VIV3 / What can we do for this scam?

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I'm also scammed by this company, and got charged twice without any warning. I contacted the viv3 and canceled the account, but they said they cannot refund me for the 1st transaction and I need to contact them again for a refund after I got my 2nd bottle.

I called my visa company (CIBC), and they said they cannot do anything for it. They said they would help me if I get charged again after I cancel with viv3, that's the only thing I can do.

So what can I do? Does anyone successfully got refund from them? Or does anyone's creditcard company could take care of this issue?

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      Sep 04, 2009

    A friend told me I should submit a complaint in Print the copy of the complaint and send it to my creditcard company to request disputing the charges.

    I filed a complaint for viv3 on the phonebuster. I got their reply after 3 days. They said they are forwarding my complaint to the agency in UK. I was thinking you guys may also want to file complaints there

    Office of Fair Trading
    Fleetbank House
    2 - 6 Salisbury Square
    London, United Kingdom
    EC4Y 8JX

    Telephone: [protected]
    Fax: [protected]
    E-mail: [protected]
    Web site:

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      Sep 04, 2009

    here is the direct link for submit online scam report

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      Sep 15, 2009

    I got my money back. I share my whole story here to give you guys some ideas and timelines.

    On July 24, 2009, I ordered Acaiberry Exclusive online, then I got an email from them said CAD$1 will be charged by Viv3Labs. They didn’t mention any additional changes
    On July 25, 2009, my credit card was charged USD$1.43 (CAD$1.60) by VIV3 +[protected]
    On Aug 11, 2009, my credit card was charged USD$118.63 (CAD$132.35) by FOCUSCLEANSE [protected]
    On Aug 26, 2009, my credit card was charged USD$119.02 (CAD$134.14) by FOCUSCLEANSE [protected]
    I received my first bottle of Acaiberry in August, I don’t remember the date but there is nothing in the envelop indicated I would be charged additional.
    I called my credit card company (CIBC Visa) and they told me the FOCUSCLEANSE is the same company of Viv3. As I gave Viv3 my credit card number, they cannot do anything.
    I called Viv3 on Aug 31, 2009, asked them to cancel my membership and they did it for me. Then I asked them to refund, but they refuse to refund the transaction on Aug 11. And they said the 2nd bottle is on its way to me, and I need to contact them for return after I receive it.
    On Sep 3, 2009, I received the 2nd bottle of Acaiberry. This time they put the invoice of () in the envelop.
    On Sep 4, 2009, I called them for refunding. They said they will send me an email in 72 hours to tell me what to do.
    On Sep 6, 2009, I received their email which told me why they charged me twice, and confirmed my account is cancelled. So I wrote back to ask how to get a refund.
    On Sep 7, 2009, I received the 2nd email, they said they cannot credit me as I accepted the terms and conditions. So I wrote back that I didn’t accept the terms and conditions at all, there is not checkbox for me to check. And I attached the original email they send me of charging $1 for shipping the free trial, there is no terms and conditions in that email.
    On Sep 8, 2009, I received the 3rd email. They said I did agree to their terms and conditions, but they were going to give me a refund of 118.63 USD, as they prefer not dispute with clients. I wrote back I never accepted the terms and conditions, and if they will refund me, the refund amount should be 118.63 USD + 119.02 USD.
    On Sep 9, 2009, I received the 4th email. They said they credited 118.63 USD and 119.02 USD to my credit card.
    On Sep 15, 2009, the credit transactions appeared on my credit card (The transaction date is Sep 10). I got my money back 

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