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wellpoint nextrx / Hazardous to Healthcare

1 Atlanta, GA, United States Review updated:

My husband and I have just completed our first orders through NextRX and it has been a nightmare. I have made numerous phone calls to NextRX and also to BCBSGA Retail Pharmacy office, and none of their staff are competent enough to work in the healthcare industry. My husband is diabetic, and they all withheld the information that we needed in order to continue to recieve free test strips, as we always through Walgreens and WalMart. Suddenly, NextRX is charging $30 copays for the same test strips, and BCBSGA Retail Pharmacy says that is correct, even though when they each tested the filing system, no copay was pulled as due. They refuse to accept a return of the shipped test strips, and also refuse to refund the copays that were not due. They are billing us for additional money !! Other issues include, poor bad that it took three calls to finally get someone who could explain them. They cannot produce a reconciliation statement at all and will tell you so. NextRX and BCBSGA Retail Pharmacy charged $30 copays on drugs that we received for $4 from Walgreens and WalMart, rather than inform us that they would not honor the $4 copay and allow us to get the meds off plan...a ripoff. BCBSGA Retail Pharmacy representative, Sandra, told me that the record of my previous calls had purged from their system, so there was no record of my prior conversation with her where she neglected to inform me that my husband should order his diabetic supplies from a DME vendor and who that vendor is. Basically, she wanted to let me know that if I complained, there was no paper trail to implicate her. We needed a couple of prescriptions on the weekend because the order from NextRX did not arrive in one package, but were unable to contact anyone for approval and the pharmacist could not contact anyone either. The automated system would not allow the pharmacist at WalMart to fill the prescriptions, because it showed that the order had been filled by mail order. We had to wait until Monday to get the meds filled. I feel as though I am dealing with a drug pusher rather than a pharmacy.

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  • Js
      25th of Mar, 2009
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    I have been a retail pharmacist for 30 years so I thought I knew how to deal with a mail order pharmacy. My wife had asked them to mail us claim forms. We waited almost 3 weeks and no forms came in the mail. We were also told that are not available through the web. I called again and asked to send claim forms and the new customer service rep told me to download them. I will but I am uneasy about having them fill my Rx's if they can't even get mailing claim forms correct

  • He
      28th of Mar, 2009
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    I am forced to use NextRX for my medication. I contacted my insurance "Anthem" several times to complain. I had been going to Walgreens to pickup my medications and am now forced to use this mail order option. Each time "member services" tell me that I have the choice to use my local pharmacy or the mail order option. Each time I attempted to pickup my meds from Walgreens they are told that I must use the mail order option. I was also told by Anthem that I could order 3 months supply and that the drugs would be cheaper. I can only order a 1 month supply and the drugs use to cost me $148.35 from Walgreens and now cost me $197.51 through NextRX. That is a huge increase in price.

    For over 1 year I had been going to Walgreens through work insurance to pickup my meds. When I signed up for the benifts this year I was not told that I would have to use NextRX. I have been dealing with this issue since February and I ran out of meds. Most likely the meds will no longer be effective and I will need to be put on aother type of medication to stay alive.

    I am writing a letter to my State Attorney Generals office to lodge a complaint against my employer, Anthem and NextRX. I am also researching the legal question if your insurance company can just change policy and demand that you use their mail order option. It will be good to file suit and get this overturned. Furthermore, we need more people complaining about this new policy.

  • Ne
      9th of May, 2009
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    I have been filling a painkiller prescription with NextRX for a few years and they sometimes make a mistake
    and will never admit to it. Number 1 have any important prescriptions mailed to you by UPS or Similar,
    it cost $20 more but you will be sure to get them and you have to sign for it. The last prescription I mailed
    to them did not indicate the kind of base (aspirin or tylenol) my Doctor had to fax it to them and they said
    they never received it. I called and begged and pleaded for them to call his office for the information and
    they finally did. I did not have any medication for almost two weeks. Number two: remember they are not
    open on Sundays anymore and if you have no way of checking on whether your prescription has been posted
    or in the process of sending which can take up to ten days and it has many times. I have to send a new
    prescription because the last one did not clarify the base, even though they could find it in their records.
    Do not ASSUME that they are filling your prescription. Number Three: NextRX gets authorization to be
    paid when they post your prescription so if you have a backup prescription at a local pharmacy (WHICH
    YOU SHOULD GET) it will be declined by your insurance company. I sent in two claims, one for 25 pills,
    the other for 48 pills and since the Pharmacist did not call because I knew it would be declined they
    have turned me down on both prescriptions. Make sure the local pharmacy calls it in whether your
    insurance company pays for it or you pay for it. The Claims department (and they can get very nasty)
    told me there were NO records of the local pharmacy calling them and declined my claims. Call NextRX
    many times and talk to different Representatives because some are more knowledgeable and helpful
    then others. I think the best way to cope is get a backup prescription and if you can drive down to
    Baja and get a prescription filled. YOu are only allowed 50 pills to bring into the states, how do you
    like that kind of control. There are 50 pharmacies, and Dentist, ANd Opticians in Algodones Baja Mexico.
    So if anyone needs to see a dentist or optician you can park on the US side and walk over. Check out
    what I am saying on the Internet do not take anything I say as the truth. I am writing this because
    I know that most Americans can not cope with what we have now and President Obama wants the
    government to take over your health care and run it for you. Think about this and do some investigation.
    I love this country but when Americans are forced to go to Mexico or Canada and fill their prescriptions
    there is something VERY WRONG. If anyone has anymore information on NEXTRX please post it. Remember
    you NEED a prescription from you Doctor if you go to Mexico.

