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voipswitch is fraud company that providing fake Voip services.. We paid $5k to this company after receiving Voip app from it...not working ...I have sent many mails but not getting any reply from Voip switch Company side.

Big Fraud company, No Refunds, No service support

Sep 26, 2014
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  • Vl
      Nov 19, 2014

    They are thieves. They provided me a software that really did not work. Their support guys were not able to help with configuration and my business collapsed. I asked for refund but they simply do not reply!!

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  • Ma
      Nov 20, 2014

    I confirm this.
    VoipSwitch is a fraud company, do not make any business with them.

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  • Vo
      Dec 24, 2014

    I also verify is cheater company. Their products are not reliable at all. The price very high and quality is very bad. I lost more then 25k$ with them. I don't know what to do!

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  • Fr
      Mar 07, 2016

    The support of this company is terrible, they dont answer ticket, or delay more than 20 days!! Its impossible for a service company. Y suggest no make business with them

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  • Ko
      Dec 12, 2016

    100% it is fraud company. they have some softwares but they do not give extra support. you can pay extra for support they do not answers your questions an emails. phone, it doesn't work.

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  • Ag
      Feb 03, 2017 is a fake company software is not working. DO not believe them, they send 1000 replies before purchase, but nothing after payments. If we complain any person he will create an email id in a different name and reply from new name

    I think single man is doing this

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  • R0
      Feb 22, 2017

    Can anyone actually give a proof of the claims made here?

    It sounds to me like some people either didn't know how to configure their software or didn't know how to run their own business, then came here claiming that VoipSwitch is a fraud (not sure if people in here even know the meaning of the term fraud).

    Their product is expensive? You bought it with your own free will, didn't you?
    Their support didn't configure your solution? Maybe that's not part of their support policy? Did you ask them before purchasing?

    No one should be able to tarnish the reputation of others by ridiculous unsubstantiated claims like these. This forum is a joke. A irresponsible bad joke.


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  • Us
      Feb 24, 2017

    Yes I can! Mr. Roy, do you want me to paste my personal emails here, crying for my delivery since last 2 years till THIS DAY!

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  • Us
      Feb 24, 2017

    I can prove the claims they have made as we find our team a victim of voipswitch too. I agree that that this forum is an irresponsible one, so I would rather prove my claim in the court once its assessed as it involves a criminally wasting valuable resources such as 2 years of the previous lives of some very skilled and highly paid experts, aging technology, group reputation, and health issues.

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  • Us
      Feb 24, 2017

    *precious Lives :)

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  • Us
      Mar 19, 2017


    Voipswitch deserves to be shutdown. I believe all of you and want more of you to file lawsuits against it. For us its 2 years + highly paid staff + offices in 2 countries + money we spend on the system and its requisites. If anyone wants to join me in the lawsuit against voipswitch kindly, email me at [protected] .

    My deepest sympathies are with you. All of you seem to be bright and your idea and business plan must have been fresh and kickin when you had ordered it, you must have hired graphics designers, for the customization, a voip expert or consulting firm for you voip minute business. You must have been brainstorming on marketing strategy and may have hired brilliant staff to make international phone calls and giving ads in local papers on international countries to setup your reseller channel or market your calling card so that you have a great launch. You must have taken D-U-N-S number, DIDs, app store accounts, and engaged at least one full fledge office fo the purpose. You must have stayed away from your family all this time. You must have planned your life accordingly... there is a never ending list of expenses, resources and time you must have given to this project

    What happened next? You all know very well! Everything shattered? instead of making millions you lost millions? your reputation? your brilliant team? your MONEY? your profit? Your promises to everyone around? Instead of sharing your tragic stories here, join me to sue their butts. They surely deserve individual exposure now before they ruin more lives. Their target are ambitious and skillful groups around the world who want to launch a successful voip business, claiming to provide something which anyone would want, but don't actually provide it. They will make you spin around with their service desk system "JIRA" and play "tickets-tickets" with you. "End of next month" "end of next week" "first week of next month" "4weeks" are their typical ETAs and all they would do is, send the same app over again with a few more added bugs, and close all your tickets. Your staff will review and create new tickets the old ones + new bugs, and you will get a longer ETA this time. They will keep charging you the rent for it (in case of hosted) and msg you on skype to pay or your server will be deleted and your project will shutdown. So either all your money would finish? And they will recommend you will launch an unfinished buggy, low quality app. If you are wise enough you will never do it, because if you do that your app will fail, as people will HATE IT. So the only option you are left with is to forget it and move on, because you had no legal department setup as looking for their marketing material and their sales men's promises it seems as easy as launching a business in 2-4 weeks, but for us its almost 2 years and as we are confident our business plan was not meant to fail, we hold voipswitch reponsible for ruining carreer of a really very talented team and we trust the Govts and Law enforcing agencies of the Great Britain, Poland that they will hear our appeal for justice.

