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Weight Loss Agents / Complications from surgery

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I am a bariatric surgeon and professor of surgery at the University of California

I have had 2 patients this year who had laparoscopic sleeve surgery with WeightLossAgents. Both developed a leak about a week after surgery, after they had returned to California. Both were quite sick. Both times I reached out to the surgeon who had performed the surgery, and did not even receive a courtesy callback.

In surgery, we call this "complete patient abandonment." It is unethical.

Travelling to Mexico for major abdominal surgery is unwise, and the the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgeons has released a position statement warning patients against doing so.

Please, find an accredited bariatric center of excellence close to you that can do you surgery safely, and more importantly, take care of you if a complication arises.

Jun 10, 2015
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  • We
      15th of Jun, 2015
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    Not true. It was one patient you ever contacted us about, not two.
    You make it sound like you never heard back but yet we had a lengthly conversation with you over email. We wrote you back initially in LESS THAN ONE HOUR. We asked you the name of the patient. After that, it took you days to even provide us with the name of the patient.
    We then tried to arrange with you a transfer of the patient to the provider whom we work with who did the procedure, and you ignored the request. (We don't have a name for that but you can make one up if you'd like, and we'll use it.) The provider always wishes to TAKE CARE OF THE PATIENT, contrary to what you write. You are out of line!
    The patient WAS NOT SENT HOME WITH A LEAK and as you already acknowledged to us the leak developed after they got home. This is why we CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH the importance of following strict postop dietary regulations. NO FOOD. NO SOLIDS of any kind, until the staple line has completely healed (among other restrictions; lifting restrictions, cessation, etc). Instructions for graduation of food types are delivered in several forms digitally and hard copy to the patient. The patient received FIVE licensed medical opinions before discharge that there was no leakage, although, as you well know Dr. Carter, a leak is of course possible if strict restrictions are not followed by the patient.
    You are trying to paint a picture that Medical Tourism is unsafe, but you have an AGENDA and all readers will know it. The medical system is broken in the USA and many patients simply cannot afford the exorbitant prices that you, good sir, are charging for these life-saving procedures. What about the TEN THOUSAND plus patients that we've helped have SUCCESSFUL surgery, who could not afford surgery with your office? Is there anything you want to say to them to discourage these happy patients from discouraging others to follow their footsteps? Perhaps you can write some special statement about that and submit to your Society for dissemination, too.
    Not FOLLOWING POSTOP INSTRUCTIONS IS UNWISE, traveling for healthcare in many situations IS WISE.
    "MEXICO" has nothing to do with anything you are writing about - you are painting such a picture to further your AGENDA.
    Aside from all of this, Weight Loss Agents did our part and gave your request to the provider who did the surgery, and we will check with them as to what happened when they called you back and get their side of the story. Weight Loss Agents is a facilitator, not a provider, we do not even do surgeries. We connect patients with highly qualified providers If you had a decent price (and spoke the truth) perhaps you would be included in our network BUT YOU DO NOT so you ARE NOT.
    You wrote in your title of your complaint "Complications from surgery" as a SCARE TACTIC and it is false because you even admitted it was a complication AFTER SURGERY for other reasons. Stop spreading LIES.
    Here's a few thousand testimonials you can read through:

  • Ti
      2nd of Oct, 2016
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    I have been in touch with about the sleeve surgery and have been approved. I was so excited, but after doing some research and coming across some of the responses I'm very leary. Don't get me wrong, I am still nervous about surgery out of country but am wanting to give Weightlossagents the benefit of the doubt... But the responses to the complaints seem very unprofessional. And I'm afraid that after having this done if I have complications it might take an arm and a leg to have fixed. Is there anyone else that HAS had a good experience with them? Everything else seems so trustworthy about them but the complaint responses.

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