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Re Dec 27, 2015
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12/24/2015 - My Job has been a total pain in my butt since a certain someone returned back to Wendy's from being fired for stealing. Every since then some people have been getting treated a little unfairly due to the two people she treats like gold.! Its unexceptionable in a work environment because its hard to maintain a job when your treating it like and outside friend environment instead of an actual work place environment. Thursday 12-24-2015 I got volunteered to work until close which was like at 7 pm, two or three hours after my normal shift but its the fact that I didn't ask to neither did I get asked if I wanted to, its the fact that when we got slow and had been slow since I clocked in I asked to leave at my normal time which was 5 pm I was told no and that if I leave ill be suspended for a whole week. But in return she let the two main people that she treats like gold who asked to stay and close go home around 330 that same day. So its a favoritism issue when it hasn't been like that. 12-26-2015 I texted my General Manager as well as another Manager and also left a note in the office to let or ask them if it would be possible for me to leave around 2:00 pm or before 2:30 pm so I could come back 45 minutes away to pick up my cousins so they could make the bus stop in Texarkana before 3:30 pm, I asked several times after drive thru slowed down and it was clear, the general manager kept ignoring me, it took another manager to ask her for her to say no so in regards I had to drive way to Irving Texas to take them home after I got off of work at 5 pm. I got stuck due to a tornado that occurred last night. 12-27-2015 I had a manager text me as well as call me asking if I was coming to work (I never work Sundays NEVER) I have a set schedule of Monday - Saturday 11 am - 5 pm, She said I was put on the schedule from 10:30 - 5 pm and I told her I wasn't informed of that, No I don't check the schedule for the simple fact I have a set schedule Monday - Saturday regardless if we was off Christmas day I wasn't informed that I had to work that Sunday so now I'm suspended for a whole week because she chooses to act different towards me. I find it difficult to believe because in the whole year I've almost been there I never been late, always come dressed in my full uniform, I do my job and others if I did miss a day it was once or twice or even the week I had carpel tunnel surgery on my right hand I still came back to work when in return I was suppose to be off for a whole month... I run circles around half the people she has in there. Sometimes I'm stuck doing maybe 3 jobs at one time. Making sandwiches, dropping/Preparing Fries as well as Bagging food. And I get suspended because I wasn't informed I had to work Sunday due to my SET schedule as well as being stuck in Texas due to a tornado that actually touched down and destroyed some properties.

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