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Von Jordan Haus German Shepherds / Dysplastic dog she sells

1 Tennessee, United States Review updated:
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Bought 6 month old male shepherd. X rayed hips 4 days after his 1st birthday! Dog has bad hips!! Contacted patricia jordan / von jordan haus. . She will not honor hip guarantee. $2, 700. 00 for a dog with bad hips!! What a ripoff!!
It took her 4 months just to come up with the akc registration papers. She is worse then a puppy mill!! Avoid her she cares nothing about dogs just money hungary !!!

Apr 12, 2013

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  • Vj
      21st of Apr, 2013
    -2 Votes

    No OFA or SV evaluation of the x-rays, which were not labeled nor in proper position. Reviewed by two vets and both concur that they must have proper identification and be retaken for proper position in order to be evaluated. The name of the dog nor owner was on the x-rays that were emailed to me. Should anyone question my business practice please contact me directly or my vet or I will be more than happy to give you a reference list. I offered everything and everything was refused...any and every breeder require that you must have an official evaluation before any decision can be made. This lady claimed she showed a couple of Rottweilers and yet has an ad on the database that she has been breeding GSD's for 25 years.

    We deliver door to door when it is within a reasonable distance. PayPal is provided to those that wish to use it . I will be happy to email anyone interested email offering to resolve this. For this particular situation was best applies is simply this "you can please some of the people some of the time but you can't please all the people all the time" My vet Dr. Bob Sumrall will be more than happy to speak to anyone regarding my integrity he has taken care of my dogs for 6 years 731-983-0982. I stand behind every dog that leaves my kennel...even if it is an import and not of my own breeding. FYI when your purchase any dog from Europe you never receive any guarantees.

  • Mu
      29th of Apr, 2013
    +3 Votes

    They have never shown much less finished a dog. They buy imports from brokers. Fly by night breeders do all this till the market crashes on the dog and then they move to another breed. Looking at their website they raise puppies with no bone and no substance.
    Probably one that breeds more for paper then logic.
    I am sorry you have a bad experience. There are great breeders out there and I would agree they won't be advertising about accepting Paypal.!

  • Vj
      29th of Apr, 2013
    -4 Votes

    It takes time to establish a kennel it isn't done overnight. Imports from brokers...just how in the world would you know from whom any of my dogs were purchased from??? I will never breed anything other than a GSD. NO bone??? Oh maybe you prefer the 130 lb. dogs.
    As for PayPal we are a world of instant everything...people often want to pay by credit card and that is their business alone!
    This woman was offered her money back with proper OFA or SV evaluation...she violated her contract 3 times...specifically by: no simple vet check, she agreed to leave my kennel name on the dog..she changed it as soon as she registered him, failure to provide proper documentation from her vet .
    How about if you put your website up for me to critique!!!

  • Bu
      29th of Apr, 2013
    +3 Votes

    I agree after seeing their website they state a hip guarantee for only 1 year they are FLY-BY-NIGHT! I know a lot of breeders of the GSD that are reputable and give at least 3 years. Nothing good in Luray, Tenn. Little dirt water town. Pretty sure more then one puppy mill there. This is exactly how the GSD breed was ruined 20 years ago. Jordan Haus clearly states about no guarantees from Germany but we are not in Germany and that lady is definitely not of German grade. I looked up her dogs from 4-5 years ago and they are strickly low quality pets! BADDD BREEDER!

  • Da
      29th of Apr, 2013
    +1 Votes


  • Mu
      30th of Apr, 2013
    +2 Votes

    I must agree if you pay big money for a dog you should be able to name it unless the breeder is an AKC approved kennel. The only way it can be approved is with a show record of finished dogs and they won't take names for kennel names.
    All of Von Jordan's so called breeding stock was purchased! Not one of their dogs was home raised. Backs up the believe they are just out for the bucks. They also advertise in free online publications in Georgia hoping to prey on some poor sole they can take advantage of!.. They talk about violating a contract! Selling a dog with bad hips has no bearing on a petty claim of contract violation.. TRY AGAIN VON JORDAN HAUS! I agree with Bullybreed... SHAME!! BADD BREEDER !

  • Re
      2nd of May, 2013
    +1 Votes

    VON JORDAN HAUS ADVERTISES ALL THE WAY IN GEORGIA! I see her ads allover the place. I wonder why she needs to advertise at all if she has such great dogs? Why all the way in Georgia? Something stinks in Luray, Tenn. I think if is the breeding practices of this breeder. Keep your junk dogs in your own state! WE DON'T NEED YOU HIP PROBLEMS OR YOUR PUPPY MILL DOGS HERE!

  • Ca
      17th of Jul, 2013
    +1 Votes

    I have seen advertising from Von Jordan Haus and I must say it appears they have puppies coming out of their ears. I have a good friend that knows Patricia and she says she is flooding the market and is breeding for profit. Sad, even worse if she doesn't back what she breeds. There is no reason to not fulfill your obligation on the health of a dog. No matter what... a breeder needs to be honest and not cheat people. This woman raised birds before and didn't have a clue about dogs till she saw GSD prices. Maybe the lord will talk some sense into her, soon. Bless the wicked!

  • Ad
      21st of Nov, 2013
    0 Votes

    My sister lives in Arkansas and was interested in her kennel so they drove all the way there. She was more then impressed with how she keeps her dogs. She is NOT a puppy mill. Very professional and loves her dogs. Because of my sister's great experience I bought and had my puppy shipped I live in Washington. I haven't had any problems and have talked to Patricia many times. She loves her dogs and I recommend her to anyone who is interested in getting a great German Shepherd. Of course she has many litters she is a dog breeder. They are cherished and given the utmost care.