  • Bo
      23rd of Jun, 2009
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    NextRx is terrible!!! Employees don't know how to fix problems, answer questions, etc etc. Keep passing me to other departments, which are not the ones to fix the problem, on hold for very loooooong time. Can't believe they can stay in business with their incompetence. Had Caremark as last drug supplier and thought they were not very good, but NextRx sure has them beat for lousy service!!!

  • Wb
      30th of Nov, 2009
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    I agree! I too have had numerous problems with NextRx/Wellpoint. I have a 4yr son with Epilepsy and the last 3 yrs has been on anti-seizure medication...the neurologist faxed a refill Rx for another year, but the Rx was never shipped out...the first 3 times I called NextRx, I was told the Rx was in shipping and was to be shipped out THAT DAY, obviously it wasn't. On the 4th call, the customer service rep placed me on hold (for an eternity) and finally came back to tell me that the Rx was sitting in shipping but RX # had changed and they didn't know where to ship the Rx to. (Now, don't you think someone with an ounce of sense should have asked where this should go??) The CS rep then said they would ship out next day at no cost to me and I would receive the Rx the day before Thanksgiving. But because I don't trust them, I had the neurologist call in another Rx to my Publix Pharmacy (who I used before being made to use mail order) so that my son would have Rx. Friday after Thanksgiving we still did not have Rx from NextRx. Now that they aren't open on the weekends, I had to wait until Monday to call again. After calling them the 5th time (note the 5th time) the CS rep placed me on hold (again forever) then came back on the phone to tell me she was very sorry that the previous other 4 people didn't tell me this, but the Rx was on manufacturer backorder. WHAT??!!?!!?!? Are you telling me that NextRx has known for a month now that this medication (ANTI-SEIZURE medication) was on backorder and they didn't have the respect to call its client and let them know?!?!?!?!?!
    The solution??? I had to call Publix Pharmacy and have them call NextRx to transfer the Rx. The lack of respect that NextRx/Wellpoint has for their clients is ridiculous and I will be filing a complaint with my insurance carrier (UHC) along with the BBB. I would rather pay out of pocket for my medications than have to deal with this madness, especially when it comes to my children's health.
    NextRx/Wellpoint is a terrible pharmacy - if you have a choice DO NOT USE THEM!

    Also to note, once the Rx went to generic, my insurance was charged $200 more for generic Rx v. name brand Rx. What's wrong with this picture!??!

  • Ma
      12th of Dec, 2009
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    NextRx should be prohibited from handling such a crucial area relating to the well being of people. The filling of ones medications is far to important to have incomptence and mismanagement occur on a regular basis. I too have had my health threatened by this comnpany. They have sent me meds that I didn't order while not sending the ones that I did order. Their website seeks credit card payment without showing you the prescriptions and the costs that your paying for. This has led me to call in refills but once again disaster awaited. The associate/rep assured me that the payment for the scripts that we discussed and the resulting amounts would be the only charges going on my credit card. I had his name and title along with his repeated assurances. A couple of days later my credit card was billed not once but twice for two different charges. Both well over a hundred dollars and one being completely incorrect. Needless to say it took a couple of weeks to correct their error and because that was my low limit card it intially cost me additional fees and a lot of lst time making a dozen or so phone calls. Now my lastest fiasco with NextRx is my recent order where I sent 1 new script and ordered 3 refills along with a check for the payment. Well they took my payment and somehow lost track of or can't access my new script. Over a week later my order hasn't been filled. I''m told by supervisor Vida S. that she can't contact the pharmacist and that even though they've had my payment my order was cancelled and that I would have too wait until after the weekend to call back to resolve these issues. I just want my needed medication. NextRx needs to find another line of work. Unrelated to people!

  • Tx
      4th of Mar, 2010
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    NextRx is incompetent and unresponsive. I have a prescription that has been "in process" over two weeks. They promised to overnight the prescription at their expense twice and supposedly contacted their "Response" team to help fill the order. I've call them three days in a row and they promised to overnight the prescription. When I called yesterday, they couldn't guarantee it would get there by today. I checked online and it is still "in process".

    I'm wondering if they actually have the drug in stock or whether they are just incompetent and unresponsive. If they don't have it, then admit it. Otherwise, they look completely incompetent and unresponsive.

  • Mu
      12th of May, 2010
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    wow. wellpointnextrx, huh? there is a nightmare story, ( i have names, i have numbers) but here is the quick and dirty...

    they sent me the generic version of the medication my doctor prescribed first time after becoming a member.
    i got a faxed copy of the prescription from my doctor, to confirm if the doctor wrote it wrong. he didn't, it was written "brand only, dispense as written".

    not only will they not send the presribed medication before the doctor sends another script, (they have the original, i faxed it to them as well) there is no process to return and refund the money they took for the generic medication.
    and, they will not work with me on that request.
    my husband has filed them with the BBB, and is disputing with the bank.

    done. they don't have my business anymore.
    i am getting my prescription filled at costco.

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