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I have never complained about a company before in my life. However, Robyn's lack of any kind of customer service was unbelievable. She literally hung up the phone on me in the middle of a customer service query when I said I felt like I wasn't being treated professionally. I had to call her back and say "please don't hang up on me, I just want to know the amount to be refunded on my card". On top of that it was OVER 3 months since they charged my card and i had still not received my order!! I had some problems with my email and I understood their process of having to approve the order so the original delay was understandable. But when I called to verbally approve it Robyn called back and left an extremely rude message about how it was my fault that the order wasn't sent and went on and on about what it says online and how I messed up! This was before I had even spoken with her and she had no idea of my problem, which wasn't that! I requested a refund for part of the order at that time, which I never received. After that it was another 30 days of still not receiving my order when I called again to simply cancel my order and hopefully get my refund back. When I called, only with getting a refund and cancelling the order in mind she again launched into a whole speech about how it was my fault I didn't approve the order (which I never had a problem with) and insisted that there was no reason that I still hadn't received it, but still didn't apologize. Instead she got more and more adament about how it was all my fault until she hung up the phone on me! What in the world???! I was baffled by her aggressive response to my simple question for if I could cancel the order. I felt verbally assaulted. I wasn't mad when I made the call until she yelled at me. This is the only time I have ever truly hoped a company went down in flames, and I can almost garauntee it will be solely the work of this woman. GET ROBYN AWAY FROM THE FRONT DESK if you value your company.

Mar 25, 2014

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