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This company proved initially to be good to use. I guess as the economy started to dwindle so did the service. I had my lawn sprayed with weed control and it seemed to work fine but only for a few weeks. I called and voiced my concern that perhaps they had not sprayed enough (given that I had used this company for several years in the past and never had an issue). The female on the other end of the phone was not only rude, but blamed me in an almost attacking way, stating that I was at fault because I had probably watered when I was not supposed to. I claimed that I did not water my lawn but still she kept arguing with me. I was upset as I, at that point, had already paid for the service and as such had no aces to pull out. She finally said that they could come out once more and spray again. I agreed to it under the condition that I would not get charged again. I was smart enough to record the conversation as soon as she had turned to the defensive side at the beginning of the conversation. We came to an agreement that the almost $1500 I had spent with them over the past years proved me a loyal and good paying customer. They came out and took care of the problem and everything was good...or at least so I thought. A few weeks later I got a bill for the weed control. Somewhat upset, I called and asked what the bill was for. I got the answer that it was probably a mistake and that it would be taken care of. I was satisfied with that and thought nothing more about it. Next month I get ANOTHER statement claiming I owe them money. At this point I called and told them I was about to cancel my account with them if they did not resolve the issue. They apologized and told me it would be taken care of. A few weeks later I get a letter from a local collection agency stating that I owe them money for an account on contract from Weedman. I decided to pay the bill to have the mess end, I called Weedman to cancel my account, something the female I initially spoke to had already done and I told them I would not allow them onto any of my properties ever again. The response I got was "Well, we won't come out until you learn how to pay your bills".

Although I was deeply hurt (given that I had a perfect payment record with them from before), I was ok with that and moved on...until I went to renew my mortgage. At that point my bank representative told me I had a hit on my otherwise spotless credit report from the collection agency about an outstanding bill from weedman. It did not affect me overall; I simply explained what had happened and they understood. I contacted my lawyer and told him what had happened. He was pleased to hear that I had recorded all the conversations with Weedman and started to draw up a suit against them.

Be careful when dealing with this company. They will do anything to get the bill padded, even though you dont want the services they give you. When I was using them I simply used them for weed control but I always got billed for aeration and over seeding as well. When I called them they stated that they had communicated to me through my bill that they were aerating and over seeding the next time they came out unless I called and canceled before. Now that I look back it should be the customer calling them requesting services rather than them pushing services onto customer that is often not needed. I am glad to be rid of them and I now use another company in Barrie and so far have not had any issues with them. 10 Rotten Tomatoes on Weedman for the poor sense of business.


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      Apr 06, 2010

    I have same problem with them.

    They keep send mail to you, same mail as other junk mail. Then come to your lawn for service even you did not order them. Then charge to your account.

    I used their service last year. This year they come again which I did not order the service. They applied the fertilizer which I have done last week. When I called in, they threaten me to pay the bill or they will pass it to a local collection company.

    Be ware this company. The service is really BAD. They service your lawn whenever at their convenience time instead of when weather is good for the service.

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  • J
      May 03, 2010

    Thanks, wish we could band together and bring these extortionists to justice, Ive had the same basic problem, obviously this is not isolated incident out of one outlet seeing the locations are spread across province (Im in Ottawa) Apparently this is a corporate stategy well thought out to extort people of their hard earned money. (thankfully I never left a credit card #).
    They (apprently) applied a grub treatment on my lawn, which I had on three ocassions over the phone refused, then billed me for it, eventually said the would remove from bill but then sent it to a collection agency to ruin my credit rating if I didnt pay.
    I lodged complaints with the Better Business Bureau, Id urge others to do so. Im not sure how much good it will do except hopefully stop others from using and being extorted by Weedman as their obviously run by bunch of criminals.

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  • W
      May 15, 2010

    all u guys are douche bags u dont know how the stuff works and get all pissed off we have been doing this for 40 years do u actually think we r number 1 for no reason u guys better chill out. we know how do to our stuff. and we auto renew our customers and 75% do it. we send you letters at the end of every season and before new season to notify you we are comming. if u actually read the stuff u would see it says if u dont wish to continue then send back the letter but of course people are stupid. gooo weedman ottawa woot woot we love you!

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  • B
      May 19, 2010

    Hey weedmanloveit, what do you do pal, go from blog to blog and complain about the people that critized your service. Get a life you dick!!

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      Jun 25, 2010

    Dear weedmanloveit,

    Apparently you are not aware of the Consumer Protection Act section 13 which states:

    "No payment for unsolicited goods or services
    (2) No supplier shall demand payment or make any representation that suggests that a consumer is required to make payment in respect of any unsolicited goods or services despite their use, receipt, misuse, loss, damage or theft. 2002, c. 30, Sched. A, s. 13 (2)."

    A lack of reply does not constitute consent.

    I am currently in a dispute with Weed Man concerning their "continuous service". I originally agreed to a season of services to eliminate a rampant weed issue. This was done over the phone and there was no mention of the "continuous service" policy of the company. When the season was over and my account was fully paid, I treated all their mailings (mostly adds) as junk mail. My agreement with them was over and I had no further use of their mediocre service.

    This year I saw one of their signs on my lawn and an invoice in the mailbox and thought it was a mistake and let it slide. A month later a new sign and invoice appeared so I contacted Weed Man to inform them of the mistake. I was treated very poorly with language similar to that of the weedmanloveit post. They finally offered to reduce the bill by 50% but this was unacceptable. I did not request the service and I will not pay for it.

    I plead with all the other people who have had issues with Weed Man that you not cave and pay the bill. These are not legitimate business practices and payment will encourage them to continue.

