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We Tour America / Scam!

1 GA, United States Review updated:

I got a call from this company today(9-29-10) with their SCAM!!! My boyfriend and I attended a motorcycle rally here in GA and the first thing they did was to pressure us into registering for this contest. Well 4 days later, we get a call and they guy asks to talk to me. He tells me congratulations that I've won a trip to Florida. He asks if my husband (apparently he thought my boyfriend was my husband lol) was around to talk with him as well about the details. Well we were at dinner so I tell him that we can't really talk right then so he said he would call us back in about an hour. We hung up and my boyfriend called a friend to tell them about it and as he was calling, he got another call from this company saying that he had won. He told them that that was funny seeing as we had just talked to a guy saying that I had won. So at this time we figured it was probably a scam of some sort. Well we waited for the guy to call back so we could have a little fun with him and an hour later he called back right on time. This time my boyfriend answered the phone and we put it on speaker so we could both hear. The guy again told us congratulations and then began his spill of the details. He was adament about us writing down the name of the company and he went through the details so quickly that we couldn't even get a word in to ask a question. He told us that we had won a 4 day 3 night trip to Orlando with our choice of 2 hotels and $200 in park passes and then we would go to Daytona for another 4 day 3 night trip. After that we would get to pick 2 other destinations out of a list and go on trips to those as well. Then the kicker...even though we had "won" this trip package, we would be getting it at 70% of cost. WHAT? I thought we had WON a trip...hmmmm...well he had already told us that the only out of pocket expenses were the travel to get to the destination. Again...hmmmm...well then my boyfriend tells him that we can't go on these trips because he is a brain surgeon (which of course he isn't) and that he can only be within 4 hours of the hospital because of being the only one for that hospital. HAHA. Well they guy then goes...well if you are a brain surgeon then why do you not make more than $40, 000 a year? My boyfriend then told him that he never said he didn't make more than $40, 000 a year and the guy told him yes you did, it's right here on your sheet. My boyfriend said oh well and the guy asked if he put incorrect information on his sheet and my boyfriend told him yes. He quickly and very rudely said well then you don't qualify and hung up. While it was fun to mess around with these scammers because we knew it was a scam, it's sad that these are out there and that sometimes they do get to people. Just be careful and know that WE TOUR AMERICA is a SCAM!!! I go by the general rule that I know I never win anything because I have terrible luck so if a company like this says I must be a scam! It's worked for me so far! Hope this helps anyone who is checking into this company!!!

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  • Wt
      8th of Oct, 2010
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    We Tour America sells vacation packages at a heavily discounted rate in exchange for a timeshare tour. What you "win" is the eligibility and opportunity to purchase said package. Not all participants are eligible, as you found when you claimed to have given false information on your registration. We Tour America is very strict on our eligibility guidelines. The back of our registration form states that all qualified registrants will be contacted by phone and that the vacation package is not a "contest, lottery or free offer".

    Failure to read and understand our registration in its entirety does not warrant the accusation that this company is a scam.
    Our employees would have been happy to explain this to you had you given us a call and filed a complaint through customer service. All contact information can be found at

    If you have any further questions regarding We Tour America and our business practices, as well as a scanned sample of our registration form, please visit

    In an effort to eliminate any and all misunderstandings and misconceptions regarding We Tour America, company president John Hummell has posted numerous in-depth statements explaining many different aspects of the company - everything from company procedure and personal character to consumer eligibility and transactions.

    We not only recognize the desire to research a company prior to consuming the goods and/or services that it provides, but we encourage it as well, and so we ask that you take the time to stop by in order to further your research. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

    John Campbell
    Internet Relations
    We Tour America

  • Ka
      13th of Oct, 2010
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    It's funny that you say its not free especially considering that I just got a call saying I had won a FREE trip. They specifically said WON and FREE if not simply telling you but defiantly insinuating the trip would be free of cost. I hope people are smart enough to figure out this is a scam. Chose your words wisly when speaking to the public because your company is very misleading

  • El
      14th of Oct, 2010
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    I had a phone call too, they couldn't even say what booth I put in for from the fair that I attended. I had specifically signed into two booth, and neither were a trip. Somehow, one of those companies sold my information and they called me. They insisted on a yay or nay policy and wouldn't give me any phone number to call back...Very pushy and very "sales like" for a won trip. Just got off the phone with them. GLADLY said NAY and they continued to sell me my won trip. Nay again, and said we heard negative information, and they rebutted with, "Even Walmart has negative information about them." We kept declining and finally they got the point. And I am livid they even got my information and plan on looking into this further to try to see how this all is even possible. Please do not listen to this company!

