anything gets to court, he'll use these posts to try to undermine her credibility.
So, are "cl malone" and "harry keanes smarter brother" really Harry/Becky? They certainly haven't proven that they're not!

This is a desperate attempt to discredit Carole Malone.and the numerous other people who have complained against Harry and Becky by Becky/Harry's sock puppets. However she is not the one with the sock puppets. She plainly has here name on her account unlike Harry and Becky's numerous sock puppet accounts. Becky and Harry use the following names that they originally created for people they were in the process of coning. But once they did they came clean and confessed. Here is a partial list below.

Tired_of_Stupid-Becky Purcell and Harry Keane

Paranormal Justice - this use to be a person who made complaints against harry who closed his account to use his real name. Harry started using it

Paranormal Troll He was using this account Harry told him what to say.

UncleMobster Harry wants to me a mobster since they scared the piss out of him when he tried to steal money.

The Doctor Harry

Perission Publicist Becky

Also I would add if these comments were indeed false why have you lied on your resume and claimed you worked in the film industry. ALL your references have been checked out and they all deny you ever doing anything in film.The Stuntmen association, tafp, sag. all have said you are not listed with them. Idmb has you resume but you pay for that to be on there. But you have no listing on IDMB??? Only people who have done things on IDMB are listed you are not. Now what about the multiple documents all proven legit exposing your scams?? The reaosn you are attacking Malone?? She has thoroughly esxposed you, why else haven't you gone against anyone else. Also in message boards people make comments but if you indeed were not Becky and Harry why are you creating post and comments if you have not an interest in the bad publicity??? Also why have you not shown any production video, credit on a film or commercial on your site?? Your done!!! put a fork in you, your a liar, a con, a horrible parent, a adulterous pot belly googly eyed ### who wasn't smart enough to know people can see clearly through your schemes. Now have a good time in jail!!
  24th of Jan, 2010
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So, ANYBODY who criticizes ANYTHING you say automatically must be Harry/Becky. Because of course, you and malone (if you are indeed two separate people) are SO perfect that no one could legitimately criticize anything you say or do!
When is the canonization ceremony?

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