    I invite every victim of voipswtich to join this mass campaign for justice against voipswitch where we will take strict action against voipswitch and the individuals involved namely:
    Mr. Krzysztof Zdzislaw Oglaza/Chris Oglaza
    Mr. Michal Kozlowski
    Mr. Radek Felinski
    Mr. Roy Shaya
    Mr. Przemyslaw Krolikowski
    Mr. Marcel Feldinger
    Mr. Michael Bibleman
    Mr. Mike Ottie

    2. We will start an online awareness campaign against the voiceserve group, to make sure they are exposed properly on internet forums and blacklists and is well-known for its frauds to make sure no innocent individuals like some of you over here, or even companies as big as ZTE suffer from it,

    3. We will make a network of voipswitch victims to file combined and individual lawsuits against voipswitch in several countries which they claim to use as a base as we will prepare an investigative report on the procedures they use to trap innocent companies and individuals.

    Its the matter of court to decide their punishment, but we are more concerned about the compensation of the loss we have suffered.

    Justice Exists!

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  • Ro
      Mar 20, 2017

    As you might suspect, the above tirade is mostly a fictitious account of what actually happened.

    Usama simply paid us 3499$ for deploying our Hosted RCS solution 2 years ago. He was supposed to pay us an x sum of money monthly for renting our solution, which he NEVER did over 2 years. All the while, over the last 2 years, we were offering him support and paying for his server to maintain his solution online - a sum that amounts to more than 3000$.

    As you can notice above, with his fictitious staff, offices and payments, Mr Usama seems to be a highly emotional person, unprofessional, who's looking for someone to blame for his failures. Due to his continuous threats and insults, we decided to end our cooperation with him for we can no longer bare the cost of maintaining his solution online and offer him support, specially when confronted with such an attitude.

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  • Us
      Mar 21, 2017

    Please stop accusing me or my companyback for such things.

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  • Ro
      Mar 21, 2017

    Thank you for proving to everyone our point.

    So Mr Usama paid us 400$ over 2 years. He was supposed to pay us 400$ per month. We ended up paying for his server (+3000$) what he paid us initially for the dialers (3499$), PLUS wasting hundreds of hours supporting and maintaining his solution FOR FREE! Rather AT A LOSS, for what he paid us in total doesn't even cover the salary for one month, of one of our support personnel and developers. Once we took down his solution, he came here badmouthing us and claiming we're a fraud.

    Just like the other false comments above, we're dealing here with bitter unsuccessful clients, who are looking to make a buck out of badmouthing us, since they failed to get their business off the ground. What a shame.

    This is our last intervention, we're done over here. Unlike you, we actual do have a business to run.

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  • Us
      Mar 21, 2017

    Your president Alexander said something else on phone yesterday, but i guess he is hte head of you all thanks for showing your intentions, see you in court

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  • Us
      Mar 21, 2017
    Best Best Advice

    Roy Shaya/Mike/Chris ot whoever you are!
    Check the attachment of another lie from you and just warning you not to cross your limits calling me something I am not, as you are defaming me falsefully after all the damage caused to me and sucking money from me and wasting it on other things, even though I can even approach laywer as good as your country's ex president, but i will carry out proceedings myself, I want to look right in the Judge's eye while i tell him everything, , and I dont even need any legal help to PROVE YOU wrong. I am sure you will not even appear in the court and fly to your beloved "Seychelles" where you had your voipswitch registered by Chris Oglaza, Michal Kozlowski, Lukasz Nowak and then the whole voiceserve deal where you got your backers from UK.

    Your backers are from UK but you dont have a phsycial office in uk, you have virtual office and virtual phone number in UK, the same address belongs to 25 other businesses? Your voipswitch is also registered in Delaware but you dont have a single point of operation in the US and dont use the US banking system while you use paypal to collect payment even in thousands cuz you dont wnat to disclose your bank account? Your work goes on in Poland but the money goes to account in a diff country? You dont pay taxes anywhere? You are after guys with big money now, like ZTE, and you have no mercy on the fools who beleived you and engaged manpower for 2 years with 2 offices a graphic designer, a product manager, a project manger, programmers to use your API with our website, customer service agent and their trainer, got high quality saes office and staff for better presentation and DUNS verficiation, voip interconnects? DID providers? SMS providers Nexmo? Mail and DNS servers? and all the resources that one could to run an app like Whatsapp? This is Nothing for you?