  • Wt
      18th of Nov, 2010
    +1 Votes

    We Tour America remains unwaveringly committed to providing an unforgettable vacation experience at a fraction of the standard cost. In the past months, we at We Tour America have taken steps to explain our business practices so that you, the consumer, has a better understanding of how this service works. This has been in response to the consumer skepticism and complaints that we've encountered on a small number of internet forums.

    Now, We Tour America would like to take yet another step in resolving said complaints - We'd like for you to tell us about them. If a telemarketing agent was rude to you, if you feel that our services weren't explained clearly, or even if you'd like for a person to answer the questions that we've answered on this very blog rather than trusting the text published here, please contact us:

    Lisa Gentry
    (866) 418-2665

    Give us a detailed account of the instance in question: name, date, and location of the event at which the registration form was filled out and entered, name of the telemarketer as well as the approximate date and time of the call in question (if possible), along with any other details that you deem relevant. A complaint will be filed and an investigation will be conducted in order to prevent future occurrences. In some cases, the complainant may be compensated for their inconvenience.

    Customer service and satisfaction are taken very seriously at We Tour America - Allow us to prove it to you.

    Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

    John Campbell
    Internet Relations
    We Tour America Inc

  • Wt
      18th of Nov, 2010
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    The previous comment is a recent post from

  • Gr
      1st of Dec, 2010
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    Please understand that if you are paying 498 then it does'nt take a rocket scientist to realize its not free...duh...AND BESIDES 498 FOR 4 VACATIONS IS A DEAL SO DONT PLAYER HATE PARTICIPATE...

  • Sh
      26th of Feb, 2011
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    We just received a call as well and from the looks of my phone they have tried to call me several times. We only have to pay 398.00 and they expressed that this wasn't a free trip that it was an extremely discounted trip. We're going to try it, after researching the bbb, it looks like they have been around for a long time, so we'll take our vacation and I'll have a say of what happened when we get back. :) I feel at this point, extremely privileged to be able to take my boys to disney, and to let them see orlando, in which I love the city, and just have an actual vacation for once, so in ending, when we take this vacation I'll have to post up how it went. :)


  • Sh
      16th of Aug, 2013
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    We Tour America is a fraud company and should be investigated for fradulent activites. Their marketing strategies are like a ponzi scheme and they are harassing and relentless in their sales but pathetic in their customer service. The customer service agents will threaten, intimitade and even yell and abuse you verbally when you try to get a refund. It is amazing such a company exists in America in the 21st century.
    Regret my decision for ever having to do anything with this company. DONT FALL FOR THEM--RUN AS FAR AS POSSIBLE.

  • Tu
      10th of Jan, 2014
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    It doesn't seem like anyone here has "fallen" for it, so there is only heresay. I'm getting calls, and they're telling me it's yes or no, NOW. I had to say no because I don't have anything but their word that it's being recorded. I don't get a recording, just them saying Ill get a receipt within the hour AFTER the transaction.

    It's just too fishy. WeTourAmerica could be much more successful if they offered something tangible BEFORE the transaction. YES, I filled out the form (a little card that only asks my information, no official rules or any info on it) to win a vacation at a local event. I still have nothing tangible to trust. I'm sorry, WeTourAmerica. It's a great deal, but you offer NOTHING to prove it isn't a scam before I pay.

  • Ag
      9th of Mar, 2015
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    We got Douped into doing this. They send a very vague e-mail laying out the terms and conditions and then charged our card $698! Which is apparently only part of the actual $1800 that we would owe after all of the vacations. Which, yes, you have to pay your own way there, almost all major meals, any entertainment (aside from the limited passes given for Orlando & Disneyworld. I BELIEVE DON'T QUOTE ME ON THAT PART) but hey! they'll cover the hotel...

    When we called to cancel they told us that there would be no refund since it was after 30 days (part of that very vague terms & conditions e-mail.) and now, Two years later we are getting calls to "settle" our account and pay the cancel transaction fee of over $1100 along with some other, "fail to tour" fee. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!

  • Be
      31st of Mar, 2015
    +1 Votes

    My parents got a call from this company saying that they owed them money due to not fulfilling a contract that was supposedly verbal. When asked for details and paperwork backing up this claim of owed money the Tour America's person became very threatening and belligerent. The person came across at first like they wanted to resolve the issue and this was a courteous call but then became snarky and rude. I'm very unhappy with this company and think they need to be more clear with there obligation terms. I'm not sure if there is a scam being run here or not but they lack basic customer service skills and are not someone I would do business with. Do NOT use We Tour America, they are NOT a company that cares about there customers!

  • Be
      3rd of Apr, 2015
    +1 Votes

    Has anyone else tried contacting them. I tried looking up their supposed website and blog area and was told that it didn't exist. This just makes me think that the company is a scam.

