1 NJ, United States

I went to this company to fix my YLOD on my PS3, even though the reviews I read were less than stellar. I should've listened and not let my desire to get my PS3 fixed quickly get the best of me. The "owner" was rude, one step away from saying "what's the problem, ok get out". Then 3 days later when I came to pick the PS3 up he acted like he never saw me before. That's just bad customer service. He went over some detailed story of how dust was the culprit and its now fixed. He wouldn't go into any more detail of the "fix". The YLOD was fixed but the strange sound that was previously coming from the PS3 still existed. The owner claimed the system had a 90 day warranty and then 103 days later, same issue. Of course now they want to hit me for another $140 to fix the system with the same issue again. Just a bad feeling and a shotty business all around. I have since gone to a company that not only details the work but actually has YouTube videos (should you feel the need to fix it yourself). My system is now stronger than ever and continues to work at top condition. I would never go to videogame911 again and certainly would not recommend it to anyone.

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