Wellington Retreat, Inc. / This organization overpriced and we feel duped out of $29,000 cash that we paid for 45 days of service

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This organization overpriced and we feel duped out of $29, 000 cash that we paid for 45 days of service. They did not help our son, changed his medications without consulting our active and well achieved psychiatrist locally here in Kansas. In addition our son suffered with IBS and they never addressed that. They just want your money. Now the latest we have discovered--Our saga of disappointment, discouragement, frustration, and being taken financially by this facility continues. Now I report that our son tested positive for tuberculosis. Never in his entire life has he tested positive for this until after being at the Wellington Retreat. Now he cannot take a job being directed by his current mental health advisors working to get him into a routine and independent life style. Also, the Wellington Regret said they would do this but they never got a plan in progress. They just wanted to continue to take our money as they will yours. Be aware and we are on to reporting this to the Florida Health Administration.

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      6th of Jun, 2012

    this complaint is very sad but misdirected. firstly, it's 2012... did you not get a TB vaccination for your son? Practice good parenting and caregiving before pointing fingers. Second, if your Kansas psychiatrist is so acclaimed and accomplished, why couldn't he help your son? And why did you have to send him to Wellington Retreat? When you become a patient, you are under the care of the attending physician(s), which means that they would NOT be consulting another doctor. As for the greed accusations, anywhere you go is interested in making money - that's how the world works. WR is a fairly new facility, so it's a work in progress; however it has helped many people and the staff is NOT obsessed just with making money. I feel sorry for you for having a son with so many issues, but the fault lies in YOU and the people who unsuccessfully treated him his entire life presumably, not the ones who tried to assist him for a mere 45 days. If you have serious complaints, back them up. Otherwise, quit wasting time and find somewhere that will help your son!!

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