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Contract Scam

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VIP Readers Service
13400 Madison Ave. 44107
Lakewood, Ohio
United States
Phone: 1-888-369-7323
I have been scammed, what was explained to me was that i would get a bill of 39.99 for some magazines and if i would like to stop or chance mags then call the customer service number. I call the number to cancel and the supervisor (Shelly Betarie). She told me that i cannot cancel and that i was obligated to pay the 39.99 for 24 more payments. I was also never told that i could not cancel this subscription.
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A  23rd of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
This seems to be a common trick. It happened to me with America's Publisher Service. I cannot cancel either.
Just cancell your credit card
A  2nd of Feb, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I was told vip was associated with publishers clearing house, they said I would have to pay a one time fee of $40.00 and I would recieve a diamond watch whick I did. I now have to pay $40.00 a month for one year for 10 magazines I dont want. Should I just stop paying?
A  25th of Feb, 2010 by    +2 Votes
I was told I would only have to pay39.90 for 4 months & I would rec 24months in magazines. Now that I've made those payment they are calling & threatening to turn me over to collections. I say go right ahead I never agreed to making 24 payments. I really
didn't want it to start with, but my father now lives with me & I did it for the grand children. To make matters even more insulting we're not even receiving the magazines that I choose. What a crock. I am going to complain to the Better Biz.
I think we should all get together & sue the hell out of this scam artist. Gina/AL
N  25th of Feb, 2010 by    +2 Votes
I was told over the phone I would only have 4 payments of 39.90 for 24months of all these different magazines. I really didn't want them, but I did it for my father who now lives with me, & my grandchildren. & we're not even receiving the magazines! & this crazy woman calls & threatens me with turning me over for collections! I've made the 4 payments, not getting the magazines & now she's trying to say I have to pay for 24 months! Who would be crazy enough to agree to 24mons??? 40.00 A MONTH! I never agreed to that, she can pull any threat she wants. She claims that there is a recording but I didn't agree to 24mons. I repeated 4months @ 39.90 then I would rec the magazine for the next 24 months. I say lets all hire a lawyer & sue her for misrepresentation of her products & company policy. She must be off her rocker. I told her to cancel she said I couldn't she had a recording!!! LOL she must be nuts, I would agree to that! Anyone else interested in sueing this company??
A  28th of May, 2010 by     Best Advice +4 Votes
I was told the same thing. and I have recieved my magazines though. I have tried to cancel but they say I can't. I complained to the woman that keeps calling about them charging my account. Which has overdrawn several times and caused me to owe my bank lots of money on top of the b.s payments of 39.90 for 24 months when I was told over the phone it was only for 4 months!! I'm only 18 and was not aware of this scam until I tried to contact them to cancel and saw all the reviews!! I am 100% for sueing the hell out of this company!!! I'm going through college and have a one year old and I've got better things to do with my money!!
A  29th of Jun, 2010 by    +2 Votes
I had the same problem what other's had wrote, I felt scammed of all the things that this company had told me. When they had called me, they promise me a watch, (witch I didn’t even get); they made things so exciting for me telling me that I was eligible to win great stuff. Not knowing what I had signed for, now I’m stuck dealing with this company. I wasn’t told how the cancelation runs, and now they are going to bill me $39.99 for 24 months. I've asked them that I did not ask for this, and they need to cancel what I had signed up for. They said they wont do it, and that I have to wait for 24 months. All the agents in the office was rude and none helpful at all, even the supervisor who I thought would understand my situation. I don’t know who else I could run to for help, I was treated unfairly. Right after I got off the phone I cried because how I was treated, I'm sure their sitting on their chairs laughing at us of how we fell for their scammed.

