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VPI Pet Insurance / Claim denied

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Phone: 425 823 9838

I submitted a claim for $636.50 to VPI Pet Insurance along with their required forms for work performed on my dog for a liver problem. Forty Five days letter I received a form denial letter stating that they received my claim form but not the required supporting documents. They could not have received one without the other. I now see in Reader's Digest (O8) that this is one of many tactics employed by this company to deny or stall legitimate claims. DO YOUR SELF A FAVOR AND READ THE ARTICLE AND AVOID DOING ANY BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. I only did so because I saw their literature in my vet's office. After discussing this with my vet all of the Company's literature has been pulled from his office.

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  • Ja
      19th of Sep, 2008
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    We have a basenji who had some surgeries in the past. The first time, the claim was paid without a problem. The second surgery they denied and we had to fight tooth and nail to get paid. The 3rd surgery, which was different (for his eyes) was refused even though ever code was covered under the benefit book. For almost ten years, we have paid $40.00 a month for our dogs insurance; yet when we need to use the policy they refused to pay. I think that this is close to fraud and plan on reporting VPI to the Better Business Burea and other appropriate agencies. Because our dog has a pre-existing condition, we are stuck with VPI but I would recommend others to find another insurance company

  • Sa
      23rd of Sep, 2008
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    VPI Insurance is simpy a fraud!!! I have been waiting for a reply on a claim since Aug 2008 and it is now end of September almost October.

    My pet is healthy never had any pre-exsisting conditions. Now when I submitted a claim for $297 for her check up and a minor cut and ear infection she got they claim they never have paper work even though I sent it to them 5 times by fax and email. Then had the nerve to say they needed the medical record in handwritten format from the vet! Who does that! The vets enter it into the computer and sign off in writing on the claim cover page.

    Then to make it worse they then said they need her vaccination records, which I sent. After they exhausted every excuse they could come up with now they simply keep saying, it is in review.

    Everyone with problems with this company shuold call the company advocacy Gail Nelson at 800-872-7387 x2444 (GOOD Luck there). They pretend to help but nothing. And had the nerve to send me a form asking for referrals.

    I am planning on starting a class acton suite agains them. Anyone interested email me at

    Sandra A. Reese

  • Mo
      31st of Oct, 2008
    +2 Votes

    VPI Pet Insurance is the worst pet insurance company ever. The customer service people are rude, claims take forever. I had a healthy 2 yr cat who had a urinary blockage. Monty almost died, we had to spend $1500.00 to save his life. We only received $200.00 total. Several months later, he had another urinary blockage we spent $730.00 and only received $12.00 ! This was after jumping through several hoops and re-submitting my claim. I regret ever getting this insurance. Please do not make the same mistake I did. I would rather put him down than have VPI Pet insurance company.

  • Me
      14th of Nov, 2008
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    I signed my two dogs up in June of 2008 and faxed over all their medical records. I informed the rep that one of my dog's, Bella, had a stomach issue a month ago. She said that's fine and they will see that on my records before approving her. On July 3, 2008 I was sent a letter stating that both my pets were covered & Bella had one exclusion - the stomach issue.

    In September, Bella's paw became extremely infected and she kept licking it. I ended up taking her to the ER Vet as it was Saturday when it looked horrible. I also went back to my vet a week later because it was still bad. The diagnosis was left paw abscess with moist dermatitis.

    I submitted her claims and they were denied. Over a year before putting Bella on VPI she had a case of mange - that I completely forgot about as it was cured. Two vets informed me that Demodex is very unlikely to reoccur ever again in pets unless there is an immune problem (usually older dogs). The vet tested the paw for Demodex and it came back negative. The reason my claim was denied was because of Allergic Dermatitis!! My vet never determined Allergic Dermatitis and clearly stated that Moist Dermatitis (caused by her licking the infected area) is not the same thing. My vet wrote a letter along with speaking to the Vet services department, still denied. The Demodex and the infection had nothing to do with one another, again per two Vets.

    VERY IMPORTANT TO ANYONE LOOKING TO BUY VPI...When I asked why this exclusion was not listed on my policy the supervisor informed me that they normally do not notice these things until a claim is submitted!!! This last paragraph should be reason enough not to go with VPI - they will always find an exclusion even if it has nothing to do with the diagnosis to deny your claim.

  • Ja
      7th of Dec, 2008
    +1 Votes

    See my complaint here... I think this is Fraud...

  • Wi
      15th of Dec, 2008
    +1 Votes

    VPI is not the only scam pet Insurance company. ASPCA pet insurance is another fly by night insurance scam. I've had a policy with them for 2 years, paid premiums of 480.00 per year. I submitted three claims this year for a total of 523.00. They paid me a total of 28.00. citing pre-existing conditions for all the itemized conditions including the examinations. Unless your animal gets hit by lightening don't expect any coverage from this ROTTEN insurance company, and even then they will probably claim PRE-EXISTING LIGHTENING. BEWARE and Stay AWAY from ASPCA .