    I guess you are used to million dollar scams only, and 2 years of poor programers, graphic designer, and telcecom and voip experts who had been doing the same things over and over again to you and submitting you wasted their lives, their salaries are unpaid for last 3 months and disturbance caused to them?

    This is Ruthlessness while ripping somebody off and having no sympathies with him, which you cannot see but the law will see. You have no idea how naked you are in front of the law, yet you are lying shamelessly as if you are in 30s and this conv is not recorded.

    You are lying through your teeth that I did not pay and was defaulter, this hurted me the most!, the attachment states my last payments to you, in january 2017 and you had been collecting payments from us and made our lives miserable by making us wait for months, and then giving new requirements after a month and close all tickets at once after the long wait, and telling us to write new tickts with proper steps to reproduce the issue while again not solving it? and threating to stop the project completely if invoice is unpaid? when we demanded bug fixes before we launch, and you never bothered to answer my tickets and now you exposing yourself more by lying .

    Making brochures and a NON usable app is the best you can do? Im glad google will be glad to analyze your fake voting behaviour to improve the playstore app ranking system.
    Isnt Apple a big company? but till 2011 steve jobs himself used to answer calls and participate in customer support and actually fix issues and all legit companies in all countries respect the law and the customers satisfaction both, other than fraudster like you who rip people off.
    We HAD BEEN SUFFERING FROM TWO years and after reading this reply from you NOW! in 2017,

    Now you are answering my calls and replying to my complains when you see your scam story opening up, you just got proved wrong, you charged us even in January, and had been invoicing us and keeping us on wait, you are a simple and visible scam and really starting to expose. Where were you when I had begging and asking for any phone number or a voice call to beg you to deliver our app? And yet you accuse me of having a fictitious staff, while the Facebook admin is the CTO himself, while the british directors are busy posting 5star comments on Playstore reviews, as customers.

    Frankly i have no hope from your directors cum Facebook page maintainers, we are GOOD people, and we will use the legal way to recover our loss.

    I don’t want to disclose anything further here I want to see you all behind the bars so bad now after knowing you have no guilt or pain for the suffering and value of other people’s money, and that too your customers! The truth is that you have made us suffer and you will have to compensate. Soon others will join, i have no shame in approaching even the president of ZTE to tell him the hidden realities of rcs scam, i really can approach him. I’m sure they DO NOT WANT TO AFFILIATE WITH A MASS LEVEL SCAMMER, when i say you are a mass level scammer i mean it. When I say you have more than 1 sins, i have everything to prove. I have no shame reporting your gang to Her Majesty, as you show you are a UK or irish based company.

    Look at you, making up story that I didn’t pay? Or calling me Fictitious and my staff fictitious? While I submitted my original documents of incorporation of our company in Hong Kong? You accused me of insulting you? Come on, Policia will fix you I am nobody to do so, so will your society and rest of the world, you are SHAMELSS SCAMMER its a fact!

    I know alex you had behind this whole this, i will get you and your stooges behind the bars thats a mans promise now! AND forget future business in almost all of the world. Lets see how much money you actually have ripped of from your scams

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  • Ha
      May 30, 2017

    Claiming a company is fraud is unacceptable.

    We are a licensed telecom company and customers of Voipswitch for over 4 years. Their product is stable and their support is superb.
    The problem is their prices are so great that it usually attracts people with little experience in telecom who usually blame the system rather than the providers, server, or other factors. Voipswitch comes very close to an all-in-one solution, but it will require some work from your side to maintain. In order to save customers money, they might allow a customer to place his database/switch on the same server but on a low-end system, this can cause cpu/ram to be maxed out.

    I have met many of their members personally, including their CTO Chris, and one of their sales managers Roy in a recent convention.
    We have pushed over 1000+ calls and will vouch for this company.
    The system is stable and their support is attentive.

