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I heard an ad on the radio for body wraps for $30.00, so I decided to "try" one. I made an appt, drove over an hour to get there. I should of listened to my conscience to confirm price before getting the wrap. This woman is like a used car salesman, so slick, conniving, skirts around the truth and uses people. I listened to her spiel about how great the wraps are etc. When finished, I was told the $30.00 fee was ONLY if I purchase 10 wraps for a total of $300.00. Who can afford that? She said I HAD to pay $180.00 for 3 wraps now at $60.00, her "cheapest" plan. OMG! I cannot afford this. I am a widow of a vietnam veteran living on a monthly benefit check, enough to pay my mortgage, car pymnt & car insurance. I just started a job after searching for 8 months. I owe $500.00 on my light bill, phone bill, plus many other bills. I was willing to pay the $30.00, perhaps once a month. I am in such a panic mode, My mortgage payment bounced, first time ever. This business is so misleading.


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