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waterfall clinic, tony balducci / unprofessional treatment

1 coos bay or 97420, OR, United States Review updated:

1st and 2nd appointment with nurse practitioner at waterfall clinic for mental health help in coos bay, or 97420 on friday, december 10, 2010. conplaint: filthy, unkept, unproffessionally dirty, doesnt wash his hands, or bathe for that matter. Never called me by my name. Instead called my sweetie, kiddo, sweetheart, babe, etc... Also dressed in jeans and sweat ### and T-shirts with holes all over them. Did not want to have a dialog with me. Passed judgement on me because of the personal nature of other doctors OPINIONS of me and would not let me explain my plight. He was rude and took ALL of my medications away after telling me to go to another doctor. He called in many prescriptions and then called the pharmacy and cancelled all of my medications that I have been taking for years. He just cut me off. He has an obligation to continue care for 30 days after deciding to end our professional relationship and refuses to help me. Some of the medications that I take on a regular basis, every day to keep me from either committing suicide or dying from cutting me off abruptly from medication such as blood pressure medication and anti anxiety medication such as clonopin. I also have complaints of other doctors who have conducted less than desireable and professional conduct. I am terrified that I am going to start cutting again and entertaining thoughts of suicide, PLEASE HELP ME HELP MYSELF. Thank you so very much in advance for your time and any help you can provide. Laurina Flaten

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  • Jo
      2nd of Oct, 2011

    I just got a bill from waterfall clinics contract lab people for over 400 dollars for a simple drug screen. [censored] these people i am going to expose this FRAUD this coming week. I am really pissed at this piss test!!!

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  • Ta
      23rd of Oct, 2011

    While I ABSOLUTELY AGREE with the way in which the WATERFALL CLINIC conducts an unprofessional business, most of my complaints are with the desk staff, billing and Dr. Rajesh Ravuri. I originally started seeing Tony Baldacci, whom I absolutely was comfortable with. He was compassionate, humane and "down-to-earth" with me on every visit. I switched to Shannon Thom because Tony just disappeared from the clinic. I feel the same about Shannon as I did about Tony. They were and are, respectively, excellent care providers. These people are NOT doctors, they are nurse practitioners. I won't see a DOCTOR unless absolutely necessary because it is the DOCTORS that don't give a rat's hind end about what you have to say. They have an MD, PhD, etc. behind their name, they know everything, and do not have to feel an ounce of compassion for anyone.

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  • Cr
      26th of Jan, 2012

    Im a parapalegic with type 2 diabetes, a failing heart among other things. Today my NP I see at Waterfall cut me off of my only pain medication. I was prescribed 120 Methadone a month. That is 30mg a day and from what i have read online, people have died from a sudden withdrawal from the drug. The withdrawal period is far longer than other narcotic pain medication because of the synthetic nature of the drug. Some people say that it actually gets into the bone. I am scared to death and am even concidering buying it off the street if things get too bad. I mean what am i supposed to do? There waiting lists at the NB medical center for doctors able to precribe it. I cant believe my NP at the clinic didnt warn me of the nature of this drug. When she cut me off today during the visit she told me all i would feel is some minor discomfort for a few days and scripted me a bottle of five 0.5mg lorazepam for sleep.

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  • Be
      13th of Jun, 2012

    Wow, this clinic and it's providers sound horrible. Methadone withdrawal can last months with some symptoms lasting years! Initial withdrawal should have been treated with Suboxone to help through the early really rough time...but it should only be used initially and as little as possible for the first or second week or you can become addicted to the Suboxone, which is phenomenally expensive. Methadone withdrawal is 100 times worse then Heroine withdrawal and the success rate is only about 1 in 10...that's how really bad this stuff is. Personally I think methadone should be reserved for terminally ill patients who would never have to worry about withdrawal.

