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Wendy Timmons / Thrive / Scam Artist

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Wendy Timmons is running an event scam where she advertises really nice locations for her events, then switches it at the last moment after everyone is already there or in en route to a different location at a much lower caliber. She's pocketing the money and conned her event planner out of 16k and refused to pay multiple people who worked for her including videographers, web masters, web designers. She takes the money as it comes in and uses it to pretend she has an extravagant lifestyle. She owes multiple people referral fees and wages for helping with these events.

Jun 13, 2016

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  • An
      28th of Jun, 2016
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    All of this is true. She has also taken money from people (including me) who pre ordered her book, which I am sure she never even wrote! While running her event "Thrive" there was an option to attend the event virtually. The virtual event didn't happen and people were not reimbursed. I hope she will be prosecuted for stealing.

  • Dn
      29th of Jun, 2016
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    Hello. I am quite surprised at some of the feedback Wendy has received. I paid to attended a Thrive event in San Francisco. Everyone I met seemed to be having a great time. When we had our final session we had an opportunity to have hot seat time. Everyone there received numerous amounts of personalized feedback. There were many revelations, so many happy tears of joy, and honestly some sadness that the event was ending. It was one of the most empowering events I’ve been to in years. It felt like everyone else was having a similar experience.

    You can imagine how confused I am seeing a change of heart a couple weeks after the event. The feedback is contrary to the Wendy I’ve known my whole life. We met at church when we were little kids. I’ve always known her as giver, thinking of others, and striving to make the world a better place.

    The only thing I am waiting on from her is her book, which I was the first to buy a copy. As someone who is writing their own book, I understand they take time to finish, if you want them done right (I’ve received ‘books’ from some people for far more money that weren’t well organized or edited). I have stayed in touch with Wendy and she has given me updates on her progress.
    It is a shame there are some two-faced individuals out there in this world. It is truly a shame they swim in the world of those working to empower themselves. I can’t believe I met some attendees at that event who seemed so nice and sincere only to be turn out to be really vindictive.

  • St
      30th of Jun, 2016
    0 Votes

    A good book takes time to write and she has sent me chapters to read so I am not worried that it isn't being written.
    I have known Wendy for several years and she has been completely open about her life. Never has she ever made it sound or look extravagant.
    As a volunteer helper for the Thrive movement, I can say that all the contracts never reached Wendy. The event planner wrote and signed them herself so, legally, the event planner is responsible. They were also not very transparent contracts and so I am not surprised that there is confusion. If she had made sure to have Wendy read and sign them herself as it was her event, this would not have been the case.
    New York City was a great success and many people wrote raving reviews about it, they even came again to the San Fran and many were planning to go to Paris. I am very surprised by how differently everyone is acting weeks later.

  • Ja
      9th of Aug, 2016
    0 Votes

    Hi Stardust!

    Do you know that she never traveled the world? Well she did but working on a cruise hired help. Also the 2 Million dollar check she received from Microsoft was $55, 000. Or that she didn't write any of the material on Broadway, she stole it from the other writers. Additionally she was running an Air B n B scam out of her apt (which is a pathetic dump with multiple complaints).

    I actually shot the footage at Thrive in San Francisco and she didn't pay us the full money that we agreed upon. She didn't pay the event planner as well, shes out 16k. Additionally, she switched the venue at the last second from rooftop bar to a slimy hotel room for the meet and greet. She did the same "last minute" venue switch in NYC as well.

    She's not honest, she steals from people and she runs the event scams to fund her personal livelyhood. She's not writing a book because the Entrepreneur next door is already a book. She's stealing the material. Also she uses her dog as bait to strike up conversations to con people out of investing in her.

    Also she didn't pay any of the staff in NYC Thrive event because she closed out the accounts at the last minute. Just like she did in San Fran. The Parc 55 KICKED HER OUT of the hotel because she didn't pay them . I called the cops, trying to have her arrested and she immediately broke down into tears, and claimed she was an undercover FBI agent. She is a con artist and deserves to go to jail. I released a video on my Facebook Page that can be found here:

    Please read the comments and you will find the HUNDREDS of people got ripped off from her dating YEARS BACK. Her dad is a con-artist, she has conned her sister out of thousands and her family is disgraced. Her entire life is a life. All of it. There was no Broadway play, not that she produced, her friend produced it. There was no money, no investments and she has NEVER keynoted. The one she brags about in France was when she attend and her friend keynoted. All of it is a lie.

  • Ka
      10th of Oct, 2017
    0 Votes

    Whoa Nelly!
    Wendy Timmons is still scamming this time in France. It is unfortunate that the people involved with her are either not intelligent enough to Google those they do business with or just do not care.
    Nina Urman has to be an idiot to plan an event with a woman who is a scam. So many of us have been contacted and done our due diligence to find that yes, Wendy Timmons is a scam artist who intimidates people and lies about FBI connections she does not have. Just like her modeling lies and everything else. In her own words:

    The fact that so many women are a party to this fraud astound me. Women who are working with Wendy Timmons who are not bright enough to google her and contact the many people she scammed or just do not care are many. They are:
    Sabrina Miller Success Coach
    Fianna Jordan International Relations
    Anna Sideri Yoga
    Lina Pigadioti-Tzima Artist
    Melissa Caldwell Engle Healing Springs Ranch
    Sumana Arun Kumar, Singer and Songwriter
    Rachel Graham Healing Springs Ranch
    Poonam Malpani Artist and Dancer
    Daraja Asili
    Shannon Dimermanas
    Heather Marlkle Business Strategist
    Koysta Stoyanoff Spiritual Guide
    Connie-Lee Bennett Holistic Psychotherapist
    Shanah Tervanna Author and Professor
    Jess Grippo Dancer Creativity Coach
    Janelle Patterson International Chef
    Krista Komondor Comedian
    Michelle Eades Past Life Expert

    All of these individuals have failed to address their involvement with Wendy Timmons. I guess with Nina Urman, the show must go on so she can make the money.

    I feel bad that Nina is unwilling to admit that she was conned by a woman whom many believe to be a sociopath. Instead of dealing with this she believes all of Wendy's lies.

  • Ka
      10th of Oct, 2017
    0 Votes

    Shannah Trevenna oops typo

  • Ka
      10th of Oct, 2017
    0 Votes

    Nina Urman is a con artist who refuses to spend the money to even hire a private investigator to address this issue. She could simply reach out and contact her victims but prefers to believe a sociopath like Wendy Timmons. We get it, it is not fun to admit you have been conned out of money. But Nina is a woman who should at the least get to the bottom of this. Everyone else knows Wendy is a fraud but Nina, perhaps for the money, just does not want to address this.

    A full report on this including analysis of Nina Urman's complicity will soon be posted.

  • To
      27th of Oct, 2018
    0 Votes

    Any updates to all of the accusations from so many people? Charges been filed? Lawsuits?

  • Ph
      17th of Jan, 2019
    0 Votes

    I can verify that she is a scam artist too. She scammed myself and two of my friends out of money we paid her to book a trip on one of her radical sabbaticals to Greece in 2018. She never had a trip planned, and canceled the day before we were to leave. She stole $3, 300 from us. I knew her as Wendy Elizabeth, as that’s the name she uses on Facebook where we met originally. Look for her in travel groups on Facebook, that’s where she finds unsuspecting women to scam.

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