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1 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

To whom it may concern,

I’d like to lodge an official complaint against Standard Chartared Dubai, my name is Wael El Essawy and I am Vice President of IDEC (Qmax Solutions company) working in the oilfields. My account number is [protected]. I’ve been with Standard for 7 years and I’ve never seen such terrible organization and lack of communication as I have witnessed in the past days.

I was withdrawing money off my account, the transaction would not go through, thinking it was a problem with my account balance I transferred money from another account into my account, unfortunately the transaction still couldn’t go through. I called the bank to ask about my account they told me that I must call my account manager as I am a priority client. I called my account manager and he informed me that he has been changed and he gave me my new account manager, even though I haven’t been informed from before about this change. I called my new account manager he told me to call him after half an hour as he would look into my problem, I called him after half an hour, then an hour then 2 hours and so on for the entire day, to get the same reply that I should call again in an hour. I waited till the next day to call my account manager again, to be informed that he is out, and he will look into my account once he gets back. I went to the priority team branch and stayed with them and my account manager for the whole afternoon to be informed in the end that my account is blocked. Blocked why? No one has any idea… Now it is the weekend and I will not be able to withdraw money… Frankly I am disappointed from this kind of service and I think that it is no way to treat a customer of high stature that has been with the bank for so long.

One week now with no one sort out the problem or even tell me what is the problem is


May 18, 2015

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