  • Lu
      21st of Nov, 2013
    +2 Votes

    Von Jordan Haus is one of the finest kennels I have found. My family member visited this kennel in person several times. The Dogs are immaculate, housed in wonderful situations, clean, well fed, groomed and LOVED.My family member has two of her dogs, and they are Gorgeous, My other family member also purchased a lovely male, and I also purchased a gorgeous female. They have exceptional dispositions, have grown to be outstanding, are everything hoped for. Shipping was most professional. Puppies arrived with outgoing, loving behavior right out of the kennels.
    I have bred shepherds for 40 years, and these dogs are excellent. I would recommend Von Jordan Haus to anyone who desired a well bred, lovely dog. This family has four of them, and could not have found a more considerate, or honest person to buy our dogs from.
    Luette Messersmith
    Port Angeles WA

  • Jm
      13th of Jan, 2014
    +2 Votes

    I have purchased 2 dogs from Jordan Haus and have personally met and visited her Kennel on numerous occasions.
    All of her dogs are clean kept in beautiful large runs and are extremely friendly and well cared for. She even has a large 1/2 acre just for the puppies to play.
    Patricia is very kind hearted, honest woman and she adores the GSD and the heritage. She has worked very hard to protect and preserve the breed.
    She has taken her "Job" seriously and does it with extreme professionalism. I will eventually return to Patricia Jordan and Purchase in the future! She can be trusted and is wonderful to work with!
    Joleen Marple

  • Fa
      16th of Apr, 2014
    +3 Votes

    This kennel does have some trust issues with the health of their own dogs.
    They give a 1 year hip guarantee.. O.F.A doesn't even certify till 2 years. If you read her guarantee it states the dog has to be checked no later then the week of the dogs birthday. That is a crock of ###! Why even bother. Just don't give one because you haven't got any faith in what you are breeding. T


  • An
      8th of Jun, 2014
    0 Votes

    My experience was terrible!!! I purchased a Von Jordan Haus German Shepherd from this kennel, Alicia Jordan in particular, who is affiliated with Midway K9 Academy.
    I was told the dog had "high drives, " which is what I wanted. I was also promised registration papers, hip guarantee, and invoice for my purchase. They shipped me the dog way later than scheduled (about two months after I paid them in full) and I received nothing I paid for. The dog had very low drives, was scared of life, and didn't even like biting. On top of that, I never got registration papers, hip guarantee, or my invoice. They never responded to my multiple emails and calls and at this point, the way I look at it, I've been completely ripped off. It's sad. Obviously, I would never recommend. I believe they are crooks or just very negligent business people. I live too far away to take them to court. I basically gave the dog away and ate the $2700 I paid for it. Beware of this kennel.

  • Na
      12th of Jun, 2014
    0 Votes

    We bought two dogs bred by them. Having problems getting our papers to. AKC says she didn't even register the litters and only owns the mother to one. Other three (1 female and 2 males) are not even in her name!

  • An
      19th of Jun, 2014
    0 Votes

    Purchased german shepherd from her and have not recieved papers. Akc says she did not register litter. . That are over 9 months old. Patricia seems like a nice lady but wolf in sheeps clothing. Nothing but lie, scontract said papers will be provided. Buyers beware. Dog is a high priced pet. Definitly not worth the money!

  • Na
      20th of Jun, 2014
    -1 Votes

    her daughter Alicia is a wolf in shee
    ps clothing to. They will rip you off, not give you papers, not register the litters. We have an appointment with an attorney next week!

  • De
      23rd of Jun, 2014
    0 Votes

    I think it's funny that some on here I've talked to personally, and seems the story has changed from the dogs not even being registered with AKC, to now the dogs are registered with AKC but not in her name. I HIGHLY doubt that it was neglect at all why the female died. Have you seen vet records? Asked to see vet records? Or are you just going on hearsay from someone else. Their kennels are very clean and nice, dogs are well taken care of, pups are well taken care of. I'm sorry if you've had issues with papers, but saying that 2 females died from neglect... from the mouth of someone who you are friends with; with absolutely no proof, is a little much. I can understand your frustration with papers. But jumping to the conclusion with absolutely no evidence whatsoever except from someone else's mouth that 2 dogs died in the whelping box from neglect, is a bit ridiculous.

  • Sa
      24th of Jun, 2014
    0 Votes

    Well you can believe that or the story Alicia tells that her boyfriends wife poisoned them. Take your pcik.

  • La
      8th of Aug, 2014
    0 Votes

    Still no papers but Alicia has her money! Do NOT purchase anything from Alicia Jordan! You will get totally scammed. She will not honor any health guarantees and you will never see papers unless you hire an attorney. Luckily you can sue her for that $ to but it's a hassle. 8 months later - no papers. Nothing but a puppy mill with mediocre dogs, family pets. NOT top sprot dogs, almost everyone has been returned for no drive. Steer clear, low grade puppy mill breeder.

  • Gs
      13th of Jun, 2015
    0 Votes

    This is NOT A BREEDER...SHES A GREEDER!!! What a shame... And makes me so so sad for these poor dogs...Also makes me so sad for the uneducated people that buy dogs from her and pay this kind of money with no health gaurentee... No ANYTHING!!! I find the entire thing DISGUSTING!!! How someone can breed these poor pups with these health issues and then just toss them aside is just horrible...She should be ashamed of herself.
    I had to live and learn through horrible "GREEDERS" way back when and it breaks my heart that others do too... And especially that the pups have to suffer for people to learn the lessen... AAAAAAACCCCCKKKKKK!!!

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