My advice to the rest whoever are complaining about this company is get ready for tough skin because they don’t care what you are going to say, all they care about is collecting money. Call a lawyer for help.
A  3rd of Aug, 2010 by    +2 Votes
I got a random phone call from VIP readers and they said that I had been entered in a contest to win 1 million dollars and a diamond watch. They said that I could also receive magazines at a discounted rate, so I signed up. They recorded the phone call in which I asked if I could cancel anytime. I was told that I could cancel at anytime, no problem. When I called them back to cancel, they told me that I was not within the time frame that was outlined to cancel. I told her to play back the recording, and she did, but they didn't record the part where I had asked if I could cancel at anytime.

I canceled my credit card and stopped receiving bills, but then I got many phone calls from a woman who was very rude. She told me that I would be turned over to collections if I refused to pay. I want to see if they can even turn over something to collections that I didn't sign for.

Has anyone let it go to the point of being put into collections? I want to see if they are all talk or if they actually come through on their word.
A  2nd of Dec, 2010 by    +2 Votes
Same here.When asked if I could pay for 24 mos without canceling is said no on the recording and then was talked into it by the supervisor with assurances that in a dire situation(like jobloss) I could cancel.Well a few month down the road I did lose my job.I couldn't cancel.Even though I did say no on the recording about cancelation.Which was not there on the playback.But I did get them to lower my payments to 19.90 for 48 mos.I do get magazines but am not sure if I do get them consistently at the same intervals.Sometimes they take longer to get here or I get 2 issuses of the of 1 magazine within days of each other.Some are only 6 times a year others are more issues per year.But I don't remember how many issues a year I'm supposed to get on all of them. B.M.
A  2nd of Dec, 2010 by    +3 Votes
VIP Reader Services is a ripoff and are just plain grifters!!! I am about to be sent to collections...we will see what happens, I guess.
N  21st of Feb, 2011 by    +2 Votes
i too got caught up in this magazine deal, i thought it was for only a length of time but after i started adding it up i could not believe it. i called numerous times and everyone of them that i talked to were very obnoxious. i tried to reason with them but they will not listen, i told them i would pay at the time the 77.00 but thry said absolutedly not. i have to keep paying them i have refused the magazines from the postal service. i have to have surgery and i can not afford to pay this i need this money for things that i need but they do not care. one of their representatives told me i should have just hung up on them i told her believe me i wish i would have. it is one thing if you get in contact with them to get magazines but they call you and keep bothering you. i hope that there will be more people complaining about this business. i sent a form to the better business bureau and we will see what happens
N  26th of Feb, 2011 by    +3 Votes
I believe I have figured out their game folks. My story is very similar to all of yours. Initial pitch sounds like a good deal but it is a gradual upsell as the conversation goes on. Wish I could remember the details but I dont' Then they periodically call you. I have been telling them on those calls that I am not interested in continuing the service for what seems like two years now - that after the initial period which I DO recall was "if you pay 89.99 for 4 months you will be all paid off", or something like that. This is a case for taking notes and keeping better personal records on the part of us customers. I believe this is how they do it - today I got another call and I immediately said I am not interested in continuing. I asked the gal on the phone "when did my 2-year commitment start?" She said "May of 2010". I blew up. During their perodic calls to you, they ask you a few questions, including "verifying your billing address", or information. One time in particular the guy wanted to verify my credit card number." When you get those calls do not verify anything - - nothing at all. Do not use the word "yes" in the conversation. I'm calling the BBB and cancelling my credit card immediately. Steve J.
N  27th of Feb, 2011 by    +2 Votes
i think you should all file a complaint with bbb in cleveland, ohio so that they are aware of this problem, go to info@cleveland.bbb.org the more complaints the better our chances of geting this business out of business
A  17th of Mar, 2011 by    +1 Votes
