Volkswagen Of The WoodlandsI caught them lying!!!

May 2014 my Passat wouldn't start and did all of the obvious reasons why first. Including pulling each and every fuse and checking it, I even pulled some two or three times because it just didn't make sense why all the fuses where good and this car wouldn't start.

I had to have it towed to VW for repair. Recall work was done on an ignition coil. I was charged for replacing a fuse and I asked what fuse was replaced. I asked for the fuse that was replaced, I was denied. The service man told me that he wasn't allowed to tell me. The mexican man that checked me out said to me "We have to charge you for something." Which means to me that even though the work done was recall work, that they charged me to "replace a fuse" so I paid for something.

I told him it's MY car. You have to tell me. Knowing I was going to make an issue of this. I've made calls which all gave me the same run around telling me that now they can't tell me what fuse was replaced. All lies.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in The Woodlands, TX They didn't replace a fuse. I was charged for nothing because the reason why my car wouldn't start was recall on the ignition coil.

I called today because I am selling this car and went through the paperwork. Burning on my mind, angry because I was treated like crap at the dealership. Got Bill, the service manager on the phone who said that he can't see what fuse was replaced and that he can't refund my money this many months later.

Again, crap because I made an issue of this last May. I'm sending a ten day demand letter and filing in small claims court.
I may not win but I am going to have my day in court. Months later as I remember this situation I realize they are criminals just like the shade tree mechanics.

Unless you're doing warranty work on your VW, find another VW certified repair shop. I will never buy another VW again. EVER.

I audio taped my conversation with the service manager and am posting it online somewhere. Just because I can.

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