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viv3 Labs Customer Service <[protected]>
Try this address, or call +44 [protected], email them and tell them to cancel the subscription.
They obviously work on you not reading the fine print and cancelling within 15 days.
Once you cancel, keep the emails etc and then approach your credit card if there are
further debits as these will be illegal debits.
On their website FAQ they make frank threats about anyone claiming fraud against them.
Obviously a scam company as the products are not worth 1/10th of what they charge.


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      Nov 20, 2009

    Hi all
    20 November 2009

    To date I've lost almost 160 pounds on Acai Berry Detox Capsules!!

    My story is much the same as everyone, I signed up for a free sample on 16 October 2009 only to pay P&P 3.95 (actually they charged £4.17) . I received the capsules pretty promptly. Then I received a second delivery of capsules on 19 November 2009 which a surprise. Inside the envelope an the Invoice / Receipt for £82.95 for 60 capsules including £3.95 p&p.

    I called the number on the invoice to return the good sfor a refund. I spoke to a terse woman who said “didn’t you read the terms and conditions?” They don’t accept returns. I was pretty angry to say the least and hung up on me.

    The dawning reality of what I had gotten into came when I checked my credit card statement. Check yours and look for “HELPYOUR HEALTH” and “GLOBALWELLBEING” there’s probably others.

    After 15 days you realise it’s NOT A FREE SAMPLE and you will keep getting the capsules until you cancel the subscription. Yes BE WARNED you have AGREED TO A SUBSCRIPTION and the only way to cancel the subscription is by telephoning customer services +[protected] or [protected]. They will not accept emails (probably they don’t want anything in writing). So best thing you can do is stop the subscription so you don’t get any more deliveries.

    Your bank or credit card company is LEGALLY BOUND to pay the company regardless if you cancel the card, so YOU have to cancel the subscription not the credit card company. If you can prove you have cancelled the subscription the credit card company may refund any further purchases on your card, but you still have to make a claim each time. BE REALISTIC as painful as this is you’re gonna have to accept you have little chance of a refund. This is a slick operation and they ‘ve heard your story many times every day.

    I did manage speak to “Georgina” at customer services today who was more approachable (probably because I was calmer than my first call) and she gave me a cancellation number. I also told her I wanted a refund for the second delivery of capsules (I’m gonna have to accept the first delivery is a lost cause) she said she would have to call the supplier to see if they would accept a refund - which sounded odd? The T&C's say you may get a refund if you phone within 30 days of the day you FIRST ordered, so on that basis it looks like a refund for the second delivery is a lost cause too.

    So MAKE THE CALL NOW, and get your phone bill as proof of the call, you need that cancellation number so keep calm on the phone or they will hang up on you. SEND A LETTER to VIV 3 (preferably recorded delivery) especially if you get a cancellation number quote the number on the letter and confirm you are cancelling the subscription. The address of the distributor is on the bottle.

    Viv3 Ltd (or Viv3 Lab Limited)
    Unit 5, Mill Road Industrial Estate
    Linlithgow, WL EH49 7QY

    VIV3 Labs are the distributors and may not be the correct address to send correspondence so you could also send it to the address in the terms and conditions.
    Notices by customers to Trading Planet LTd. must be sent in writing to the following address: Trading Planet LTd. Labs, Attention: Legal, 56 Thorton Close, Pelton, Chester Le Street, Co Durham, DH2 1QH
    United Kingdom

    The real problem for me is I don't remember if you when you signed up for the free trial whether you had to give your bank details as well as credit card? ...can anyone help me on this?

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