  • Au
      9th of Apr, 2015
    0 Votes

    ********PLEASE READ************
    I received a phone call from these people last night as well. Years ago, I was totally scammed and these people were so rude to me when I tried to hang up (they kept calling back) and would not let me cancel the deal. I've learned so much them, and feel half terrible that they are literally the reason I am so rude to telemarketers now. The company is close. See below (and check out for more).

    The following is from
    On October 26, 2014, John Hummell IV, President, advised BBB that the business shut down in April 2014. Tour America's last date of participating in any sort of sale was April 2014. Ex-independent contractors who used to sell vacation packages on behalf of Tour America are now calling customers claiming they owe more money in the form of expiration fees, final payments due, etc. Mr. Hummell stated "Do NOT pay any monies to these entities. Rely solely on the Terms & Conditions, which are clearly written within your Travel Confirmation Documents. If you notice any charges contact your banking provider and file a dispute. If further assistance is needed please call the toll free customer service number written in the terms and conditions on your travel documents."

    BBB files indicate that this business has a pattern of complaints concerning misrepresentation in selling practices.

    On December 3, 2012, BBB contacted Tour, Inc., requesting information as to why the business believes the customers are filing the complaints, and what actions the business has taken to help eliminate the causes of complaints.

    Tour, Inc. does not believe it has a pattern of complaints and stated that it may be getting more complaints because of the increase in volume of customers it is serving.

  • Ni
      28th of Apr, 2015
    0 Votes

    Hello, Im also recieving phone calls from these people stating that being that i didn't go on any of the Vacations that i owe $2100 or they'll take it out of my account or get it ANY WAY possible...Im thinking of switching all my bank info but want to get feed back on what to do before i go threw all that hassle ?? Thanks !!

  • Un
      2nd of Jul, 2015
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    I received the same phone call and actually contacted Lisa Gentry from We Tour America to resolve this issue. The phone call is from a scam/fraud company that has no relation with we tour america. Lisa was very helpful with resolving this issue and responded same day . This is the email that she sent to me :

    If anyone has contacted you claiming to represent Tour America who is the company that you purchased your travel package from, and if they lead you to believe that there is a fee to pay to extend your travel package or there is a penalty to pay for not traveling, please contact us immediately. I work for the reservation center who books TAs travel customers and We do not charge extension fees and there is no penalty to pay for not traveling. That is a fraudulent call. We will assist you in getting a refund if you have paid them money. Thank you.

    Reservation center 866-418-2665

    Wishing you a sparkling day! Lisa Gentry
    Travel Guide for Hot Spots Reservations USA, Inc. a Florida Corporation
    I care deeply for each and every one of our customers. I decided many years ago that my service here would not only be to make sure every single family enjoys a beautiful vacation experience but to also share an uplifting word of peace and joy with each person that I communicate with. You never know when someone could be having a challenging day and one little kind word could shift a day. It is the small random acts of kindness that we all sprinkle around that has the gentle power to change the world.
    With each communication with you I share the blessings of love, joy, contentment, abundance and fun. And a reminder to slow down enough to see the beauty that surrounds you everywhere you turn.
    Reservation and Advertising Center 866-418-2665
    The sales center closed in 2014 however the reservation center is open and available to service your request.

    very helpful... contact LISA

  • Le
      17th of Aug, 2017
    0 Votes

    This is an e-mail I sent to "" on 4/28/14:
    I won a “Free” vacation last year (2013). I was told to pay the taxes on the package (which I fully understand-$398.00).
    Here’s my problem. I am getting married in July and wanted to use the Daytona and Universal as our honeymoon. I was told I couldn’t use that day due to the ice storm that caused many people to have their vacations pushed back. I then wanted to trade the Daytona and Universal for the Ft. Lauderdale trip but before I booked the place I wanted to be sure of where I was staying. It took a long time to hear back from anyone! So I went ahead and booked a trip somewhere else during that time. Today I hear that to reschedule that trip I would have to pay an extra $50 or to extend the package I would have to pay $198??
    I don’t understand why I would I be responsible for that payment when all I wanted was more information on where we were staying….
    It takes so long to hear back from anyone!
    I’ve gone to the point where I don’t WANT to use your company to advertise as being GREAT (WHEN IT DOES NOT SEEM TO BE).
    I have left messages to receive a call back and no one has returned my call.

    Now...I just spoke to a gentle man who said he was the manager at "Marriott" (RED FLAG) from a private number (2nd RED FLAG) who said that "We tour America" is suing me for not using the packages because they lost money for me not using their "Free trip" in the amount of $2, 000. He said it will go on my credit report. HAHA ok. That's strange that they would even try after all these years but I told him I have "credit karma" so I will deal with it myself. Not the answer he wanted I guess. I kept ALL records of my conversation with this so called "WE TOUR AMERICA". WARNING TO ALL...DO NOT FALL FOR IT!

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