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  • Am
      14th of Jan, 2014

    My complaint has to do with the prices. For a low income clinic they charge through the roof. I had 4 visits with them before they could provide me with my copay information. $134 for FOUR visits, I used to see an actual doctor before them (not just the nurse they provide) and my copay was $13 a visit. They are rip off artist. And about that so called nurse, I went in complaining of my feet and lungs. She never looked at my feet and only listened to my lungs. She wasn't going to order any test until I said I think I might have bad pneumonia and she said "oh right, I guess we should get an x-ray." My copay for that Xray (at the hospital) $10. The copay for her to write up the script for the xray and not even look at my feet $48.

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  • Jo
      18th of Jun, 2014

    Dear Complaints Board and friends Reluctantly I have been making payments on my outstanding bill to Waterfall and paid LabCorp for at least 3 lab tests Waterfall ordered @ 25 dollars a month. I finally qualified for OHP and the mounting balance on the bills have finally come to a stop. I tried to get help at North Bend Annex but i am not severely schizophrenic. Apparently NB Annex is treating only EXTREMELY severe cases + the department for children with mental disorders or issues.

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  • To
      8th of Jan, 2015

    This complaining patient neglects to mention that on her first visit she told me that she PROMISED that she would never ask me for any pain medicine whatsoever; she then threw a force four hissy fit on her next (and last) visit when I refused to give her any Vicodin. I have the documentation and witnesses to back it up. Calling the clinic repeatedly over the next several days and threatening to "report me" to everyone up to and including Oprah just reinforced my feeling that I was right to have done what I did. By the way, the Oregon nursing board took one look at the stuff I brought to them, and dismissed the complaint right then and there. Someone *else* is lucky that I haven't beat her over the head with a lawyer... (YET) for making a malicious false report.

    For the record, I shower every single morning (though sometimes I did dress a little casually). I also wash my hands between patients. After I have to deal with deceitful, lying drug seekers, I feel like I have to wash with a Brillo pad.

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  • Cl
      5th of Jun, 2015

    I had gone to waterfall clinic when i was in my early 20's due to experiencing Panic attacks at work. Since childhood I have been diagnosed with various mental health BS like depression which was only a symptom of the real problem. Doctors at the NBMC and the NP at waterfall clinic(after turning 18 and losing my medical insurance) had given drugs that say on the label can cause suicidal thoughts in children and young adults... It never mattered to the NP's at Waterfall that when I told them the various drugs I had been taking since I was 12 or 13 did not make me feel any better only worse due to the annoying and sometimes torturing side effects. Im talking about SSRI/SNRI drugs. I knew the reason why I was depressed and it was due to the Full Spectrum Anxiety Disorder that was triggered from a traumatic early childhood experience and had manifested in different ways while growing up but all the time getting worse. Why don't you NP's LISTEN to your patients instead of treat them like drug addicts/seekers. Well thats what happened to me when the faith in the local medical system that my very own blood relative Cathy Laird worked very hard to create. Self medication was an option and one that didn't seem so bad at the time because in my young naive mind, IT WORKED. Of course an OPIATE is the very best medicine to alleviate anxiety. So after more than 5 years taking a strong narcotic (methadone) which is easy and cheap to buy in a town full of retired and disabled people, I wanted to quit. I realized it only made my life a disaster and was leading me to try other things i never imagined like HEROIN! I always assumed if I just quit and things got too rough that seeking treatment at BAH since at the time no insurance and no 10, 000 stack of cash to throw at a rehab. Well when things were at the worst and after not sleeping for about 8 days (I tried to Cold Turkey) I went to the emergency room and was completely honest about everything. The female DR was knowledgable about opiate withdrawal and gave me something to calm my nerves and help me sleep. She only gave me a couple days worth though, and even at 8 days i still had another 10 at the very least to go before physically improving. She said that if I didnt get any better or still could not sleep to come back to the ER but to make an appt at waterfall anyway. well after a couple days of managing feel somewhat more alive and getting a few hours of sleep I ran out of the lorazepams, Things got worse and sense my appt for waterfall was over a month away I went back to emergency and was again honest and upfront about everything. This time I got a fat pompas egotistical and uneducated DR that accused me of having extreme anxiety and dialated pupils because i was on meth. Anyway its all bs and the same treatment occured at waterfall and relapse was the end result. DR. Reagan was the best money I ever spent because right away he knew what was causing my addiction, gave me an alternative to methadone that is way easier to taper off of and even ran expensive tests to find out why SSRI type drugs didnt work. Turns out my Serotonin system is in laymens terms broken, and my metabolism is too fast for the drugs to build to a therapeutic level. And now he has me on a different drug meant for anxiety that works, does not cause negative side effects. and unlike SSRI's I didnt have to wait a month to find out whether or not if they worked. This drug was not an option at waterfall for some reason? Why dont you prescribe clonazepam to people with life altering anxiety? especially if SSRI's dont help anyone and are always causing suicide and most mass murder incedents the perp is on some anti depresent . This has been known for over a decade! Columbine shooters where on LUVOX and PROZAC. Anyway My life is livable again and im able to feel normal in social situations like when i was a teenager. Im even attending college and looking forward to the future so long as the government leaves medical tyranny out of the picture.

