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Beware once again Wendy Smith is back but going under a different name, and city. Her new name is Wen Wang on and she changed her location to BURKE, VA 22039. Your a con artist Wendy Smith! You may change your name and location but you will always be a neglectful Ragdoll breeder no matter what new name you use. How dare you call me an idiot for choosing that cat when YOU SENT ME A PICTURE OF THAT CAT! I drove miles and hours to come get that CAT! So why would I change my mind and leave with another cat? Instead of sending a picture saying he is a sweet loving cat the same thing you posted on felines4us, lying saying lapcat you should of sent a picture with notice that your cat is not friendly and don't buy from you. Because now your admitting to selling unfriendly cats. Cats develop traits from their owner and no wonder the cat was not friendly... Your not friendly nor sorry. You know why Im just now hearing you say it wasnt a nice cat because you wanted to sale him without informing me of his problems. That is what cat breeders do they sale cats. But what makes you so rotten and different from other cat breeders you sale cats that ARE INFESTED WITH FLEAS! You don't think, you dont make sense your talking crazy. The entire point that you are missing is that all of this could of been avoided if you practiced honesty. You claim your a pet lover, true pet lovers see their kittens and animals scratching up a storm and TAKE ACTION! You claim you didnt know, you knew but you just didn't care. You should refund ALL my money back for everything you put me through. Wendy it's called saying your sorry, apologizing for your mistake that costed me tons of money. The fleas made his blood count low and caused tapeworms, and bacteria. Fleas carry disease! Your saying the cat wasn't sick the fleas on him made him SICK! They almost ate him ALIVE! You told me dont worry the fleas wont bite me because the fleas dont bite you or the kids. YES, the fleas did start bitting and attacking me too I flea marks on my ankles and legs. Your home has tons of animals so the fleas have more blood to host on. My home never had any animals so the fleas multiply in numbers very quickly and started biting me and eating the kitten alive. I have thick plush carpet all over my home it became a war and headache getting rid of them You dont care about that because all you want to do is change your name and sale more kittens and call me an idiot. The only reason I am an idiot because I purchased from you without doing research. All of those extra problems became extra expensive. What do you do? You change your name and address to try to scam other people with flea infested ill Ragdolls. Your a CRIMINAL, why would you change your name? Because your concealing the truth. I don't want anyone have to go through what I went through so regardless of what name Wendy Smith changes to next BEWARE! and BE VERY CAREFUL. Hopefully she will change her wrongdoings and sale people healthy Ragdolls or stop breeding Ragdolls period!

Wen Wang Aka Wendy Smith

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  • Lb
      Oct 30, 2012

    I have to disagree with the negative comments above. I purchased a kitten from Wendy Smith on October 27th and he is delightful. By the way he has no fleas and is very loving. We spent several hours with this family and their cats/kittens selecting the one that was just right for us. I chose Wendy because I wanted a pet not a show cat and I thought the price was reasonable.
    I must say that the comments seem personal here and I hope things work out for each of these individuals. Wendy is from China so there is a language barrier but that does not make her unintelligent. Many kittens are rambunctious and then settle down a few months. I know there was some mention of the cat being sick but I did not see exactly what the cat was sick with. I would like to know so I can be on the lookout for symptoms. Regardless, I hope the kitten in question ends up in a good loving home.