    Decided to write this up for the sake of justice.
    Hamad - Ascentech Telecom

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  • Ai
      Jun 05, 2017

    My name is Maciej Turek. I am former Voipswitch worker: support member from junior to senior engineer, then test team member, also documentation manager. I was working in VoipSwitch for over 6 years (Feb 2009-June 2015). Nowadays I provide external support service for Voipswitch customers. Plenty od people are using Voipswitch and getting money on it. Company is not perfect, but they do software which actually works and you can build your business on. Is everything working great and smoothless - no, it doesn't. There are a lot of bugs, problems. Their support works slow because there is not enough people onboard, which is company policy. In my time there there was 10-15 support member working over 3 8-hours shifts. Now there are just few people working same work of 10 people at least. Hard to blame them for not responding, really. I do not defend Voipswitch, there are a lot of their customers hiring me to test, find problems in their software, train them, make configuration for them and explain all aspects of business. From my personal experience - i wouldn't recommend RCS dialers, especially iOS because it is 2 years behind Android version. Maybe lack of good developers, I don't know. The rest of their products mostly works and can be used to make business. Comparing to competition they are cheap. 1 lic of VoIP server with managers, webs is between 2-5k USD, you can also make business starting from low amounts based on Hosted program (paying for server rent $250-400/month depend on configuration).

    I cannot understand one thing. There are a lot of Hosted customers complaining on VoipSwitch. And mostly they complain with very few exceptions. Why? Because a lot of people think that if Voipswitch delivers server they should give you everything. People are asking support engineers for trainings, making configuration, all work which should be done by their engineers, not Voipswitch support. These are not fully managable servers! Payment is just for renting, not for 24/7 support access where support member assists you in all your learnings. Documentation is poor, but if you spend some time to read it and you have some techs working for you, it shouldn't be a problem to start doing business. What do you expect for $250-400 per month? Platinum support with enginner assigned to you is mostly 1500-4000 per month. I suggest to read license terms and agreements. One hour of engineer is $20-100 usd depending on company. My advice for complainers here is: get good external support or pay Voipswitch engineers for extra support and there should be no problem to understand product and its flaws and benefits.

    By the way, I am not leaving my email cause i don't need spam on it. If anyone want to contact me my skype ID is: Aidekk.

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  • Vi
      Nov 24, 2017

    This company suxx. They take money from customers, don't provide what they promissed, and don't pay their workers.

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  • Au
      Nov 19, 2018

    I bought a complete voipwitch system in 2006 or 2007 to Mr Chris Oglaza in Poland no complains at that time, after 5 year we have to change the Ip of the server I we accepted to pay 1500 for a year of support including upgrades, but when I bought the first time they told that if I need to change the IP their is not cost, I don't have written documentation to prove it, they don't accept my request, I was forced to pay, now I have to pay again 1200 for change the IP, I didn't decide yet, thinking to use other solution some opensource maybe
    Customer services was Sucks at that time !!

    Augusto Montoya
    North Bell Communications

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  • Wo
      Apr 30, 2019

    They're crooks...
    Their company does not update its technical support.
    If you send me e-mail several times, I get answers from time to time.
    And don't buy any application-related products.
    Restart Update...Bug...Stop... It's just trash.
    I've wasted two years
    Time...Money...The monthly office expenses...
    Don't waste it.
    Write a review to prevent other victims.

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  •   May 13, 2019

    @Wonjin Kim 안녕하세요 김원진씨 전 123텔레콤 새로운 오너입니다 연락주세요

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  • Ra
      May 07, 2019

    My company is Telecom Operator in Central Asia.
    We have positive experience in cooperation with VoipSwitch during more than 5 years.
    We used SIP service and RCS solution from VoipSwitch for 30+ thousand subscribers.
    Of course, we had some issues with VoipSwitch software and support, but all these problems were solved.
    I can recommend VoipSwitch company, but you need to make correct agreement and discuss all questions especially financial terms.

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  • Ca
      May 07, 2019

    I have been their customer for more than a decade, I think the first time I used their soft switches was in 2007?
    I used to have 4 but now I only using one but thanks to WhatsApp and Facebook who are now an illegal telecom monopoly.
    I have never EVER experienced any issues or bad service from Voipswitch. I think you guys were dealing with someone else and not with Voipswitch since it is a legit company with an excellent product.
    I can speak not only from me but many other VoIP termination companies we all used their services and products for years and years since the early 2000s.
    Unfortunately for many of us have been difficult to grow and compete because how can we if FB/WhatsApp is for "free".

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  • Ca
      Jun 09, 2019

    @Carlos Campbell Yes, I know.
    But it was a long time ago.
    Have you ever purchased their applications?
    A simple switch system is manageable.
    But as soon as you buy an application, you will know.

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  • Bl
      May 07, 2019

    My experience with VoipSwitch has been good so far and i have been using the switch for three years now. My name is Roger and I own Bloom Telecom in Canada. After reading the reviews on this board, i fully understand the frustration of many. Having to deal with soft-switch issues in the VoIP telecom business is a nightmare for anyone, even to those with technical knowledge.