The sad part was that i completely agree with everyone. I have been scammed by them again. I like getting magazine but we should have the right to CANCEL at anytime. Ok, i moved and it takes up to 12 weeks before you start getting them again. I should get refunded for the months i havent seen them. Does anyone else agree? This crap to me!I think we should file a complaint with the BBB. Even if you cancel your card or your credit card company declines the charge from VIP Readers, they email you saying your account is past due! So then they wait until it gets up to 129.90 that you owe, then they decide to charge your card after its paid off. This is a bunch of crap! I wanna cancel it but they wont let me. you can only cancel within the first 30 days.
N  17th of Mar, 2011 by    +1 Votes
i got out by writing to the better business bureau in cincinati, ohio the supervisor called me and i canceled it out then
A  17th of Mar, 2011 by    +1 Votes
I filed a complaint with the BBB yesterday and they sent a copy to the company and they said if the company tries to work with me then we should try and settle our differences. If it doesnt happen then they are still investigating them as we speak. Everyone should file with the BBB of OHIO. The company is located in Ohio, so please file. We can get them banned. They are scammers. They never tell you the full story. Vip Readers told me how much i owe and i was like man for magazines i havent seen in 5 months. This is ridulous and i told them that. I want to ensure no one else gets suckered like we all did! Please file a complaint with them! Thank you for your time.
N  17th of Mar, 2011 by    +1 Votes
well, i filed and also put his website on there so they know how many complaints there was! This is ridulous, they rip people off and its frustrating because i am paying 40.00 a month and when it doesnt come out on my credit card they wait till its 129.90 to then charge my card. That is ridulous. They dont even try to call me, so screw them! They accomulate late charges..its just horrible what they do. i will see what the BBB does for me!
N  16th of May, 2011 by    +1 Votes
I filed my complaint today.
These people are so ruthless and are very sneaky in their tactics.
A  16th of Aug, 2011 by    +1 Votes
I am stuck in a contract with them now. They call me 3 times a day and threaten me. Once, I had accumulated 3 months past due and late fees due to breaking my foot and the astronomical medical bills associated with that. The agreed to drop my payment and extend it for 48 months...So I realized at that moment that I will be paying these DING DONGS until 2017. NO WAY!!! My scam was I was entered in a contest to win a million or a vacation plus a discounted rate on magazines. She kept saying the magazine was $3.99. At the time of the call, i had a newborn I was trying to tend to so instead of hanging up on her (as i should have) I agreed because $3.99 a month isn't a big deal. Till I got the first bill of $32.99. I haven't got that kind of money to spend every month. I don't have a credit card on file with them so they call me every month and drive me nuts. I am filing today! Thank you all for this information!!!
D  2nd of Nov, 2011 by    -1 Votes
I'm sorry but you guys are all idiots. In this contract is is clearly explained that you are paying 3.95 a week for a weekly publication which is 19.95 a month (including shipping, handeling and taxes). This is a 48 month service so you pay 39.90 for 24 months but receive the magazin.es for 48 months. You have to agree to the terms of the contract on a recording so if you don't understand by the end of the conversation that you are paying 39.90 for 24 months but receiving the magazines for 48 and that you cannot cancel then you are the problem, not them. You have to agree not to cancel to complete the order, so how could you not understand? It's sad that people agree to things they don't understand and choose to blame their stupidity on hard working people. I receive the magz and love them. I'm getting everything I agreed to.
A  2nd of Nov, 2011 by    0 Votes
Big Red Mamma you obviously had a different experience than the rest of us. There is no reason to accuse the people on the forum of being idiots because they had a different experience than you. I personally had a much similar experience as the consensus of this forum. I was told I was paying for 12 months and was receiving 24 months of subscriptions. In my recording it states that the term is 24 months. At the time, I interpreted that as the receiving term not the payment term. They are telling me now that I signed up for 48 months of receiving and 24 months of payments. The recording they have is only the second conversation, not the first. In the first conversation they told me I was paying only 12 months and receiving 24 months, at no time was 48 months ever mentioned. I would have never signed up for 48 months of magazine service. I made the incorrect assumption that the agreement conversation (second one) was going to simply be a regurgitation of the first, my mistake. However, I have learned my lesson never to agree to anything via phone and record every conversation possible.

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