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Wanda & Bob Wery dba Loving Acres / Unethical and Fraudulent Misrepresentation and Sale of unhealthy dogs

1 350 Weather Wood CourtLeesburg, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 352-787-8669

If you are looking to purchase a biewer (or any dog that theybreed), please do not deal with this unethical breeder. She is only interested in money, not the betterment of the breed, the offspring's health nor your future heartache.

On May 15, 2008, I was in contact with Wanda Wery about purchasing a purebred male Biewer for breeding purposes. I am a novice to biewers. She posts ads in Puppy

On 5/17/08 Through email correspondences, I was told that I need to send her $900.00 hold him and then send the balance prior to having the dog 'Bremen' shipped to me in July (since I was going to be out of town). The total purchase price with breeding rights is $3000. She was hoping I can pay in full since he will be 11-1/2 mos to a year old this summer.

She now denies that she was selling him to me as a breeder and only as a pet, but I have everything in her emails. She also claims that we had spoken on the phone, but that is a lie because we have NEVER spoken to each other before and my phone bills would list her number, if that was the case.

On 5/21/08, I found out from other breeders that she misrepresented the health condition of her breeding program, the current physical condition of the dog she was selling to me aka 'Bremen' (she only posted old pics - claiming they are current), the fact that it was sold to someone else and then returned and the current health condition of it's siblings and possibly itself, and the presence of Liver shunt and other diseases in her breedings (since she breeds her dogs even though the siblings were put down for LS), and that the dog is probably not purebred (refuses to do the MARS testing).

I forwarded pics of the dog 'Bremen' (that the other breeders had provided to me) to Wanda and she confirmed that yes, it is him. He is not even close to being breeding quality, show quality (as she states he is already a champion - 'puppy' class) and barely even pet quality. She says they are old pics and that he has changed. The pics were taken around May 3 & 4, much can he change in a couple of weeks???

I requested an immediate refund of my deposit and she refuses to do so commenting that I am 'stupid', that everything I am hearing are all lies from other jealous breeders, that I need to 'do my homework', that I am harassing her, and that I am not getting a refund and she is 'tickled' that I am not getting one of her dogs. Honestly, now that I've seen what he really looks like, she can keep him and go have a party or whatever, but return my deposit.

She boasts about her dogs being multi Nat'l & Int'l Champions...but I later found that they are mostly 'puppy'class, Halloween costumes etc...big freakin' deal. She also failed to disclose to me that both she AND her kennel have been banned!!!

Her website is WWW.BIEWER4LUV.COM, but now she is changing it around and removing stuff (like her dam, aka Bellchen that she breeds and had a sibling put down for LS)

To my knowledge, she is in violation of Florida Statute 828.29, particularly 828.29(5), 828.29(12), and 828.29(16) which is Florida's Puppy Lemon Law, which specifically states as such.

'...within 1 year following the sale of an animal subject to this section, the breed, sex, or health of such animal is found to have been misrepresented to the consumer, the pet dealer shall afford the consumer the right to choose one of the following options:

(a) The right to return the animal and receive a refund of the purchase price, including the sales tax, and reimbursement for reasonable veterinary costs directly related to the veterinarian's examination and certification that the dog or cat is unfit for purchase pursuant to this section...'

I did attempt to dispute my transaction with PayPal, but none of the reasons for a dispute applied was a combination of three 1) unauthorize charge - since I demanded a refund, 2) Significantly not as described and 3) Not received - suppose to ship in July. After I chose the 1st option, it didn't let me back out change the reason for dispute to #3 and I didn't want to 'cancel' because it may not let me have another opportunity to 'dispute'. Unfortunately, PayPal did not accept the 'unauthorized' reason and closed the dispute.

I was looking for a good foundation male for breeding. Wanda knows that CRYSTAL CLEAR. There are several reasons why I did not want to continue with this transaction 1) Wanda Wery did not disclose to me that 'Bremen' was sold and then returned to her, 2) Wanda Wery did not disclose to me that a Judge told her that her dogs including 'Bremen' should be fixed to protect the breed and sold as 'pets', 3) her puppy pics of Bremen were misrepresented as what he looks like currently, but was farther from the truth, 4) Wanda Wery did not disclose to me that 'Bremen' and his littermate have health problems, regardless how big or how small - even the former owner of 'Bremen' admits that the Judge felt he shoud not be bred and that his blood results were off the chart...for example, 'Bremen' is burning too many calories and losing hair...which is an indication of hyper thyroid. His litter mate 'Baron' has kidney problems and possible liver problems based on his blood test results. Regardless, Wanda Wery still CHOSE to fraudulently misrepresent this dog as a healthy breeding quality male and chose to sell him to me as such.

I have several witnesses that during the 2008 Sunshine Spring Sieger Dog Show held on May 3 & 4 in Orlando, that a Judge scolded her for her breeding and ethics when he saw the dog that I was to be purchasing and told her that she needed to refund peoples money and get her dogs fixed. I have an email confirmation from that Judge that he and several judges told her this and she basically did not care. One of Wanda's consumer's (who purchased a sibling from this litter) was there also and had her dog neutered this week and received the blood test results (that are all over the place).

Below are some of the results of blood work done on 5/5/08.

Test Result Reference Range

Urea Nitrogen 33 6-25
Alkaline Phosphatase 137 5-131
ALT (SGPT) [protected]
BUN/Creatinine Ratio 37 4-27
WBC 20.6 4.0-15.5
Neutrophils [protected]
Lymphocytes [protected]

Had I known any of the above earlier, I would never had dealt with her!

I have reported her to BBB, Florida Consumer Affairs, Florida Attorney General, and the Federal Trade Commission and I will be providing proof and affidavits from witnesses and past customers. I am not through yet. She is wrong and needs to stop scamming on innocent people. She needs to be prosecuted for fraudulent activities and her deceptive and unethical business practices.

There are too many reasons why Wanda Wery should not be breeding. She is unethical and cares much more about the money than breeding healthy dogs. If previous customers had concerns about the health of the puppies and blood results proved there are genetical problems, why would you choose to do a repeat breeding? IF a Judge at the dog show tells you to sell them as a 'pet', why is she charging me $3000 as a breeding male? I have it in black and white. A pet normally goes for $750 or less.

I am a responsible hobby breeder and wanted no part of purchasing a male that is not only unfit to be show quality, but unfit to breed. If I wanted a pet, I could have gone to the local Humane Society...not pay $3000 for a dog over 3000 miles away who will be a future heartache. If I am going to pay that much money, then I expect to buy a healthy happy dog that is as close to standard as possible in order to better the breed. I believe the customer should be happy with what they purchase as this will lead to a good working relationship and future referrals.

But, if she disagrees with me, then oh well...what am I suppose to do??? She needs to be stopped and criminal charges need to be filed against her.

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