    In my honest rating, I will give VoipSwitch a pass and while i may not know the extend of your respective pain and discontent with VoipSwitch, I suggest you seek a amicable means in resolving any differences. In anyway, the switch provider needs the service provider and the service provider needs the switch provider to stay in business.

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  • Vl
      May 08, 2019

    Hi there,

    I was quite disturbed reading the comments on this thread. We have been Voipswitch clients for more than 2 years and must say that they are most certainly not a fraudulent company and have absolutely no idea why users on this thread would claim so.

    As a previous member mentioned Voipswitch's pricing is extremely affordable considering all the features and capability their software has. Adminittently, we were also relatively new to running our own Voipswitch and must admit that there could be a steep learning curve at first however as soon as you come to grips with all the Voipswitch features you'll probably never consider using any other software again.

    In terms of their support, I have to completely disagree with the statements made here. Not only are there support systems in place but the support turnaround is always prompt and professional.

    To further complement their support, we contact the Voipswitch support team from a number of different support channels and always receive a response.

    I am honestly not certain where the dissatisfaction arises from mentioned above however our experience with Voipswitch has been the complete opposite and would recommend them anytime.

    VL Telecom

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  • Rz
      May 08, 2019


    I have been using voipswitch for a long time and it is a very compatible and working system. When I look at the comments here, I think that users who want to buy and use voipswitch do not have enough technical knowledge.

    Voipswitch is more open source code than other switch brands and allows you to easily make scenarios you want to make. When I write about the Voipswitch-related technical team, I get positive and helpful returns. We shouldn't be prejudiced. The software is good quality and it works. It's not nice to spoil this product here because of the technical shortcomings of the users. I believe that I will develop my projects using Voipswitch and that this software is very professional.

    Thanks Mr. Marcel Feldinger, Mr. Michael Bibleman, Mr. Mike Ottie for the supports.

    Rıza DEMIR

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  • Ah
      May 10, 2019

    We are using Voipswitch since 2010 and its really very powerful and compatible. We can make every scenario easily. Now we have updated to new version, its more easy to control from every platform. I have never encountered any problems with technical team.

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  • 12
      May 13, 2019

    I'm glad I could help let me know when you add the comment :) thank you
    Lukasz Thank you

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  • 12
      May 13, 2019

    Lukasz Thank you.
    You are always such a wonderful person. You are so friendly and gentle. You are all doing well. Thank you so much.

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  •   May 13, 2019

    안녕하세요 저는 이회사에서 너무나도 좋은 서비스와 프리미엄 서비스를 제공받고 너무나도 만족하고 있습니다 처음에는 불만이 많았지만 차츰 회사에 기술들을 알아갈수록 놀라웠습니다 감탄 그 자체였습니다
    지금은 너무나도 맘에 들고 너무나 좋아요 고생하신 마르쉘... 루카스..도부치..피터에게 감사함을 전합니다
    그들이 있어 너무나 좋고 행복합니다 감사합니다

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  • Se
      May 13, 2019


    I have been using voipswitch from 2012 and it is a very compatible and working system. Voipswitch's pricing is extremely affordable considering all the features and capability their software has. When I look at the comments here, I think that users who want to buy and use voipswitch do not have enough technical knowledge.

    Voipswitch is more open source code than other switch brands and allows you to easily make scenarios you want to make. When I write about the Voipswitch-related technical team, In terms of their support, I have to completely disagree with the statements made here. Not only are there support systems in place but the support turnaround is always prompt and professional. To further complement their support, we contact the Voipswitch support team from a number of different support channels and always receive a response. Lukasz Henn is my Support team leader and he is very experienced and he knows Voipswitch A to Z by heart. And Marcel he is my sales contact he always give me a very reasonable pricing for support and upgrades.
    I get positive and helpful returns. We shouldn't be prejudiced. The software is good quality and it works. It's not nice to spoil this product here because of the technical shortcomings of the users. I believe that I will develop my projects using Voipswitch and that this software is very professional.

    Seran Chellian
    computechdistribution Ltd, Telutel Inc.

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  • Wm
      Jun 03, 2019

    I have been successfully using Voipswitch products in a wholesale configuration for over 11 years.

    We currently operate 5 platforms and will be buying more.

    Our Voipswitches carry a lot of traffic and work very hard. In those 11 years we have not encountered any serious problems but then we are experienced Telecoms engineers.

    At their price point of course there are some limitations and support could be improved but overall I'm glad I chose to use them.

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  • Ve
      57 mins ago


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