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Webster University / Racism

1 St Louis, MO, United States Review updated:

Webster University: Racism
Kate Parsons Associate Professor and Department Chairperson says "That Racism at Webster University in St. Louis, has been & stillis actively mistreating and targeting black students, and forcing them to leave campus, or withdraw fro school completely!", it's not right and something should be done to punish The University's Student Boby & Administrators (being that they are the main one using and encouraging campus police to commit these civil rights violations). In 2002, The 1st Black to start an Weightlifting Team on Campus (Coach Rev. Dr. Frank Beckles, Jr), who also participated in the '02 U.S. Olympic Games; was conatantly harrassed, by racist students, who was jealous of him & his athletic ability, and they keep threatening him for no reason, until he finally just withdrew and went to another University! Incidents like this has still been going on, and I'm only one of a few people that has been trying to stop it, but The President & the University administrators, are now threatening my job!! Just for speaking out along with my colleagues..
I recommend that no prospecting students enroll into this racist & corrupt University!! I KNOW THAT THERE ARE OTHER BAD UNIVERSITIES OUT THERE, BUT WEBSTER UNIVERSITY IS THE WORST TO WORK FOR & GET A QUALITY EDUCATION FROM...

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  • Ia
      9th of Dec, 2011
    -1 Votes

    Sounds like everyone is picking on you. According to your profile, this is what, the second or third school? Maybe you need to file the complaint with an agency that can help you, not just a complaint site. Or move out of that whacked state.

  • An
      25th of Jan, 2012
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    I am a student at Webster university and have been since last semester (fall 2011) I am experiencing a problem with the financial aid office. For some reason I guess they thought I was the usual African American who would believe and take what ever they say as bible! No I have been experiencing a problem with my financial aid counselor-(Melissa Hogan) who simply refuses to get me the maximum aid to support payment for my studies. I had my counselor changed temporarily with Jessica Key who helped me as best as she could because by the time she got my file it was too late to submit it for further or additional funding. this woman Melissa dragged her feet until the very last minute intentionally so that the deadline passed as to where I could even try to get additional aid. My daughter graduated from Webster in (May 2011) and she stated that they are racist at this school and she had Melissa Hogan as a financial aid counselor and she experienced horrible result because of this woman. She almost didn't graduate because Melissa claimed that my daughter had exhausted ALL of her financial aid. My daughter went to higher education to get this issue addressed and all this woman said was I'm sorry. These individuals need to be held accountable for their actions even if it means suing them and insisting that they should lose their jobs because they are a threat to society. I am a Communications Major and have not ran into a instructor who displays racism yet, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. My advisor and his wife are perfect examples as to how an individual in a professional position should act towards a human being! I am trying to find an advocate or even a lawyer to assist me in filing against this INSTITUTIONAL RACSIM AT WEBSTER UNIVERSITY. I was even considering traveling abroad but now I am too afraid to attempt to do that seeing that my financial aid in the United States can't be met I would be too afraid that they wouldn't apply my aid so that my room and board can be paid for as well as my tuition. I really appreciate you putting this out here so that other students who are or have experienced this can maybe come forward to help speak out against this racism. I STRONGLY AGREE

  • An
      25th of Jan, 2012
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    Webster University - discrimination
    webster university
    st louis
    United States

    I just posted a complaint not too long ago matter of fact it was approximately an hour ago. Where is my complaint? I do not see it!

  • Li
      7th of Jul, 2016
    0 Votes

    I too am having the cam issue about my financial aid and it's funny that I am because my sister and law who is also Adrican American had the same issue a few weeks before me. She simply withdrew and went to another school. What's unfortunately sad is that I stayed thinking that I would be able to appeal which I did and won exactly 6 weeks into my courses where I could no longer withdraw but found that it didn't matter because the etxmtiln for finding was over so I barely covered my tuition. Unfortunately it is hard to see how many African Americans this has happened to. I too hope someone holds them accountable.

  • Oa
      18th of Apr, 2017
    0 Votes

    I currently have ### Hogan as my financial aid advisor...I just thought she needed to be retrained!!!

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