  • La
      30th of Dec, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I am jumping through hoops right now with VPI. The receptionist at my vet office joked that she knows their fax number by heart because she is constantly faxing records and letters to dispute denied claims... kind of annoying since this is where I picked up the enrollment package to begin with (but that's another story...) Anyway, its a bit of a "crap shoot" when you call them. Some of the representatives are more sympathetic and helpful, others are clearly brainwashed to recite the company mantra "I'm sorry that you are frustrated" etc...

    I am determined to fight this one and get my $825!!! I have already submitted 2 complaints to the Better Business Bureau and intend to keep "talking trash" about this scam corporation so that maybe... just maybe... they will go under one day. Its shameful.

  • On
      15th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    I've read several complaints on other web sites. These companies are just BEGGING for big brother to step in and provide some good old democratic style government regulation. My advice to everyone who has been stung by pet insurance companies is to contact your congressman. (I hope he's not a republican. You know how they don't like "big government") If "big government" doesn't step in, they'll be free to continue their unethical practices.

  • Ka
      31st of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have pet insurance with ASPCA and all they are giving me is trouble. They like to get the #38 per month but then to pay out for get it. My contact is for three years, but now they are saying just one year and because I went to the vet on June 29th for Zoe limping they will not pay any more out after July 1st because that is when my policy is renewed and now it is a prior condition??????? My three year contract is up on July 1, 2010.

  • Ab
      19th of Sep, 2009
    +2 Votes

    As with all insurance plans, people or animal. The first thing they do is deny your claim. That way they get rid of 90% of claims as most people accept it.

    Fax insurance co a letter stating that you want your perfectly good claim paid right away, and if they refuse to pay the claim they owe you, you will sue them in your local small Claims Court. Because you paid for the policy where you live, the case will be done at your local Small Claims Court and the Insurance Co will be required to travel for the court date.

    Usually your phone will ring right away, and the Claim Agent will tell you your check is in the mail.

    We did this to VPI and they call first thing 8am in the morning, said they will mail the check, even though they had been sending us letters denying the claim. Once we told them we would sue them in our Small Claims Court, they decided to pay the claim, because they knew it was a claim and they would loose in court.

    If they don't arrive at the court, the judge will review your case, and mostly likely you will win. If they do come to fight you in court, state your case with all your records, proof of monthly payments to your insurance plan, insurance plan, etc.

    Then if the insurance company does not pay you, even though you won, you can call the Small Claims Court to file a Rit of Execution, where you will ask the court what to file, to get the money removed from their bank account and given to you. It may be different in different states, so call your Local Small Claims Court.

  • Gi
      6th of Feb, 2010
    +2 Votes

    After paying premiums for two years for my dog that I insured when he was a puppy, this company claimed that the pneumonia he got was a pre-existing condition. Save your money. Other claims were also denied. Save your money. You will NEVER get reimbursed for legitimate claims.

  • Ma
      11th of Mar, 2010
    +2 Votes

    BAD BAD !!! VPI PET INSURANCE IS BAD !!! is never good company for any pets. After my dog had accident so i take to DORAL VET FL. and then the doctor write the VPI claim form as your dog sick so after I send the cliam form then the VPI say it is not coverage !!! for your dog we do not respond for that. They are both Vet clinic and VPI is cheating on people.

  • 2s
      20th of May, 2010
    +1 Votes

    05/20/2010 VPI = DENIALS.

    We just cancelled our policy after our claim was denied. VPI takes your money and fails to follow through on payment of claims. Because our dog had symptoms of vomiting and bowel problems it was labeled gastroenteritis and was documented as pre existing. VPI told us that any condition our dog would have in the future would be denied if those symptoms were present! Absolutely disgusting company. I told Gary, the supervisor at VPI that those are symptoms, not a disease and he would not work with me. Our dog could have cancer or something else very serious but VPI is not in the business of quality customer service. They sure don't have a problem taking the yearly premium up front! They never asked for previous records that go back two years. They just wanted current info for our 3 year old dog. After they accepted the policy and we took our dog in for tests, they denied, denied, and dug up records back 3 years. Bottom line is INSURANCE NEVER WANTS TO PAY!
    Well my dog is still not cured we don't know what is wrong. Our vet would like to do more tests to find out a more specific condition but nothing will be covered on VPI because of the pre existing policies. Canceled policy ASAP. Save your money yearly in an account instead of paying their premiums, plus the reimbursement rate is a joke!
    2 scotties

  • Ce
      19th of Oct, 2010
    +1 Votes

    whos interested in a class action lawsuit? i've had VPI in insurance for about 7 years. My dog is now 12 1/2 and we're up to paying $67.00 month for her insurance. Two years ago she had heart failure and almost died. they hospitalized her several times and put her on a bunch of medications. VPI paid a pretty good portion on most of the expensive claim, but now, my dog is sick again and she been in and out of the hospital and her medications have been an ongoing basis for her condition. I started submiiting claims again from 01/2009- 10/2010 and they literally sent me checks for $5.00, .06 cents, and .01 cent!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME .01 cent? AFTER ALL THAT I HAVE PAID IN INSURANCE PREMIUM THIS IS WHAT I GET?? Also some medications to treat congestive heart failure are very expensove so the VET wrote a presecription so i can ordered throught VetRxDirect. VPI denied my claim because my dogs name wasn't on the online invoice!