    If anyone has successfully had the charges removed from their account please post the details.

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      Aug 05, 2010

    The same story has happened for me. WeedMan has called me this summer that I should pay them for the service that they had provided in my previous address that I used to rent last year! I have never called them and I was not even aware of the existence of such company until they call me this summer. Funny enough that I have never received any bills when I lived in the previous rental house!
    After several phone calls, now they have threatened me to contact a collection agency.
    Reading above articles realizing that WeedMan is such a shameful company that has founded on fraud and scam business.

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  • H
      Apr 15, 2011

    We used the Weedman Service for 2 years and then cancelled the service. Big mistake. No matter how many times we ask them not to call we get at least one call a week. Trying to lodge a complaint only results in more calls. We will now be letting them know that if the calls continue we will lodge an official complaint against them. Although we do not owe money we are being hassled anyways. We will never recommend Weedman to anyone and if we see their service in our area we will let the people know what type of company they are dealing with.
    Referring to Brooklyn, many people have apparently tried to cancel but Weedman will never stop contact and continue to hassle people. Whether Brooklyn is representing the company or not, most respective companies will not respond such as Brooklyn to blogs such as these. Need I say more!

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      Jun 01, 2011

    I have been having ongoing discussions with weedman since last fall about the fact that I was not happy with the service. I have tons of weeds, and an absolutely terrible lawn. Apparently no one recorded my dissatisfaction...
    They have sent services now twice this year and have stated they will be charging me because I did not officially cancel my continuous service.
    Unfortunately they have people answering the phones and responding to customer service who do not have any authority to make an improvement with their customer service. I was told that there isn't a specific owner at weedman Scarborough and that it is a bunch of stakeholders who make these decisions. I have had the weedman for several years off and on in more than one residence yet in this last year the customer service seemed to change...
    I was told that if I don't pay them they will send a credit agency out... I am sure that there a lawyer out there who would take on a class action lawsuit. It is not about a couple hundred dollars it is about the fact that they are running a crooked business.

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  • M
      Jun 08, 2011

    I am in the same situation as many of you. I did not renew my contract this year. Yet Weedman came any ways and left me a bill. I got the same bull ### answer about the continuous service policy/ collection etc etc. I refuse to pay the bill. It’s not the few bucks its their attitude that irritated me. They are running a "negative option" system which is illegal. I'm surprised the BB will not help this situation. You would think Mr Weedman would clear these bill up in hopes to get us back one day. I'll never go back now. If there is a lawyer out there that wants to take these cases on I'll join in. Mike in Amhersburg Ont.

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      Sep 19, 2011

    I just got caught with the continuous service ridiculousness with Weedman. They came to service my lawn and then went to collections to get $50 from me, arguing their continued service. i paid it as i don't want to it to affect my credit rating. but, i indicated to them that i would no longer do business with them in the future and insisted that they provide me with a letter indicating that there was a misunderstanding (in case my credit reports every reflected this poor exchange). I am appalled with their customer service and will hereinafter boycott them. in the meantime, I am going to investigate the legality of "continuous service"... I'm simply ANGRY.

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  • C
      Jan 24, 2012

    Sorry for reopening this but I wanted to give an update on my dispute with Weedman.

    In my first call to Weedman I made it clear that I would not be paying for the two services that they had provided without my consent. After about six months of receiving calls from Weedman to pay the bill I requested that they proceed to the next step and send it to collections so that we could get this dispute resolved. I received another six months of sales calls saying that if I signed up with them for another year they would wave the balance. Each time I told them I would never deal with them again and requested that they send it to collections. I finally told them not to call again unless they either cleared the account or they were taking legal action. After a few more months they called me back and told me the account had been cleared and to restore their "good" name they were willing to offer me a great deal. I politely declined an asked that I be permanently removed from their calling list. They have not called since.

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  • S
      Jan 31, 2012

    I signed the contract with them last year with assurance that weeds in my lawn will totally be removed, we don't have to do anything other than cutting of my grass, they did the first treatment I paid the bill on-line, but I see no improvement in my lawn, I called them, they told me I have to some some things in my lawn, which they I already mentioned in my last visit slip. I told them, that the person you contacted me, and get my contract he told me that we don't have to anything. Any ways I brought that stuff and put in my lawn, but even after 2 more visits, their was no impact in my lawn, I called them and complained about the the matter, they promised me that some body will come and check it. But nobody came. I was wondering if these guys are doing anything in my lawn or just throwing the bill only. Because they always come when nobody at home, and put the bill on your door and leave. I called them and told I don't need any of their service and stop doing any visit. But I was still receiving the bill, I called them so many time but nobody responded me properly. Now they are asking for about $300.00 bill, otherwise threatening for Collection agency.

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  • J
      Feb 11, 2012

    Hey I heard a lot about the complaints.
    I mentioned it to another person I know that I would have to say has an amazing way in how to deal with such companies without using as he calls it the useless legal system. This is a guy that I watched totally destroy 4 large companies two that were worth over a billion in size and the others around 600 million and another smaller one around 10 million. And the best thing about it he did it using similar tactics against the offending companies but without breaking any laws or making it possible for the companies to be able to go after him in the courts.

    I would love for the weed man to goto his place and try such a scam we would be reading in a year or two about the weed man filing for bankruptcy etc.. And what is amazing about his trick is that it would only cost the victims that were shafted about $40 plus four hours work and with that it would pretty much destroy the franchise in the area. And all without breaking any laws.

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  •   Feb 12, 2012

    man was I disappointed by this title

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  • T
      Mar 01, 2018

    Has anyone ever officially seeked legal action against these monsters? If yes did it work?

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