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  • Cl
      5th of Jun, 2015

    Quit trying to shove suicide pills AKA SSRI/SNRI drugs on everyone who has anxiety and one of its associated symptoms; depression. Every time i went to waterfall I always had a different NP never had the same one. So everytime I had to explain my issues and every time they would claim Depression you need Paxil or Luvox, , , how about Prozac and if that dont work (which it didnt) we can try cymbalta and then citalopram, well Effexor is sure to work... NOPE Im suprised i didnt pull a columbine because it says on the insert may cause suicide or homicidal thoughts especially in young people. It was always fun to have to wait a fukn month too just to find out it only made me feel [censored]ier just like all the others. I decided to not depend on government dictated medicine, and paid the money to see a real PHD that knows how to evaluate mental health issues. Dr.Reagan is not cheap but neither is quality care. Its worth the quality of life I now have. He understands and actually listens to his patients. He utilizes cutting edge testing too. He discovered by taking a simple dna swab and sending to a lab that my Serotonin system is "broken" and that certain medications (esp. SSRI/SNRI drugs) I metabolize too fast for them to reach a theraputic dose, ie work... Solution was to try Klonopin which I was suprised worked! I felt Normal again! and it started working within 30 minutes instead of 30 days. Waterfall why dont you do this for ppl who need relief from crippling anxiety ? do you want people to go buy opiates off the street because self medicating is there only alternative most of the time. Dr.Reagan also helps these people because guess what. hes not controlled by the almighty FEDERAL medical Gestapo

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  • Ro
      14th of May, 2016

    My Sister-In-Law went to Waterfall Clinic because she could not stop vomiting. For nine months and after 100 pounds of weight lose, she finally went to a doctor in Eugene who told her she had to stop eating wheat. She did and stopped throwing up. At Waterfall Dr. Rajesh Ravuri had told her to go to an Allergist for testing. She could not afford the tests. He also cut her off her pain meds. because that was why she was throwing up. That was in 2012-2013.
    In 2014, she was going to have her second knee replacement surgery on Sept. 2 and had to go to Waterfall for Labs. She met with Judith Randall NP for the first time. My sister-in-law went and had the labs done. The evening of Sept.1 Judith Randall's medical aide called and told her that she labs were too bad and she couldn't have her surgery. She lost her temper and started crying and beating up the car. She had been waiting for her new knees for over 10 years. I got on the phone and had she tell them to talk to me. I ask about the labs, what was wrong and got no real answers. Finally I told them I was on the way to the Clinic and was going to pick up a copy of the lab report. I drove to Waterfall and had to wait for the copy.
    My Sister-In-Law went into a deep depression and stared drinking a lot. Finally on November 17, 2014 at 9:47 p.m. at age 48 she died in BAH.
    I'm not saying Judith Randall died her but Judith Randall and Miranda her aide did not handle it right.

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