    My dog is dying. I've giving everything VPI needed. My medical papers are a pile high trust me on this. i've spent close to $18, 000k in two years and this is how they repay me? I'm going to look for a lawyer.


  • Fi
      28th of Oct, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Cespookie..I am with you. My dog got a fractured leg and had to have surgery along with a stay in the hospital. The bill was about $3700.00...I received my claim back today for paymet of only $973.00. I am on the Superior plan and according to my paperwork I am afforded up to $4500.00 per single incident in a years time frame. They also state that they pay up 90% of all hospital cost. According to what I am getting back this is definately a scam. I am game for a class action suit. I also will be filing a small claims tomorrow morning,

    Washington State

  • Pe
      17th of Dec, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I am currently doing research to start my own company, Pet Claims Resolved. I use to work in the industry and I know how insurance companies are with the claims and there is no one to go to for an unbiased opinion on a denied claim. Currently the public turns to the Better Business Bureau, Attorney General, the insurance company that denied your claim in the first place or a lawyer. I would be the middle person before any of these actions took place. I believe that it is time that we need an unbiased consulting company to be the voice of the consumer. Would you agree? Susan

  • Ce
      10th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    Pookie died on 12/29/2010 after a long battle with congestive heart failure. before Pookie died I tried to contact the "president" of the company but I only got as far as Gail Nelson the company "liaison", I demanded they review all the recent claims I submitted and they mysteriously, found they do owe me back some money. They sent the a few checks but not much. Just days after Pookie died I officially cancelled my policy in writing and informed Gail that I still have some claims to submit but due to the recent passing of Pookie i was very very upset, I would get those to her as soon as I was capable. I got the claims submitted and yesterday2/8/10, I received three “we regret to inform you" letters from VPI. They are not paying me anything. **
    By the way to "Stealth Pilot” shut your stupid face up! You're an idiot. VPI is a complete scam and are robbing people of their money. It is not an administrative error, or a dinosaur fax machine. THEY RECEIVED THE CLAIMS AND DENIED PEOPLE. Moran.**
    Anyway, I have reached out to an attorney who practices bad faith in the insurance industry. I WILL BE FILING A LAWSUIT I still owe care credit $4, 800.00 thanks VPI insurance - thanks for absolutely NOTHING! NEVER AGAIN WILL I BUY PET INSURANCE. **Everyone do yourself a favor and put your monthly premium in a savings account, you are much better off than paying and wasting money on an insurance company like this.**
    OH AND ONE LAST NOTE... ... coincidentally, they mentioned on their website that they no longer offer the VPI Superior Plan (with the extra Core Care Coverage ) up to $14, 000 coverage and $50 deductible - which is the Insurance coverage I had for Pookie. RIP MY BABY 08/14/1998-12/29/2010

  • Ce
      10th of Feb, 2011
    +1 Votes

    got the claims submitted and yesterday2/8/2011, I received three “we regret to inform you" letters from VPI. They are not paying me anything. **

  • Vi
      21st of Dec, 2012
    0 Votes

    I, too have VPI insurance and going thru the same thing, What do you do???? Im stuck, i keep calling them and they tell me it is being reviewed 1500. on my boy Charlee, he got pancretitus, and almosr died and i, truly trusting vpi, assured they would pay, let him stay in hospital, they saved his life, now im going thru this... Do i take it to Small claims court, because this is not right. Animals can not speak up for themselves and, we, take out a policy, trusting that they will take care of our fur babies, then have to fight to get them to pay any claim. This is so Wrong. Please give me advice on what to do. Ill never have Vpi insurance again, I want my fur babies under an insurance that takes care of them, not one that is going to have to be fought day in and day out. Any advice will be truly appreciated. Help.!!!

  • Ce
      21st of Dec, 2012
    0 Votes

    the important thing to included when submitting claims in the doctors written detailed diagnosis and treatment with your paid receipt. Just keep on them. Keep copies of everything, track of who you spoke with, when, and the dates that you called. Ask to speak to a supervisor and as to why it's taking so long to review the claim (if you provided everything they needed) I'm sorry you're having this problem. you're better off saving money and using care credit. VPI is a scam. total scam. I adopted two rescue Chihuahuas since my dog Pookie died and I will never VPI pet insurance again.


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