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  • Vo
      Nov 06, 2012

    Wendy Smith is not a Ragdoll breeder she is a Bug Breeder. Furthermore, to answer your question about the kitten that Wendy Smith should of asked about a long time ago, she claims to be such a pet lover. The kitten is in a very loving clean home, well feed, and groomed daily, no thanks to Wendy Smith and her husband. You want to know the reason why the kitten is in a good home? Because of My time, My money, My personal care, My cleaning and applying expensive Advantage monthly, going back and forth to the vet when I should be at my job working. Taking off of work for My kitten. Paying for pet hotels while My home is filled with harmful chemicals to kill off the nasty fleas that Wendy Smith sold to me. So yes, this complaint is very personal because she personally made me and others suffer for the love of money and greed. I am upset that she caused me unnecessary misfortune. Wendy Smith personally put me through hardship over something that could of been avoided if she was a good breeder. To make things worst she doesn't care she blames me like I did something wrong. I too wanted to purchase a pet not a show cat. Instead she sold me a bag of diseases and fleas. She didn't sale me a pet she sold me problems after problems, bills after bills. When you Buy a pet and keep in mind the word Buy a pet. Your buying that pet to add to your family and bring joy to your family and soul. Wendy Smith ruined my joy and tormented my soul and home because I brought painstaking headaches followed by flea bites all over me and my kitten. If I wanted to bring bugs and sick animals into my home I would invite the local stray animals into my home and leave the door wide open for all the strays and fleas to come in. I never wanted to purchase blood sucking insects that carry disease but Wendy Smith sold me blood sucking gross insects. I traveled hours and miles away for this horrible outcome, and Brought once again keep in mind the word Brought which means to spend money towards a pet. I didn't go and adopt a pet, I didn't go and find a pet out the trashcan. I went to Work at my job for hours of my day took my Money that I Earned and Purchased a pet infested with bugs from Wendy Smith. I got nothing but bugs and vet bills from dealing with Wendy Smith blame customer attitude. To make things worst Wendy Smith formed a wicked mouth full of lies when she didn't have to handle it in such a unprofessional way. Blaming PO Boxes, blaming a $30 discount, blaming people who lives in apartments, blaming the kitten for not being friendly, blaming the customer for buying her kitten, calling customers idiots. The right caring thing to do was face the facts and provide a solution to the problem with a simple sorry I will help you for my mistake, that's all Wendy Smith and her husband had to was show concern and take action for something that's their fault. Until you experienced what I went through with the dedication, time, and money getting my kitten healthy and my home to be flea free...shut your mouth you Wendy Smith paid friend/relative. The kitten is loved dearly and innocent, the big flea monster in this entire situation is Wendy Smith and her husband who should consult with his wife about being an honest citizen. She is wrong and they should apologize because they both know they sold flea bags to customers. Go research fleas and just read some of the many statements and testimony of other people who spend months and years wiping out fleas. It's not an easy event so I do indeed feel personal about it all because once again Myself, My family, My pet, My home, and My hard money, My job, My effort, and My time was personally attacked by Wendy Smith the flea breeder. Go to work and earn $400 go to Fairfax Virginia and visit Wendy Smith unclean cattery purchased with your money you worked for a kitten, start thinking your the most luckiest person in the world. Take your kitten home from the bug breeder home and watch your furniture, carpet, bed, closet, living room, guest room, dining room, bathmats, kitchen mats, wall cracks, corners, underneath hard to reach surfaces, drapes and everywhere your new kitten went or slept on get infested with fleas. Watch your lovely peaceful home get swarmed with dirty disease blood sucking creeping nasty fleas. It's called a real live Wendy Smith encounter horror movie featuring millions of fleas and starting one poor kitten and unhappy customers. Vacuuming my home used to take me only 30 minutes now vacuuming my home takes 3 hours or more. You don't know the struggle of lifting couches, beds, and heavy furniture just to get every spot in my home clean of fleas. Not to mention once you get infested with fleas you have to vacuum 3-4 times a week and throw away the bag immediately. Do the math 3-4 times a week I am vacuuming for hours, lifting heavy furniture that has taken a toll on my body and back. You wouldn't understand the effort, and pain on my muscle, and bones Wendy Smith has created for me. Water bill increase when you wash cat bedding and human bedding weekly. None of this was painstaking problems ever existed until I Brought my kitten from Wendy Smith. My mind, body, and health was all well now I am suffering while Wendy Smith and her husband blame the customer and call me names. Start getting bites on your skin and seeing your kitten getting sick from the fleas sucking the life out of him and bringing the kitten illness and pain. Go get help from the vet and spend tons of money to cure your kitten and your home than come back and tell me how that makes you feel that you made a deal and spent your hard earned money with a deceitful cat breeder that turned out to be a bug breeder. Tell me how you feel when you contact that person and they don't help you but suggest you deal with it and it's now your problem. When you really experience that awful situation and have to live in a world with people that will destroy your home and inner peace and life than you will really know the feeling. I care about others and don't want nobody to feel that misery. No reason, no excuse Wendy you made your problem my problem and don't care. You will rep what you sow. Treat others the way you would want to be treated. End of Discussion.

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  • Lb
      Nov 13, 2012

    Hi VoteBecky,
    It sounds like your kitten may be older than mine and so it's not likely they are the from the same litter. I am really sorry you have had such a hard time. I know about fleas and the damage they can do not only to your pets but your life. We had a problems when my sister moved back from Wisconsin with her small dog. It was a real infestation. How is your kitten now? I certainly hope things have improved although I remember it took almost a month to get rid of the fleas. I don't need to see your bills I certainly remember how expensive it was. I just wanted to know what other health problems the kitty may have had so I know if I should be looking out for anything. All I can say for now is that my precious baby is awesome and has had no problems thus far.

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  • Ra
      Jan 08, 2013

    Theres A Lot Of So Called Breeders Out There But Maby They Don't Know The Difference Between A Pet Or a Flea She Probably Meant Fleas For Sale Instead Of Kittens. I Had A Bad Experence A While ago My Self And I Don't Know Why A So Called Breeder Cant tell The Difference Between Responsibilty And Carelessness. Plaine And Simple Animal And Costermer Abuse But Be Sure Of This One Thing If Money Is All Thease So Called Breeders Care About Maby They Should Keep There Fleas And Let A Responsible Breeder Work With Our Kittys And Our Costermers And Let The Money People Breed There Fleas In There Own Home With Out Herting Our Beloved Kittys And Our Beloved Costermers Hord There Money And Stay Alone In The House With Out Kittys And Costermers And Keep There Fleas To there Selfs And See How Some Of Thease So Called Breeders See How They Like It There Self Because They Don't Care about There Animals How Can They Care About There Costermers. Cant Hide From God.

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